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  1. last one, this one is of the hydrant our class presented to the training center. its a memorial of fallen brothers, and sisters. the pic doesnt do any justice to it but it was awsome. the firefighter that painted it did a fantastic job, if i happen to get a good pic of it ill put it on here.


  2. thanks everyone. well had a great day yesterday. and the party afterward was great too. there was a lot, i mean a lot of water going around last night. we had a few watercan extinguishers, two of the instructors got most of us with them, then a couple of us got the cans from them and got them back with it. i guess its now GAME ON. :drool: but i wouldnt do anything to get back. :naughty: well heres a pic of me, tim and matt. the other one is me and my aunt.



  3. OH YEAH it is fun, i know im looking forward to going to the rock gym to do some more repelling.


    I have never been repelling before, but from your discription...IT SOUNDS UBER FUN!!! ...I'm going to be over here looking for places to try it now...


  4. so who here has repelled before? well today was a first for me, and i generally done like the idea of jumping off a building but it was a great time. once i got past the edge the first time i couldnt get enough. well until they wanted us to get over the edge, hang upsidown, and let the belay man below lower you, HANDS ON YOUR HEAD, UPSIDOWN 40 SOME FT IN THE AIR. that was something. then the zip line from the middle of the platform was another FAITH IN YOUR PARTNER, AND EQUIPMENT THING. get through the hole, let go and keep your hands on your head, while the belay man lets you drop FAST, then stops you before hitting ground. all in all was pretty fun. we did it today at the seal tower at navy base in litte creek. one of the guys in class is an ex seal and what he said they've done off that tower, OUCH no can do. :congrats::clap: i bow down to greatness, or actually as he said in their case craziness. lol :congrats:

  5. using the avant right now, seems pretty good. no complaints yet. so still no one has said, whats the firefox. hows it diff.




    Firefox is different as in its run by a differnent company and has differnet and more built in features.Netscape is what the original browser was in the early 90's.I myself like it alot more than Virus explorer and havent had any problems.



    oh ok, so firefox is more like netscape? or changed to something different now?

  6. so how many of you love bikes, the kind with motors that is.

    i love em, cant wait to get a new one, i stopped at the yamaha dealer today to take a look at one, of course they dont have any, but heres a picture of the bike i want to get. its an R1, RAVEN the raven is black its a new color, limited edition i guess the dealer told me its gonna be more difficult to get that one. hopefully someday ill be able to get it. so whats your dream bike, if you have one at all.