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  1. thanks, well the practical skill tests were no problem, but most of the class feels really bad about the test. the test wasnt much of what we prepared for. almost all of us kept upper 80's, and lower 90's then this test came along and kicked our butts. i dont think i failed, but i know its gonna be ugly. now its just gonna be a long week waiting to find out. hopefully by wed at least.

  2. well tomorrow is my state test for firefighter I & II. all should go well, i got a 90.5 on my final exam in school, which the state test is drawn from the same test generator. got an over all average of 88.5, so the written should be fine, then theres the practical skills test which shouldnt be a problem, but there is the "test choke factor". but its getting there after tomorrow is some short courses then graduation on dec 3rd, one cool class by then will be rope rescue, repelling and all that. well again wish me luck, ill let you know how it went later.

  3. i had to go with a resounding no. we are all what we were meant to be. its what makes us who and what we are. after all who are we to tamper with how GOD made us. i know we as humans tamper with many things but to genetically alter ourselves, or worse yet our children all in the name of vanity, or it'll help with jobs, promotions etc. thats just playing GOD, to conform to what is a percieved perfection. im not the most attractive person, nor the most unattractive, im happy with who and what i am in that manor, as people should learn to be.