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  1. I loved what I seen of it and that was about 20 minutes of it as we've had some high winds in the area and I couldn't get the station on my satelite very well. I still gave it a 7.5 and hope to somehow be able to see it on a rerun but I'm doubtfu that I will with Ent being canceled. <_<

  2. I'm sorry I've been away for so much time and I know I missed out on a lot of cool stuff but my Father-in-law has been having heart problems and I'm married to his only child and I have been working and spend my time in my in-laws home or at the hospital. Daniel's father had 3 heart attacks in a two week period and we were very fearful that we were going to lose him. Thank God the doctors discovered what the problem was and it only took medication to fix it instead of an operation. I missed everyone and I'm glad I'm home.

  3. <_< When I'm on my own, I like to use the self-checkout because it's so easy. When Daniel and I are shopping together we always use the checkouts with cashiers running them because Daniel thinks that they may lose their jobs if they don't serve so many people. I imagine that if stores went self service that the cashiers would have to find jobs in other departments of the stores.

  4. :yahoo: I feel the need to apologize for my comment about Eric Smallridge caring more for his jeep then human lives. I was recently contacted by a member of his family and was told that he (Eric) was not aware at the time that he had caused an accident that it killed two people. I am deeply sorry for anything that I said that may have hurt Eric or members of his family. The pain that was suffered by the loss of the lives of these two young women is unmeasured to the pain this young man is suffering. He received the sentence of 11 years for each of the deaths and will have to live with the guilt of a mistake he made in his youth the rest of his life. Eric Smallridge and family, I am very very sorry for the pain I've cause you by my post. Crystal

  5. That's my feelings about UPN. They don't care about the millions that love and follow the series so I don't care to continue to watch the rest of their shows or prgrams. UPN made it clear that they can do without Enterprise and I say they can do without my viewing them. After May 13th when the last credit of Enterprise is given, I plan to ban that station from appearing on my television. I hope others will consider doing the same.

  6. Instead of going to my local computer software store or buying the Turbo Tax program for $40 to $60 like I have for years. I found a site on the internet, and paid under $10 to do our taxes this year they also charged almost $25 to do the state taxes. Please pay close attention as I almost bought the deal with doing the state taxes. At the last minute I changed my mind and checked with my state, (Ohio) online at and found that the state had the same program and offers it free of charge. So if you need the Turbo Tax program it's online but please check with your state and see if they have the state income tax program free of charge. I know some folks may be pinching pennies and I hope this helps.

  7. I have always loved the Alien(s) movies and I saw this one. My husband laughed when I asked him to take me so I went alone. I didn't know which creature to cheer for. I liked the Predator for forming a type of friendship with the woman but I liked the Alien for doing what it does best, being a killer. I'm hoping for another movies as they did leave a door open for that possibility.


    Gee, Blue Crystal, I'm amazed that you are able to keep your ST hobby in the face of all that adversity! :spock:


    There are so many things that I had to just let go when I got married .... Beverly Hills 90210, Days of Our Lives, Roseanne .... I just couldn't keep up with them and be a good wife as well! 


    He gave up things as well ... playing his saxophone in nightclubs, Civil War reenacting ... we both made sacrifices.


    Fortunately, we found new interests together (Star Trek, Seinfeld, Playstation and Gamecube, Chinese food, etc. etc.).  It was worth losing all those other things!  The new things strengthen our relationship, the old things kind of pulled it apart.



    I did give up some things. My family, my faith, my home, and many dreams. I was given a new world, a new life, a new family, and many wonderous new dreams. It's always been a trade off of one sort or another. Daniel in many ways spoils me. I hold on to my old ways too. (I strongly dislike my dishwasher and no matter how many times Daniel pulls my hands from the sink of dish I still refuse to use that thing.) It's blending our lives that can be frightening and exciting but Daniel has taken me into his life and I know deep down that if I refused to *jump the fence* that he would of joined me in my life. He knew I would find things that would impress on me and it's okay that I'm a trekker and with him it's okay that he likes homemade Amish biscuits with honey. (My Mother's recipe.)

  9. I thought this might be fun. As a teenager, I worked some really crappy jobs. Upon occasion to survive work conditions from heck we would use our imaginations in getting rid of annoying customers, rotten tippers, and touchy feelly old gross people that would come in to do just that. The true is I could and would never hurt anyone but it was fun and funny the things my co-workers would come up with. :spock:

  10. Daniel believes my liking Star Trek is just silliness pure and simple. He told my counselor that I have one heck of an imagine and it was a shame I wasted my time with reading about and watching Star Trek. :laugh: He also doesn't like my caring for our pets so much. My therapist told him that if I didn't enjoy StarTrek or loved animals, I wouldn't be the person he married. Daniel permits me my time on here and allows me to keep the pets provided that he comes first on my list when he's home. :spock: I can live with that being that Daniel works away from home and I have a lot of me time. Also being that it's wintertime I don't have to tend the gardens.

  11. He should be thankful that he's getting the opportunity to receive a through education and stop complaining.


    A lot of people in the world would love to get that kind of education but can't for whatever reason.


    I have to agree with you on that. I would of given anything to have been able to go to school. I was home schooled up to the eighth grade and later in my life after marrying I got to go to trade school and studied a few years at college, but if I had the advantages this young man had, I wouldn't be whining about doing homework during summer break.

  12. Always blame it on Valentine's Day, the year doesn't matter just that it's Valentine's Day. Every year on as that day approaches I pray for a hard cold icy rain in the evening. Not to ruin anyone's plans but to remind me of the evening I ran off and married my husband. If the world was torned apart on February 14th 138 years from now so be it! My world and the love of my life took me as his wife that day in 1989. :spock:

  13. Well during the Christmas Holiday, we got about a foot in a half to two feet of snow here. In the part of Ohio that I live usually the most snow we get is 2 to 6 inches and in the 6 inch snowfalls I arange for my sons by marriage or my husband to drive me around. That nearly two feet of snow had me snowed in for two days and I missed several days of work. I think my point is that people can be come accustom to almost anything but in the area where I live there was a level 3 snow emergency for a day and a half and then on a personal level I had a drift infront of my house and couldn't get out the front door. I also injured myself trying to rescue one of my pets. 1 inch of snow may not be much to some but if you don't know how to deal with it, it might as well be a foot or 10 feet of snow.

  14. Nevermind, :blush 2: I was just funning with y'all. The photo is actually a black and white picture of a diesel fuel drop hole in the snow with a line going to the fuel hauling truck. My husband sent the picture via a camera phone to his friend and as a joke his friend sent it to me with the Mars remark. 'Life on Mars, not released to the press yet!' Just had to pass it on.