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  1. We don't know if the Borg got the signal though. It's entirely possible that they didn't get the signal until after first contact with the Enterprise-D, in which case the pre-First Contact timeline and the post-First Contact timeline would still be nearly identical.

  2. There's plenty to learn and do over at, but I'd like to discuss him here at STF. I've also got a Garfield forum setup at my forums. If anyone's interrest, PM me.


    So, who's going to be seeing the movie next month? Did you watch the cartoon series when it aired on CBS? Do you read the comic strips in the news paper or on the official website? What do you think of Garfield? Are you a fan, or do you like him like you would any other cartoon character?


    Here's today's comic strip:

    Click for Spoiler:



    Are you sure you didn't miss-hear them? If you're possitive it you heard correctly? If so, you need to report this to your phone company. If they did indeed lie to you, I'd pay it and then cancel the long distance calling plan.

  4. I was just a kid when I found TNG, so as a result, I actually liked Wesley a lot. Infact, he was one of my favorite characters while he was part of the show. :naughty:


    I voted - Wesley was a good character and shouldn't die

  5. I won't go see a PREQUEL ... it's as simple as that.  I detest prequels with a passion in any franchise (Indiana Jones: Temple of Doom -- sucked.  Those retarded Star Wars prequels -- both sucked. etc. etc.)

    Temple of Doom was a prequal? :P That's cool not liking prequals, but in doing so, you're missing out on some awesome stories. Why does being a prequal automatically make it bad? :bow:


    Nemesis was an all right film and I agree with Captain Jean-Luc Picard, the marketing of that movie was what hurt it at the box office, the release date, etc.  Those things had nothing to do with Rick Berman.  I mean, honestly, they should have waited until January to release that film, not the week before Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers!  Who is that stupid?

    Studio executives. :naughty:


    Whoever's decision that was should have been fired.

    Agreed. :P


    Believe me, there are worse flicks than Nemesis put out there every day that do just fine because of when they are released.  This is not rocket science.

    There are movies out there that are some of the worst I've ever seen, and some how, they manage to become a box office smash while Nemesis fails. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that the movie was release at a bad time and that people prefer pretty scenery, mindless action, and stupidity over a good story.


    But back to the topic at hand ... If they do a ST movie that does not include any of the cast from DS9 or Voyager, that does not incorporate the happenings from DS9 in regard to the Dominion War, the wormhole, the tentative alliance with those wacky Romulans, Martok the new chancellor of the Klingon Empire and an explanation of what in the hell Worf is doing back on the Enterprise, I will not go see it.

    Ya know, they made a huge leap from the TOS movies to TNG, so why not take another huge leap, only this time backwards? As long as it expands the existing fictional universe and tells good stories, I'm all for it.


    The whole "prequel" premise is why I have not been able to get into Enterprise (although I did vote to save it, folks, 'cuz I know that many of you like it.).  Prequels are horrible ... just my opinion.

    To me, the purpose of a prequal is to tell the beginning which was never told. For example, Enterprise shows Humanity going out into space and explorring the galaxy for the very first time, something that Star Trek didn't show. With TOS, we already had an avanced ship, a brave crew, and saw that Humanity had become a major power in the galaxy. However, we never got an origin story. Fortunately for the Stargate franchise, they will never need to do a prequal, becuase it all started with the movie.


    As for a prequal movie, I don't want to see a prequal just for the sake of seeing a prequal. If they're going to do a prequal, it had better be one that people would have wanted to see. I always wanted to see the 22nd century of Trek, so that's why I love ENT. Hopefully, this new movie can pull off an equally good story. :bow:

  6. Capt. Jon-Luc, she was in 3 inches of water, which I do everyday, along with my other lizards. I've had about 15 Iguanas in my life and most lived more than 10 years, I think I know NOT to use soap, it was just warm water, that's where lizards poop. Thank you for the picture, it's beautiful, looks just like my baby dragon did. :naughty: It happens, I've had this happen a couple times before, mainly because they were sick and weak, as babies it sometimes hard to tell if they are sick til it's too late. I was able to revive a couple.  But they have a big tree branch in there with them to lay on and float. Sometimes these things just happen. But, I'm strong, I'll adapt. She may have been sick when I bought her, two weeks ago.

    Did they have any flat surfaces to exit the water onto? They may get too tired of floating or clinging to a branch and thus drown that way.


    In any event, if you've had that many lizards, one is bound to die somehow. I know, becuase I've had lots of cats through out my life, and sometimes one dies, despite my best efforts.

  7. My star trek universe theory is that Star Fleet changes uniforms to reflect the era or the mission.

    I think that's true, even with today's military and space program.


    The ST II uniforms were more formal and militaristic because I get the idea that the Fedration was constantly on the defensive with Klingons and the Romulans.

    Well, I wouldn't say it's becuase of the Klingons and Romulans, but rather that it's arround the time where Starfleet went from one of the major powers in the Alpha Quadrant to one of the major powers. It was to reflect a sience of formallity and power.


    Later as we have seen in  STNG those uniforms were altered to look less formal until they were changed all to gether to a more casual style.

    I agree. Those uniforms were to reflect an era of peace and formal explorration.


    The uniforms worn in first contact were created because the Galxay had become a politically dangerous place again.

    That can't be true as those uniforms came out before their major conflicts with the Dominion, Borg, and Remans. I simply saw them as an update to the DS9 uniforms, a way of showing Starfleet officers as the type you don't want to mess with.

  8. Both David Gerrod and William Shatner have put forth scripts for a new Trek Movie set in the past- I'd personally like to see a prequel to TOS.

