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  1. :assimilated: I have to say I seen it and both the adult me and my inner-child loved it!


    I decided to see the movie on a whim after going to my Depression Therapy. Needless to say the Therapist wasn't happy with me for not doing anything in the three days I've been off work. I'm suppose to motivate myself by reading, writing stories, shopping, doing my job, making friends, and living. What a list, it's not as easy as it looks sometimes. :) :( :) :)

  2. Click For Spoiler
    Dear Koss,


    You really upset me and I don't actually understand your motives in regards to T'Pol. First you arrange the marriage to her and I doubt that you really care if T'Les regained her position but you seemed to have really wanted T'Pol. Second you give Archer your transport codes to protect T'Pol so it's clear you don't want your mate injured or killed, and now you allow T'Pol out of the marriage arrangement without gaining anything from her.


    What is it Koss? Are you into the nice guy/knight in shining armor scene? You have to have your own motives or interest in this situation somewhere? No one can be this good, decent, or sweet! What's the real story Koss? Why did you do it?




  3. I have to have what is called *comfort* noises or I can't sleep. As a young woman my bredroom was directly over top of my parents grandfather clock and hearing it chime made me feel safe in there home. When I visited them in their home in Florida I was awakened by that clock and it felt good to be home. In my own house I have something on television or radio playing and sleep to the sounds.

  4. Daniel and Crystal no longer had to use cars or trucks to get where they wanted in this plain of existances, all they had to do was just wish and they were there. Daniel and I looked at the damaged church and with a nod we in our minds projected the image of the church in it's original condition and within moments the church stood as if untouched by the tornado. We smiled softly to each other and permitted the bell to sound a few times. Then vanished back to Eden.

  5. I never could figure out if Santa was more than one person/elf. I was told he was called Saint Nicholas by a *Catholic* brother. Then by another brother, refered to as Kris Kringle. Some call him Father Christmas and still countless more and he's always, well nearly always discribed the same way. A jolly old elf, with a white beard, twinkling eyes, a joyous laugh that shakes his belly like a bowl full of jelly. Here he also changes his complection and can appear black or white at will. He also seems to wear the same suit and never worries if he's out of style. Lord with my writing on this matter I'm beginning to think Santa is Odo! :frusty: No wonder the grow up Skipper and the Transformers were popular in the time I was a child he was preparing us for his appearance on DS9!

  6. I would love to see him play a member of the Grayson family (Spock's mother's great grandfather or someone of that nature.) I have to admit I have become a avid reader of Sarek and Amanda fanfic lately so I would love to see her human heritaged looked at in some aspect.

  7. :look: Somehow, I was given a test to see if I were Psychic. :frusty: I naturally foreseen the outcome of the test before I finished it. Like I need a test of that nature to already connect with the inter me. :look: Somehow I misplaced my crystal ball but still managed to get through most of it. Now I'll go about taking other test. At age 40, I've wasted so much of my time, my health, and my energy on trying to get pregnant it's time I built a new life for myself and sought out other things in this life to make me ...happy... , I wonder what they could be. :look: God and I aren't actually on first name basis right now which makes it hard because I'm not sure he has a last name. :hug:

  8. Daniel and Crystal's faint ghostly images watched Becka's speech from the mirrors, for a moment she looked directly at us then winced slightly with discomfort at our presence. Daniel snorted his objection, "her, make a good judge, she can't even look at us." I smiled softly and put my arm around him, "it's not us Daniel, it's what we represent. In her 'Amish' mind we're the undead and most likely she feels we're an evil presence." "We've never harmed anyone here, we even protected Aaron while he was in the well." Daniel countered. He was right about that but Becka was and always had been sensitive to the demention we represented and most like in her childhood she was told to ignore her minds eye. Bill and Lenny saw us for the first time too and were very curious, they got up from the dinner table and examined the mirror and looked for devices that created our images. Lida laughed that their attempt to explain us as a trick of the lighting, shadows, a joke mirror, or a projection of some sort. Bill wasn't aware that I was a living creature and winked at me in a purely wicked manner. My image pulled back closer to my husband's side. Daniel was enraged by Bill's behavior and throw a basket of dinner rolls at him then we retreated up to Lida's room.

  9. Crystal and Daniel noticed Addie's disappointment felt sad for the little one. Normally Crystal wouldn't interfere with toying with someone's child but as she thought Addie would enjoy playing with the *ghost* dogs in the dining room. Abe had left a floor lenght mirror leaning against the wall closest to the kitchen and the other floor lenght mirror was hanging on the wall closest to the parlor. A soccer ball seemed to roll by itself into the room and then there was a loud clatting sound. Addie and Kaitlin came running in to see the ball dancing around the room aimlessly and then to see the reflections of the two dog's playing a doggie like soccer game. Addie dived into the game and her joyful laughter could be heard throughout the house. Crystal smile sweetly at Addie and Daniel's eyes shown a love and gentleness towards the little one playing with our pets. The images of Crystal and Daniel faded into looking glass to being just weak blurs if looked at it in the right way and yet near enough should the dogs get too rough. Not that they could hurt the child but cause too much chaos and they didn't know they were actually visiting and playing in another demention, they were in there house and the child was a ghost to them.