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  1. Come on Jeanway, this isn't a country club dance where you're going to a dance with a geek because your mother and his are best friends this may be a *lifer* situation. I mean I married Daniel in the Temple and to our believe thats, time and all eternity! Yes dear mother I'll dance with the dork no dear mother you'll have to find someone else to marry him!

  2. T'Les told Trip that T'Pol should have all the facts. Yet Koss most likely has no idea that his wife is suffering from Parnar Syndrome and is married to a recovering Trellium addict. Why is it T'Pol should know the facts about Trip's being in love with her but Koss isn't given that consideration? Is there a double standard on Vulcan and it's okay if the female has a disease that would bring shame on Koss's family name and can be a recovering junkie? Come on! Koss deserve better than that!


    I have to admit I still would love to see T'Pol and Trip together in the end.

  3. :laugh: Oh fond memories! As a teenager/young adult I spent quite a bit of time in the company of a young man that was my best friend. He was a very gifted artist and could draw anything. He made me laugh. Halloween was especially fun as he would take me on pumpkin heist and we would line them up on a old Decamp Road by a old forgotten cemetry. We would look over out bounty of ill gotten Jack-O-Lanterns and make gunpower bombs and blow them up. One by one and snapped pictures of the whole thing on film to see what actually happened to the things, as most often they exploded into oblivion. :blink: I miss my dear friend at times as I think I would of married him but he was called home to Heaven. He was hit and killed in a car accident back in the mid 80's.

  4. "Easy, do it slowly. Don't lose control." Daniel said as he was teaching me to move objects in the *human* dimension. My hand slipped and a jar of cranberry juice slide across the breakfast table and went crashing to the floor next to Abe. "Whoops, sorry." I apologized though they couldn't hear me. I looked at Daniel with a defeated gaze.

  5. "So this was what it was like?" I said softly as I gazed at a young woman asleep in a bed. Daniel smiled softly and nodded 'yes'. "It's like watching television but the people are real and not just playing characters." "Are they trapped or are we the ones that are trapped?" I questioned. "We are on a different plain of existence and as real as they are, neither one of us is *trapped*." Daniel looked out of the mirror and his eyes twinkled with such happiness.


    It only seemed like moments that I had jumped into the beam of light and then awakened to find myself in Daniel's arms. The world we lived in was far different but rather than move on to enjoying the new surroundings, I wanted to somehow let people know I was okay and that their families and friends were alive and well.


    My first contact wasn't so good, I felt bad about scaring the Amish woman, I thought if I had hummed with her and shared the hymn with her she wouldn't be so frightened. I was wrong she was terrified. 'Dir giest!' she said in fear. I had to tell Daniel she had cried out 'ghost' in German. I wanted to appear again but I didn't want to alarm her. I can't help but wonder if she felt the heat of my body as she walked right through me when she fled to the barn.


    I turned to be with Daniel as we had things to do and still a private celebration. I also wanted to ask Daniel about that night in the truck. If what happen was what I think happened and not just a dream. I glanced back to see Barry crawl up on the bed with the woman and called him from off her arm as I feared he would wake her.

  6. Becka tried to ease her upset by humming a hymn as she washed the dishes. In the window above the sink she glanced up to see a faint reflection of Crystal's face. It was then she realized she had stopped humming and yet the sound continued. Becka backed away from the sink, the plate in her hands slipped and crashed to the floor she screamed and cried out "der giest"!

  7. My mother was very stricted about what we could see on television when we were permitted to watch it. There was chores to be done and the scriptures to read. My parents didn't see much use in allowing us to watch science fiction. I don't honestly know how my brother got hooked on it but he always seemed to get around our folks and the rules of the house. I can remember him taking me to the movie to see them and the books and comics he had stached that he allowed me to read. As I grew up, in my 20's, I turned my kid brother on to Star Trek as well. It must of been after I was 22 because I remember driving my kid brother to fan club meetings and I didn't get my drivers license until I was 22.

  8. The faint images of Daniel and Crystal appeared in a mirror in the darkened room beneath the grounds of an old Amish farm. In faint candle light we watched as an Amish looking man and a *English* looking fellow walked away with their backs towards us. We smiled softly to each other and faded into oblivion.

