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  1. Crystal and Daniel's faint ghostly images appeared in the mirror that Abe and Aaron had place in the dining room. They watched the humans of the other demention, as the newest member of the group, Kaitlin told of her adventure.

    Daniel feeling a little frisky wrapped his arms around me and whispered softly in my ear. I couldn't help but giggle and as I did the lights flickered a little brighter and a bit warmer. I pulled loose of Daniel's hold and sank slowly and respectfully into the rocking chair causing it to creek and rock on it's own accord. Lida smiled towards the *empty* rocker and then explained to Kaitlin about the friendly poltergiests that found a home at EDEN. Mirrors now adorned nearly every room of the house but for the outhouse and Becka room as despite her trying to be receptive of us, we still unnerved her.

  2. How many times have you heard a drug was approved by the F.D.A. then a few years later there are reports of all sorts of terrible things that people have suffered because of that very drug and the drug is then recalled and all sorts of class action lawsuits follow? Then the truth comes out with all the horror stories?



    :frusty: That's happening to me now with taking the Lupron Depot I have read and have been told horror stories about others that have used the drug. It like about 20 to 30% of the people that have taking it have suffered side effects and say their condition has come back even worse. I'm willing to take my chances with the drug in hopes of delaying the Hysterectomy another year or two. My time of been pain free for the first time in 8 years is worth it. In many ways Lupron Depot has saved my sanity as I'm not emotionally ready to lose my reproductive organs whether worked or not.

  3. I have to agree with you on this. I was in the process of studying Premarin when the insurance company approved my trying Lupron Depot to treat the Endometriosis instead of my having a Hysterectomy. Upon my doctor scheduling the surgery to do a complete Hysterectomy on me, he gave me a VHS tape from a drug company that promoted the use of Premarin as a HRT. I. before seeing it, decided that it wasn't for me and even after viewing the tape still decided there was no way I was going to use that stuff not even in its lowest dose. It's made from pregnant horse urine! I have am going the more nature route and getting my estrogen from plants.

  4. "We should go, " Daniel said as he set the table for breakfast, "no matter what we try they ignore our presence or find ways to explain what we do away." I flipped the eggs in the skillet and laughed, "they'll have a hard time explaining our fixing them breakfast and so what if they never fully understand that we've come to visit EDEN." I looked toward the door to a creaking noise and spotted the Lida woman watching our actions. The look of horror on her face. I knew she couldn't see me other than faint reflections of me, or hear my voice without her soul loving me so slowly I picked up a cup and saucer and made her some tea. Cautiously I walked to her offering the tea. My faint image in the glass window pane appeared in front of her as Daniel whispered softly under his breath, "take it...come on, take it." Lida couldn't hear us but I hoped she knew us to be friendly...beings.

  5. I was born on a Thursday at 11:58 a.m. I know it for a fact as I was the reason my dear father missed lunch that day. As for it being on Thursday, my mother wrote it into the family bible. Personally, I feel I'm more of a 'Saturday's Child'. I'm always working, don't get paid much but always working. :sly:

  6. The water in the well seemed to take on a life of it's own and shot a jet of cold fluid up at Aaron. It slapped the walls of the well like an angry storm and again pitched the water upward like an oil well had struck oil and deposited the dead carcass of an animal at Abe's feet. Aaron hung to the ladder for dear life screaming both praise to God and swearing! The bucket full of water was poured over him and he hear a faint whisper as the bucket covered his head. He would swear he imagined it as it was a cold November day but he felt as though he had been encased or surrounded by something and he was warm not dry but still warm. The waters in the well calmed and the whisper said softly, 'Go back up, it's safe now and the carcass is out.'

  7. Click For Spoiler
    Alas, I did not enjoy this episode.


    The trailer promised that the Augments would ignite the hostilities between the Klingons and Earth that would last for generations.  They did not do that.  Also, the authors lost another good opportunity to explain the klingon ridges, they disappeared because of the viruses.


    This episode highlights something that has bugged me about Enterprise.  The directors/producers/writers have wanted to make this show original.  Completely different from the others.  This is a mistake.


    Although I enjoy a little originallity, there are many key issues that need to be addressed.  The writers already have a universe to work towards, they just need to build up to it.  How do the Klingons lose their ridges?  How does the hostilities between them and the humans begin?  What about the Romulan wars?  What about the Vulcan descrepincies?  What about the Federation, something about which has only been allueded to in TCW episodes?


    These questions have not been answered and I doubt they ever will.





    Click For Spoiler
    I believe the Augments were planning to kill the inhabitance of the planet and with Enterprise shooting the torpedo and causing an explosion that doesn't mean that debree won't rain down on the planet. The effects might be not so severe and instead of killing the Klingons they discovered the effects of the diseases later with the birth of the Klingon infants. Also with the people being able to travel from planet to planet or colony to colony the disease was spread and the people soon discovered they bore children that looked more *human* without the pronounced Klingon ridges. This may have been unsettling to the people and they may have decided that humans were untrustworthly and an enemy to them.


    I gave the program a 9 or a 9.5 and I loved it!

  8. I should be writing yet another story. :unsure: (It's my therapy and how I seem to vent my feelings. My therapist also was interested in my writings here, so I imagine one of the guest we get in here is her checking in on me not that I mind.) I'm told to write whatever I want. My mother use to encourage me to write romance stories. :blink: My husband likes me to write childrens stories as he thinks a little series of stories I have in my notebook is good. :wacko: I am fond of science fiction :o and vampire sagas.