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  1. ;) Yes a ~Q~ would be great!


    ;) I would also like to see a :( show up. Like someone sees Porthos and tries to get Acher to trade him for a :) .

    Lucky we all know Acher loves his doggie and would NEVER trade him off!

  2. Come on fess up. What did you get away with years ago?


    I have to confess that many years ago, while in school, I wrote a book report on a non-existant book and I got a 'C' on it because the teacher said I copied too much about the book from it's preface. :waaaa: I feel a lot better now.

  3. I'm going to work from 8 to 4:30 then get off, come home and watch television on the sofa until I fall asleep. Oh and I may get on here and read and post like normal as well as at another Star Trek site. I also may check and see if I won the mega-millions. B) B) It's okay to yawn my social life is pretty dull with being married to a truck driver and him being out on a haul tomorrow. Saturday night however will be fulled with B) B) B) :partytime: :band: B) and :wink_kiss: as my Daniel will be home. :)

  4. God is not responsible for natural disasters on this planet or the bad things that happen to people sometimes. We are all subject to fate. Could God prevent some of the disasters? Most likely he can but fate and faith go hand in hand. If I knew for certain I would survive climbing Mt. Everest or living beneath a active volcano I wouldn't have to have faith in God to survive and I would take him for granted and expect him to look after me. Daniel and I debated this issue many times and the world God made for us may be just child's play to what awaits us. There is a much bigger picture to fate than just one planet and her peoples.

  5. If you DON'T send this e-mail to at least 1200

    people in the next 60

    seconds, a large bird with diarrhea will crap on

    your head at 5:00 pm

    tomorrow afternoon. I know this will occur because

    it actually happened to a

    friend of a friend of a friend

    This really happen to me. This was my first year in the Navy. About 0730 after I got out of quarters I got hit by bird by his/her gift. I was very happy it didn't stain my jacket. I had to wash it 5 times to get smell out of it. :laugh:



    B) Okay, we got it. Odie is actually the friend of a friend of a friend! Now we know who it happened to. I how you recovered from the bird bombing Odie, it happens to the best people sometimes. :(

  6. :( Although I'm not a fan of football. It's very sad that someone died in the prime of life at age 43. Was he ill for a long time? Was his passing a result of an accident? Or did God simply call him home suddenly? Whatever the occurance was I pray that his family and friends find comfort in his passing and cherish the joy his life brought to them. 'Tears cleanse the soul of sorrow.' Crystal.

  7. I'll go with the when in Rome stance. Actually, I tend to wear blue jeans and sweaters but on Sunday I wear a dress. I work with a lady from India and I love her manner of clothing, one time she brought in her little daughter that she dresses in the traditional Indian fashion and how I wish Daniel and I could visit different cultures and dress accordingly. Daniel won't ever take me to India but Germany isn't out of the question being that I have family there. (Distant cousins possibly my genealogy work will make it clearer someday.)

  8. Christmas is set on a pagan holiday and to convert the Pagans to Christianity, *Christmas* was adopted and adapted to the birth of Christ. Pagan or not I have no problem celebrating. I work and know people of many different cultures some celebrate, some don't but the love they feel doesn't change towards their family and friends. Peace be with everyone. Crystal

  9. My dear husband and I don't exchange gifts on Christmas usually but I have special plans for us if and when he gets home. :blush 2:


    My husband does the shopping for his side of the family which usually leaves me clueless and sometimes shocked at what he gives them.


    I sent my kid brother a CD player, he has tons of CDs.


    My father will receive a beer stein to go in his vast collection.


    As for my mother, I sent a rocking horse of oak made to display one of her dolls from her collection.


    The twins, my parents and brother's huskies, got sent doggie treats.


    Oh as is the custom I sent the family popcorn balls. When my Grandmother was alive popcorn balls was apart of our Christmas, she made them every year, and I thought my family would enjoy my continuing the tradition.

  10. 1. I learned to travel alone last September from Ohio to Florida and back changing planes twice.


    2. I'll eat rice but I don't really like it.


    3. I like to watch PBS upon occasion.


    4. I am often terrified that I'll mispell something and somebody will make fun of me.


    5. I use to collect baseball cards in order to relate to my sons by marriage when they were small.

  11. :elephant:That's a silly question, I am immortal. Sure my body will age and wear out but the soul that it incases is immortal. The most important thing about me is my soul that God made and put within this body. I may complain about this body and it's inability to produce bodies for my fellow spirit siblings but that's God's plan and I'm to do something different with this body. I don't know what that something is going to be but as my soul inhabits this body I'll work hard with it to find what my maker intended for it. Now the question for me is what do I do to bring my soul back into the presence of God?

  12. :unsure: My employer gave us a ham so this years meal with have ham in it. I don't eat meat very often beside fowl or fish but I'll eat a piece or two and cook it for Daniel. I'm not sure what to serve with it. I imagine I'll do dressing, green beans, baked potatoes, dinner rolls and perhaps a fried apple pie (my momma's recipe.)