    As long as it's intended to lead to TOS and not a remake of TOS, I'm all for it! It'd also be fun to see Kirk recast by someone who might could capture Shater's uniuqeness or try to recreate it. I'm not saying Kirk should be recast all together, but William Shater can't play a Kirk in his 20's. :naughty:


    If Paramont will release a post Enterprise/pre-Star Trek movie is doubtful.

    Agreed. If it is indeed true that the next movie will be a prequal movie, I've a feeling it will be set durring the ENT time perriod with one of the main characters having a special role in the movie, but otherwise with a new cast. One of the ENT characters could be a part of the new cast much like Worf would return to the TNG cast for movies 8-10 despite him also being a DS9 character.


    No major film production company is going to put money into an untested market.

    Film production companies risk original movies all the time, so why wouldn't they risk doing a Trek movie if the screenplay is solid?


    Let's stop looking to the major studios to give us new content- and concentrate on the fan based films.

    If this happens, then as far as I'm concerned, there will be no more movies. :P



    Fans don't want to take money away from the studios, on the contrary, we want to promote the success of the show and continue it.

    That's cool, as long as the studios give you permission. :P


    We should be supporting sites like Bring Back Kirk, and encouraging fans to put their visions out there-  because Star Trek lives on through [/u]us not some network executive.

    That's cool, but I laughed my head off at the Bring Back Kirk trailer, it was so silly! :bow: I'd rather stick to series dramatic Star Trek, produced by people who went to film school to produce movies and TV shows for a living, rather than a bunch of guys in their living room. :bow:

  9. If there is an Ent.Movie i won't see it

    Why not?


    Its bad enough that it will be off the sequence of movies( the crews of DS9 and Voy are waiting for thier shot)

    There's no plans for DS9 nor VOY to be made into a movie, so ENT is the next logical choice. However, a mixed-crew or new-crew is more likely.


    Its also probally going to be a bad script ,bad special effects and bad BAd guys

    What do you base this on?

  10. Ok sorry, i didn't realize till after i posted how badly worded that was. What i meant was, why didn't they just create the First Contact uniform for Generations and use it from then on?

    Generations was going to have a uniform that would look like a cross between TNG & the TOS movie uniforms. However, they didn't have the time to make them, so decided to show a transition perriod of Starfleet adopting the experrimental DS9 uniforms.


    And what i meant by "battle version" and "exploration version" is simply because it seems like if it weren't for the recent conflicts the First Contact uniform might not exist, and the First Contact uniform, since it does exist would have made the "uniform standard error" in Generations moot, as the costume department would've easily distinguished between the tng uniform and the First Contact uniform. :naughty:

    Well, we could say that the uniforms reflect the times, but to be honest, the First Contact uniforms came out before the Dominion War and the Borg invasion of movie #8. The way I see it, the DS9 uniforms were being experrimented on DS9, then became the Starfleet standard durring Generations, and got an upgrade by First Contact. :bow:

  11. Um... :naughty: You are aware that you don't bath lizards, right? They're wild animals and don't require it. Besides, the soap could be posionous to the lizard. You have my condollences and I hope you learned your lesson. Maybe next time it might be wize to learn about your next pet before getting it? :bow:


    Here's a picture of the Chinese Water Dragon:

    Click for Spoiler:


  12. Damn u Berman and UPN, DAMN U ALL TO HELL!!!


    <---------------------------watch Andromeda on Scifi channel Friday's and            Wednesday


    If Ent goes down i suggest looking for another series to like Im putting mu money on Andromeda, SG and that are to succesful to be my liking

    If Enterprise gets cancelled, it will be UPN's fault, not Berman's. Wether or not he's a good producer, he is trying. As for Andromeda, didn't it get cancelled? :naughty:

  13. You know, if paramount had at least kicked berman out and gotten someone in to head the show who LISTENED to the fans half the time this wouldn't even be an issue

    Berman does listen, and if they got someone else to head the franchise, we'd likely get an abandonment of continuity, 20-year-old's for the crew, and kewl special effects, and I doubt this new heard would care about the fans. :naughty:


    what we need to do is fax (i say fax because emails can be disregarded too easily :bow: ) them and say berman has GOT to go for the sake of Enterprise!!!

    How about keep quiet, watch the show, and advertise it all your worth? That might help too.


    Now, can anyone help me figure out how to do that with my comp? :bow:

    Sorry, not gonna help you ruin Trek. :P

  14. It's not over. This is nothing more than rumor. I'll wait till announces cancellation. If this happens, we can begin a letter writing campaign, asking Paramount Pictures to shop the show onto another network or into syndication. It's not likely that SCI-FI will buy ENT due to the network developing Stargate: Atlantis and putting a lot of money into both that and Stargate SG-1, but it is possible that SCI-FI might want ENT as a replacement for SG-1. It's also possible for ENT to go into syndication.


    My point is, it's not over. If fans can get a third season for the original series and a revival via the first movie, then surely they can due a third campaign and save Enterprise. :unsure: It won't end unless we let it end. :flowers:

  15. Why didn't they just go with the "First Contact" uniform from Generations and use it on DS9-onwards?

    I've no idea what you're talking about. Generations was suppose to introduce a new uniform that probably would have been the new starship uniform while DS9 would use the space station uniforms. However, they didn't have time to design them and ended up showing a transition from the TNG uniforms to the DS9 uniforms implying that DS9 was experrimenting with a new uniform durring seasons 1 & 2 instead of it being the "space station" uniform standard. First Contact's uniforms were ment to be an update of the DS9/VOY uniform rather than a new uniform all together.


    I think it'd be kinda hard to confuse the "battle version" with the "exploration version" don't you? :unsure: :flowers: .

    There is no battle version and explorration version. The use one uniform at a time, although they do have a special uniform for ground forces as seen in a few DS9 episodes.