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  1. That's it! It doesn't even have to be "space explorration". I just want diversity. I want a new story every week, not more of "last week's" story. I love story arcs, but I also love the "story of the week" format as well. Welp, there's no way to know how they'll do it till season 4 shows up, I just hope that the mini-arcs are diverse. :tear:

  2. Normally, the TV is off unless one of my three shows is on, I'm eating lunch or dinner, I'm watching the news, or I'm watching a movie.


    The shows that I do give my full attention are:

    Star Trek: Enterprise - Wednesday nights @ 8

    Stargate SG-1 - Saturday nights @ 8

    The Jeffersons - Weeknights @ 11


    Any other programs, I try to give my attention if it's a good story. If I'm not giving the TV my full attention, I usually just turn it off. :tear:

  3. Second post to seperate thoughts clearly.


    I'm speaking from a story telling aspect, not from the show's perspective, incase anyone was wonderring. I miss the good ole days when people were happy with good science-fiction. Now it has to be war, politics, or exciting, edge-of-your-seat suspence. :naughty:

  4. I count at least 8 episodes that don't directly deal with the war. That leaves 16 episodes that do deal with some aspect of the war.

    I know of only 2 or 3. Would you share with us these 8 episodes?


    Besides, who says that Enterprises mission is "Militaristic"? My view has always been that Enterprise was to go and prevent the attack. Destroy the weapon, but prevent the attack by proving to the Xindi that humanity poses no threat to them.

    They're not off explorring and going on scientific missions, so as far as I'm concerned, they're on a military mission. Infact, Degra even said that the NX-01 doesn't make a very good military vessel, Archer said it didn't use to be, that it used to be a ship of explorration. Degra concluded, saying that perhaps it will again.


    Besides, Earth was attacked and Starfleet had to respond to prevent Earth's destruction. We knew that this would take 1 full season to complete. They told us that the mission would be a 1 year mission and 1 year is represented by 1 season.

    This is true, which is why I'm hoping they go back to their mission of explorration for season 4. :naughty:


    If you think it was a close call in getting Enterprise renewed for a 4th season then I would think that if it was an "exploration only" show that it wouldn't have gotten a 3rd season.

    No one's saying it should be an "explorration only" show, just that the focus should be on explorration and not war. TOS & TNG both had the premise of "peaceful explorration". Sure, not every episode was about that, but that was the mission of the ship.


    This season has been exciting, suspenseful and has kept people on the edge of their seats. This was a good year for Enterprise, and I believe is what saved it from cancellation.

    I couldn't agree more! :biggrin:

  5. i found the xindi arc awesome

    Me too! I'm so excited about "Zero Hour"! :naughty:


    i think putting it as a whole season arc isnt overated but needed for the scope that the enterprise had to endure to get good ratings

    I don't think it's overated either, I'm just ready for the arc to conclude.

  6. Well CJLP, it seems like what you're really saying is the Xindi Arc overstayed it's welcome.  I felt that way weeks ago - eight weeks would have been okay for an arc like that - maybe 8 - 12 but not a whole season.

    Well, it's more of a "That was fun, but I'm ready to move on." If we have yet another conflict with yet another uber-race, then I'll be annoyed. :naughty:

  7. The violence and death is not what bothers me, but rather the "war" and "conflict between that people and this people". That gets borring fast in sci-fi, at least for me anyway. I've no problem with conflict, but I'd prefer it in a sci-fi setting, not "war in space", know what I mean?

  8. Im with Jeanway on this one I recon Enterprise has a good balance of action and story, besides I think that a good dose of action will keep Enterprise a long running series for years to come. Look at the spectacular effects they have emlpoyed for the end of the Xindi story arc, if there was no arc for action what other effects could be added to another story?

    I'm not talking about the action. I'm talking about militaristic goals versus explorratory and scientific goals.

  9. Enterprise is just getting too militaristic for my tastes. I enjoyed it for a story arc and understand that Starfleet is a kind of military, but it's nothing like what we have today. Infact, I'm wonderring if it's a new kind of organization that doesn't exist yet, perhaps some kind of organization hybrid? Anywho, that's not the point of this discussion. My point is that there's too much fighting and not enough explorration and scientific missions. Yes, conflict is needed for a plot, but Trek has done it years with a ship of explorration and with scientific missions. I sincerely hope we can go back to the goold old days and perhaps even have the really out there episodes like "Vox Sola". What do you all think? Should Enterprise return to the mission of seasons 1 and 2, but with story arcs, or embark on "mini-missions" instead of explorration?