  9. and I mean holidays not that fancy English way of saying a vacation. How come there really isn't a celebration of Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, Pass Over, or Halloween. I know that some holidays would be meaningless to aliens and not everyone shares the same religious beliefs but still you would think that upon occasion they would celebrate something.

  10. The gentle afternoon breeze had now grown strong and sometimes howled through the trees in the fields far away. I could still hear the sound. The dogs were uneasy, like they sensed that something was going to happen. I knew a storm was brewing and getting ready to blow in. I grabbed Daniel's shirt and pulled it around me like a jacket and ran to the mirror calling for Daniel. Thunder crashed and towers were swaying up high in the heavens. Daniel appeared then turned and said something. I didn't hear, he pressed his hands to the glass and I ran to him. "Phil says it's tonight!" Daniel said almost shouting over the wind. I nodded I called the dogs then I looked at Daniel again. "Daniel," I said as I pressed myself as close to the mirror as I could,"if this doesn't work and I should...I'll be waiting for you in heaven." "It's got to work, Pretty One and it's heaven that will be waiting for us."


    I fastened Barry, my lab/shepherd mix puppy into a harness, then I pulled on a harness I use when I scaled the tower and rigged the pulley. The wench had a handheld device so I lowered it and pulled the hook to me and wrapped it around a leg of the nearest tower. I looked back to see Daniel yelling something, his hand cupped around his head. I ran back to him to hear. "Phil says start the timer on the computer then you'll only have about three and a half minute to get up there where you need to be!" It took me a few minutes to get to the building that house the microwave computer via Daniel's truck. I looked at the program as it still flashed the word ABORT on the screen, I initiated the start of the program and ran to truck. I cut through the fields and crashed fences to save time. I jumped out of the truck and ran to the repeater that Daniel and I built that was linked to the dream catcher antenna and turned it on. I could hear it over the wind humming to life. I hooked Barry's harness to mine and I attached mine to the wench hook. I called Travis and gathered him into my arms. I turned to see Daniel's reflection in the mirror. I couldn't hear him but I saw him mouth the words. 'I love you.' The thunder roared above me as if the earth itself was saying I've lost enough daughters, your not going! I pressed the button and was lifted off the ground as the wench pulled the cable around the pulley. I looked below to see the mirrors and the lights, then above to the storm of the night and the lightning flashed illuminating all around me the dogs whimpered and whined. We were almost there to the top. I gasp at the sight. I wanted to close my eyes and pray but I think God knew what I had to say. The lightning struck nearby and I cried out in panic then calmed myself. With Barry hanging from me it was hard to get my breathe. The web antenna was illuminated in a bluish white light and the micro-wave beam had formed arc. I pressed the release button to the hook of the wench and plummeted to the earth below. Lightning hit the tower blowing up the leads and the mirrors shattered. The energy from the strike hit the power grid and a change re-acting knocked out the power from Ohio to Canada. The beam encompassed us and for a moment I didn't know which way was up or down. Then for a moment I ceased to exist in any world or form.


    In the morning as the sun shown bright and warm. A gentle breeze tossed a blue dress across the ground that was wrapped in a man's work shirt. Two dog collars laid scattered on the ground with harnesses nearby. If you listen hard you could hear a song by Alison Krauss playing on Daniel's truck CD player.


    ~~~~It's amazing how you can speak right to my heart Without saying a word you can light up the dark Try as I may I could never explain What I hear when you don't say a thing The smile on your face lets me know that you need me

    There's a truth in your eyes sayin' you'll never leave me The touch of your hand says that you'll catch me if ever I fall You say it best when you say nothing at all~~~~


    On a broken piece of mirror was a etched saying.


    In the reflections is where I'll be, in the mirrors will you see me.

  11. It was a breezy afternoon. As the days seemed to come and go in blurs I wasn't certain it was a Sunday but it felt like one. I took the blanket from our bunk in the truck and spread it out by a extra mirrored panel I had left leaning against one of the towers. I had little food but to me it was a fine autumn day, the sun shown bright despite some overcast, there was a bit of a nip in the air, and I wanted to have a picnic with my husband.


