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  1. I'll just sit here and cry.. lol




    That’s not true! I would want another NG flick but it is not practical, they have all be come to expensive. Come-on, BUCK-UP Trekette! You are not the first person to lose a fav to economics, try to begin focusing on the other series and what possibilities that lies with them.

    I'm Sorry!

    what did ya throw in a little BUCK rogers their too. lol. i think NG has run its course i too think that only FIRST CONTACT was really good, that made me lust for more. nemesis was good but didnt leave the taste for more.

    DS9 DS9 DS9 DS9, ALL THE WAY. i want sisko and the rest of the crew back now. but whatever they do i sure as hell dont want a voyager movie.

  2. its too bad to have that kind of attitude, for without the rest of the major, not minor, crew, kirk would have been nothing, they ALL made the show what it wad, and is today. also yeah it does suck to lose another member of the original cast, but maybe SCOTTIE will last a while longer. :wow:

  3. Actually I don't think I saw a movie in the Theatre in 2002. I generally download all the movies I want to see lately lol

    where do you down load the movies from. and do you burn them to dvd, if so how do they turn out. well anyway my faves of '02 were





    NEMESIS :(


    Sighns was a good one too, but not favorite material. however i think mel gibson is a great actor, and that he was a big part of what made that movie. nemesis was very good, but i still think as far as the movies go FIRST CONTACT was my fav star trek movie for the tng crew. SPIDERMAN was about the best superhero movie. did anyone see daredevil yet. that was ok. cant wait for X2 the first one was excellent. they need to make a new SUPERMAN movie now. I LOVE MOVIES.


  4. i havent got my dvds yet but i cant wait till i do. as soon as i found a station that was showing DS9 it was on at 200am and then we lost that channel a couple a weeks later anyway. and i agree he wasnt my favorite but i liked inuendo between BASHIR, and JADZIA DAX. (check spelling).



  5. ENTERPRISE will last, it has too, its a good show, with many different angles. due to the fact it is the begining of the STAR TREK era. as far as paramount net. goes they need to get more and more good programing, i liked SU2 (special unit 2) that was a good show, then boom its gone, now alls i watch on paramount is ENT. but im sure ENT will go on through its rightful seasons. if any of you recall BABYLON 5, it had its rocky roads, went through a few network changes, but finally made it to its rightful end, so will ENTERRISE. :lol:

  6. Yeah, normally I am not a comic book/comic book-tuned movie fan, but X-Men is REALLY rather good! My brother just got the X-Men 1.5 DVD, and that is really good too!

    x-men was excellent looking forward to the new one but whats different about x-men 1.5, any added scenes or just the bounus material? also heres one for ya captain cisco as Hawk, in Spencer for hire, not a movie but a good show. :lol:

  7. DS9 will launch on TNN with TNG in 2004!  In 2006 they will add VOY!  The New TNN will become The New Star Trek Channel!

    now i heard that DS9 was coming to TNN in 2003. which one of us is misinformed? i hope you, just because the sooner the better, i miss watching reruns of DS9.