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  1. cool bike. i love bikes, and i love yamaha's. i had an fj 1100 i miss it terribly, but will wind up getting a new one sometime in the hopefully not so distant future. i wanna get a buell. but bikes are so fun, and just such an incredible feel.

  2. This is your fight with mechanical stuff------>> :huh:





    oh yeah, i never knew i could change a water pump that fast with so few tools, on the side of the road, i guess you do whatcha gotta do when it comes down to it. :picard-sith::laugh:

  3. Hi Matt. Isn't moving FUN :wow:  :o  :nono:  :laugh: I'm so glad you got there safe. Geeze, your even typing better. :laugh: You should start a new thread: "The Joys of Moving"  NOT!!!! :laugh:  :picard-sith:  :huh:  :laugh:  :huh:

    gee thanks, lol i thougth aabout a movie the joys of moving, but richard pryor already did that in MOVING, was a hilarious movie, now i got an idea how he felt in it. lol.

  4. well my journey has begun, it started friday about 2:00 pm and was a hell ride to get here but now im here late yesterday afternoon, and start work tomorrow. the ride here started out ok but my buddies jeep started overheating a bit, and we figured out the problem was great after that, then the water pump took a dump in gettysburg, after a 110.00 tow to a parking lot on the side of the road we took it apart and waited for a friend of his to come from monasas va to bring us the parts, and some tools, it took her about 2 1/2 hrs to get to us, the we finished fixing the jeep, onward ho again, we stopped at the friends in monasas, got there about 2 - 2:30 am and slept a couple of hours, got up about 7 am and started going about 8:30 the brakes on the uhaul trailer did not work and after a while it killed the brakes on the jeep, so we had a caliper hanging up on the jeep, and lots and lots of stop and go traffic on 95s, so guess what the brakes and overheating because of the extra drag caused by the brakes we pulled off to the side of the road, after a long time trying to get uhaul to help us exceptably, and three cops driving by us, then the last nice guy in fredricksburg, stafford areay stopped and helped us out, we hooked up the trailer to his truck and went off the next exit, then he decided to take the trailer the rest of the way to norfolk for a 150.00 bucks, i was like great after all it cost me 110.00 bucks for a three mile tow the day before so off we went again, the jeep was still warm, but much better without the trailer. it took forever and a day to get here because of traffic and traffic going back looked even worse so i gave the guy 200.00 after all he didnt have to stop and help no one else did. so the last thing the trailer was gonna be a round trip, because my buddy was gonna take it back and drop it off, its cheaper that way, and he was gonna grab a couch and chair from his friends in monasas so needless to say that didnt happen, i borrowed a friends truck down here to take it to a uhaul dealer and dropped it off, long story short it cost me 275.00 for a one way instead of a 160.00 roundtrip, he told me to call uhaul corprate office tell them about the brakes and how the killed the brakes on buddies truck, and hopefully they would reimburse me, im not holding my breath but at least im finally here. i start tomorrow, wish me luck.

  5. well it appears all went well today, i got a paper from my physical to take with me that stated fit for duty pending results from blood tests and so on so thats good, i know i dont do drugs or anything so im good there, and the psych test was long, stupid, and boring but i know i did fine. i have to pick up my uniforms tomorrow, and move back on saturday. :P oh yeah im a happy camper now. so after i move and start in the academy ill probably be back on more often again. thanks again for all the well wishes it means much to me, your all great, and thanks for the support over the last many months going through all i have been. your all great. B)