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  1. thank you all. haz/mat went well today. now tomorrow is ert, emergency response to terrorism, monday and tuesday is rope rescue, then lastly will be auto extrication the monday and tuesday after thanksgiving then we graduate that friday. ive wanted this my whole life, i cant beleive that its finally almost time to go do it. thanks again for all your well wishes and confidence in my ability, it helps.

  2. well im with KM on this one my all time would have to be PINK FLOYD, because i can listen to them pretty much any mood im in. but its a tough one, i love so much music, and so many bands, it all depends on the mood, and time of day. wether i want to relax, get pumped, anything. i listen to many types of music as well.


    autumn to ashes

    good charlotte

    bruce springstein



    3 doors down


    taking back sunday

    perfect circle

    the list can go on forever.

  3. id like to lose my spare tire, work on my upper body strengh, i miss my full head of hair, but nothing i would pay someone to do for me. i look in the mirror, whereas im no supermodel, i can live with myself, with a smile.

  4. that sucks.. i loved the neighborhood where i had my house in ny. it was quiet. i was the noisiest of the neighbors, and i was quiet. my neighbors loved me, and they were all older retired people. the neighborhood here aint bad either. so its all good. hope you can solve your dilema sometime sooner than later.

  5. thanks everyone, im sure it'll be ok, but the test just felt quite discouraging, but they will let all that fail take it again, and if that many failed that think they did, their gonna look into it anyway that maybe they gave us a test from a different book. there are a few different firefighter one and two books out there. well thanks again ill let ya know next week.