  10. This is stupid.

    No it's not. :biggrin:


    All of this discussion. Not this thread, I mean, but all of this, Star Trek, Movies, T.V., it's all FICTION!!!

    We know. :biggrin:


    It all comes out of someone's imagination, without imagination we wouldn't be here talking about this.

    That's true. :naughty:


    You Don't slam a person for having creative ideas, unless of course you don't have any yourself. :naughty:

    :biggrin: No one slammed anyone's ideas. I was just pointing out that some suggested ideas don't fit into established continuity.

  11. Do they really still teach sewing (clothing & textiles) in school?  I mean the whole course on how to choose patterns, select fabrics, finish seams, put in zippers, buttonholes  - the whole thing?  And guys take this too?


    I had no idea -

    It's an elective in high school where I live.

  12. that's why i said it was a new idea

    ...that violates 35 years of continuity.


    - B&B have created the "mess"

    What mess? :biggrin:


    it's just an idea to solve the plot problems of (1) the Vulcan's have knowledge of the Romulans, past "history" with them.

    How is this a problem?


    (2) Earth doesn't have a strong starfleet, needs a reason for building up a large fleet.

    SEE: Season 3, Xindi conflict


    (3) The Vulcan High-Command has a much more advanced/powerful starfleet in 2154/ there has to be an explaination as to where/what happened to it? Why is the Federation Starfleet dominataed by Earth Designed/Named Starships? where did all the Vulcan starships go?

    Vulcans aren't interrested in conflict. When the Xindi attacked Earth, they had no interrest in going after the attackers, so it's logical to assume that the Vulcans would allow Earth's Starfleet to become the dominant force. As for where the Vulcan fleet went... perhaps they are orbitting Vulcan?

    1-continuity has been broken so many times by B&B

    I see no evidance of that.


    - that a little more wouldn't hurt, it already looks like swiss cheese and Enterprise is still making more holes!

    Aside from a blooper here and there like "Klingon Warbirds", so I think continuity is fine on ENT and doesn't need to be played arround with.


    The xendi arc, doesn't seem to be arc'ing, it's a full departure.

    Full departure of what? It looks to me like they kept the arc going all season.


    It seems they will now be a "new" founding member of the Federation!

    The Xindi civil war will probably prevent this. It's probable that they're among the first to join the Federation.


    Imagine that! a technologically superior founding member of the Federation-with members serving on Enterprise-J.....funny they must have been completely "fogotten" members of the federation all this time-Kirk's day, Picard, Voyager, Ds9.

    1. They probably won't join.

    2. THe Enterprise-J is in the 26th century, so the Xindi could join anytime between the founding of the UFP and the 26th century.

    3. Just because they weren't mentioned, that doesn't mean they were forgotten. Have you had a big discussion of your nation's first leader this year? If not, does that mean you forgot about him? :naughty:


    The Romulan War-between Earth and Romulas could still start out between the Vulcan's and Romulans without violation 35 years of continuty...

    OK, having start with a Vulcan/Romulan conflict works, as long as the actual was is between Humans and Romulans. The Vulcans don't get involved till later on.


    When we Americans talk of WW2- we often say it was between us and Germany...we don't always go into details like- oh yea, it started 3 years eariler when Hitler invaded Poland, then western adding more details like the Romulan War beginning between them isn't that big a deal.

    It's a big deal when it contradicts important Trek episodes.


    2. the mess? see "enterprise bashing" and the fact that 90% of the Trek Fans at the Chicago convention in April--booded when Nimoy asked what we thought about the new "enterprise"

    That sounds like a very rude group of Trek fans. I respect Nimoy for not walking off the stage.


    sorry I was there heard for myself...

    Sorry about that.


    there's alot going on that shouldn't be happening this early in "trek history" and most of it is "continuity" related.

    OK, prove it.


    It's still a great show...

    Agreed! :biggrin:


    3. plot problem-Vulcan's knowing about the Romulans

    How is this a plot problem?


    T'Pol is vulcan, Earth has contact with the Vulcans..the Vulcans gave Starfleet a they could find their way around "sorta a hichhiker's guide"

    Why would the Vulcans include info on the Romulans? You know how currious Humans are... :naughty:


    ...but Archer doesn't seem to be familar with the there "Romulan Star Empire' and T'Pol hasn't been forth coming with any information...

