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  1. I was sitting here reading some of the post and day-dreaming. As some may know from reading my post "Greetings Folks" in the other forum, I can't have children due to a illness I have, so my husband and I adopted a little dog. His name is Travis Spencer. As I think of my dog as a child and I tend to treat him very much like my own little hairy boy adopt to be raised by humans and canine by birth. I wonder how the members of Enterprise would deal with doggie sitting Porthos. Any thought on this one folks. Crystal

  2. I like her hairstyle. It's short and easy to maintain. I don't think a Vulcan woman would see the logic in maintaining a fanciful hairstyle. In human terms women often do more with their hair, makeup, and nails to attract a mate. I don't see too many male Vulcans out there beating down T'Pol's door, but then maybe they would value different qualities then what the human male does. Crystal