    Daniel appeared and almost laughed at the sight of me. I was wearing the dress I was in the process of sewing 16 years ago. It was to be my wedding dress if I had gone through with a marriage to an Amish gentleman. It was blue, made from durable cloth to withstand years of washings, simple with no buttons or zippers, the Amish only used pins no fanciful adornments. I giggled at Daniel's reaction to me. As he sat down in the mirror image of our picnic. I could see delight in his eyes along with undying love and a yearning to touch me just once more. The dogs in a distance frolicked and played. "I wish I could of fried a chicken and made some potato salad for you Daniel." I said as I nibbled on a bag of chips and sipped a glass of bottled water. "Don't worry about it Crystal, I never gone on a picnic with you just to eat." I could see my own reflection in the mirror blush at Daniel's comment and then I giggled at myself. In many ways not only were we husband and wife but over time we became each other's best friend.


    I leaned close to the mirror and felt the presence of a warm kiss from Daniel. I caught a look in Daniel's eyes that disturbed me for a moment though I didn't know why. Daniel looked out toward our antenna and the mirrored panels. "You worked hard Crystal and you know what this is don't you?" He questioned. I nodded 'yes', "it's a transmitter of some sort." Daniel looked away as if he was conversing with someone unseen. I knew it was Phil. Daniel took a deep breathe and continued. "Transmitters transmit things..." I cut him off with my continuing his speech, "and receivers receive....things." It was then I knew Daniel wasn't coming here, that I was going there. I was in effect 'jumping the fence all over again' and always landing in Daniel's life and world.

  12. I logged on to in my own subtle way I was saying my goodbyes. Some were concerned as they had not heard from me and PMed me. Some asked me if I had journeyed to EDEN. I answered them and their questions but didn't mention the antenna or Daniel. Shortly after reading a few posts and reviewing some of the forums I found myself in my journal.


    BlueCrystal's Personal Log


    I have worked hard and completed the reprogramming of the computer at 'Voice of America'. I changed the 1s to 9s. I would go into detail but I don't know exactly what the change will do. Daniel's friend Phil, had me do it. I am scared but to be with Daniel again I would give anything or do anything. I know it is possible that I may never be able to come back here again. That's hard for me but 16 years ago, I left my home, my family, and my friends all behind as they were Amish and wouldn't permit me to marry Daniel. It's hard to think that *love* would only be given to one group of people. I can remember my father saying that my leaving and marrying into the *English* world would cut me off from those I love, but love is a gift and a rare one and true love can never d*mn or hurt anyone unless it's denied. Perhaps in time my family will understand and accept my marriage.


    I will see Daniel in the morning as he said that he and Phil had things they have do where they are. Peace be with you all...

  13. The antenna was a series of cables spun kind of like a web held by the three towers. It looked like a massive dream catcher with a huge hole directly in the middle. Above it the sky and below it the green carpeted land. I had to move or spin around three additional micro-wave dishes and luck would have it as they were about 300 yards out but still within the pattern of a triangle. I had to watch the elevation of the land as the signals would have to meet exactly at the 50 ft. and 1/2 inch mark above my webbed antenna. No easy trick and I had only one chance to get it right.


    As I prepared the last micro-wave dish I listened to Daniel as he projected the aim. I found beneath the dishes in a covered protected area a key board that moved the massive dishes into the direction and settings needed. "That's just right Pretty One, we have it." Daniel said, as I moved the dish to the settings Phil requested. I smiled back at Daniel and tried to reassure him that whatever happens things will be okay. I watched Daniel's image in a wing mirror of the utility truck I was in use of, he seemed to be listening for a moment then he said, "Crystal, Phil wants you to go into the micro-wave control room and we need to change the program of our dishes." The programming room was housed in small one story building not far from the entrance of 'Voice of America's' radio fields. I located the computer and found our dishes as the computer there had not only tracked the move and positioning of the dishes but indicated that at the position we had them directed to, they would arc and produce a possible laser discharge. I positioned the mirror behind me to make sure Daniel and Phil could see what the computer was telling me.


    I heard hesitation in Daniel's voice as he instructed me to isolate our three dishes, disable all the safeties, and to wait for him. I watched as the computer shown a simulation of what most likely could happen as it flashed the word ABORT. "Pretty One, Phil wants you to change the program on the dishes. You know computers run with 0 and 1 sequences. Phil wants you to change the 1's to 9's leave the 0's alone." I nodded and set to work changing the programing.