    She has good reason not to come forth with the information.


    information that should be "common knowledge" to all Vulcans.....

    Based on? :biggrin:

  13. Back in the dinasaur age when I was in high school they actually taught classes on sewing.

    I guess we're still in the dino age, 'cause they still teach it. Hang on, I hear thunder or some loud noise... *checks out window* Crap! It's a T-Rex! :naughty:

  14. CJLP, why on Earth would you watch this show?  (I mean given your strong religious opinions)

    I'm a sucker for endings. :laugh: I just wanted to see how it ended. Buffy started out good, but went down hill with all the evil stuff, homosexuallity, witches, and so forth. However, I was still interrested in how it ended. The Buffy finale was decent, so I thought I'd tune in for the Angel finale.


    To watch either Buffy or Angel you need to suspend belief and accept the characters within the entirely fictional world within which they operate.  This was not a "realistic" view of the world

    I guess that's true. Still, I didn't like the implication of a Godless world. :)


    You also shouldn't try to judge an entire series from the final episode because you missed some things.

    Well, I was judging the show on the dark feel mostly, and the absolute lack of morals in the main characters.


    The whole point of their last battle was to fight the hold the "bad guys" had on the planet and Angel did sacrifice - he sacrificed what he wanted most - the possibility of having his humanity restored - in order to free the world from dominion by the group of the Black Thorn.

    Well, I understood what they were fighting for, but what I didn't understand was why they would go fight something they knew they couldn't win. You'd think they'd pick their battles better than that, ya know? As for having a soul... how can a creature of pure evil have a soul? :look:


    As for the non-ending ending - there are rumors of the occasional Angel movie in the future.

    Well, if they go that rought, then I can forgive the ending. Still, you'd think that something advertised as a series finale would actually end. :lol: I felt so insulted when the WB did that "Thanks for watching!" tribute. I was thinking, "Yeah, thanks for waisting my hour with a story that didn't go anywhere."


    As for redeeming value - the show had wit although the humor was often subtle.

    I guess I had to be a regular viewer to get the humor.


    I've more thoughts on this show, but I understand that people like it, so I'll just say this leave you guys with one more comment.


    When it comes to cancellation, I know how you all feel. There was a show I used to watch called ROSWELL which ran two years on the WB and a third year on UPN before getting cancelled. I became a regular viewer at the start of season 2 and a fan at the start of season 3. Then they cancelled the show after the third season aired 18 episodes, fortunately the producers knew it was probably their last season, so they tried to wrap up the show in the last 4 episodes, which I feel they did nicely. Fortunately for us Roswell fans, we got an ending, although rushed. :bow:

  15. 560x175.jpg



    Enterprise Renewed For Fourth Season


    Star Trek: Enterprise fans rejoice! The show has been picked up for a fourth season, as UPN will reveal this morning at the annual "upfronts" in New York. The show, whose future had not been guaranteed, has finally been given the thumbs up by the network. One significant change: It looks like the show will be moving from Wednesday nights at 8:00 p.m. to Friday nights at 9:00. (America's Next Top Model is slated to fill the previous Enterprise Wednesday night slot.)

    Like many good shows, it can take awhile for the audience to find it, live with it and see it develop. Enterprise has certainly evolved over the first three years, with the last season providing some great television along an extended story arc that featured a new race, the Xindi.


    We at STARTREK.COM are happy to see the show renewed and we look forward to working with the cast and crew for the next season. Congratulations to all!


    More news as it breaks ...




    Article from

  16. It depends on the century, reason, and end result. All great nations rise and fall. If it's so you can tell a "dark and edgy" story of a "doom and gloom" future, no thanks. If it's to remind us that great civilizations rise and fall, and that a new and better civilization or organization will replace the UFP, then I'd be interrested and intruiged. So, what is your purpose in writing the fan-fic? I'm not asking you to spoil it or anything, just what you're trying to accomplish with the story.



    Voyager's ultimate goal, I believe, was to tell action-oriented stories about a lone ship on the other side of the galaxy, fighting to survive and find a faster way home.


    A statement like the above example would be great for me to understand your intention. After that, I'll place my vote and explain why. :laugh:

  17. Well, it's just that all I hear about is how great CSI and Law & Order shows are. I've watched episodes from both shows, and quite frankly, they depress me. :laugh: I've yet to see a single episode that wasn't about a gruesome murder, sexual perversion, or anything with a happy ending. Really, what is the appeal of the shows? :look: