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  1. When things aren't going so well, your ' Personal Crisis Grid' is full and there is no one to talk to, do you give yourself a 'PEP' Talk?

    1. I on't have a personal crisis grid.

    2. I always have Indy to talk to.

    3. I don't give myself pep talks.


    What do you say to keep yourself positive?

    I talk to Indy or pray.


    Or to keep yourself from saying or doing the wrong thing sometimes?

    I take a nap or go online and vent at Imagination Island


    Or how do you forgive someone?

    There is no "how", I just do.


    Or how do you keep going when that's the last thing you want to do?

    When what's the last thing I want to do?


    Or keep yourself in the present and not wander around morbidly in the past?

    I don't have a time machine. :unsure:

  2. I'm a big Romulan fan. Nemesis was a great bigger view of the Romulans. I mean serious.

    You're right, Nemesis was the biggest movie view of the Romulans.


    Star Trek I-V'ger, but according to Shatner's books, there's a trace to the Borg. But pretty close.

    Maybe, but unless the books are made into episodes or a movie, they aren't part of established continuity. It's possible that V'Ger was given it's ship by the Borg, but due to the fact that the the thing was only 300 years old in comparrison to the Borg, and that it clearly doesn't utilize Borg technology, I'd find that highly doubtful. I'd rather see the 11th movie deal with the machine race who constructed V'Ger's ship.


    Star Trek II-ok there's no alien trace. Just Khan.

    This one made for a good movie, using the revenge story, inspired by Moby (Please stop me from cursing), continuing a TOS episode, and having loads of action! :(


    Star Trek III-Klingons!!! Too many Klingons.

    How is there too many Klingons? It's their second movie, the first of which only featured them for about 5 minutes.


    Star Trek IV-Not much. But there's the Bird of Prey. Plus the time traveling to 1986.

    This is deffinately my favorite as far as comedy goes! :unsure:


    Star Trek V-Klingons!!!!! That one Klingon tries to kill Kirk.

    Yes, Klingons, Sybok, the Enterprise, oh my! :hug:


    Star Trek VI-Even more Klingons!!!!!!!!! 1 Romulan, not a big role.

    There was a Romulan? Was he that dimplomatic guy?


    Star Trek: Generations-More Klingons! They try to destroy the Enterprise.

    They succeeded. :laugh:


    Star Trek: First Contact-Borg attack!!!!!

    This movie rocked! :lol:


    Star Trek: Insurrection-the Son'a. First film that doesn't have any aliens we've met before.

    THis one's my favorite Trek movie. :hug:


    Star Trek: Nemesis-first film entirely dedicated to the Romulans! Awesome movie!

    Actually, it was dedicated to the Remans. The Romulans had a B-plot.


    Enterpise-ONE episode!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You're expecting more in a time perriod that takes place before the Romulan War? :(


    The Original Series-several, don't know how many.

    I think there was 3 or 4...


    The Next Generation-more episodes but not as good.

    Personally, I liked how TNG depicted the Romulans. You never truelly knew their motives.


    Deep Space Nine-I don't think there's any, but I could be wrong

    DS9 had about as many Romulan episodes as TNG, I believe, only they fleshed them out more.


    Voyager-as far as I know....none.

    VOY had 2 Romulan episodes, "Eye of the Needle" and "Message in a Bottle".

  3. Prepare to be shocked...


    I might go see this movie. Before I do, I have a few questions, but no spoilers please.


    1. Is there anything sexual?

    2. Is there nudity?

    3. Is there any gore?

    4. Is there anything demonic or satanic, or is this just a monster-flick?


    If all four come to a "no", I might go see it. Thanks for your help.

  4. My name is Jeanway and I have a problem. I admit it.

    What's your problem?


    The best way to deal with a problem is to first recognize that it is a problem then you can work on a solution.

    That's true.


    But what if the solution is just as bad as the problem?

    If your solution is just as bad as the problem, you're not trying very hard.


    Do you have any idea what I'm talking about?

    No. :(

  5. Where can I download specific TOS episodes online??? (Except for torrent sites like SuprNova...) Specifically "The City on the edge of forever"... Not a full season, just one episode...

    Downloading is very illegal. However, you can find this episode on one of the 2-episode volumes at your local media store for $20. :(

    That holds true for anything that has a copyright, not just products that are for sale in your local store.


    Something to keep in mind when you are downloading things that are not yet on DVD. :(

    According to a local TV station that I call on occasion, downloading TV episodes is no more illegal than recording with your VCR, which is technically illegal, but the TV industry doesn't care. When the TV industry asks us not to download, then I'll stop. :)

  6. He's either very fat, very huge, or finished growing at 11. :( I'm inclined it's the middle or latter, in which case, I don't blame the parents. :( Maybe he could play with an older age group? :)

  7. Where can I download specific TOS episodes online??? (Except for torrent sites like SuprNova...) Specifically "The City on the edge of forever"... Not a full season, just one episode...

    Downloading is very illegal. However, you can find this episode on one of the 2-episode volumes at your local media store for $20. :(

  8. So much for the Romulan war and founding of the UFP. :grin:


    Ya know, I'm quite dissapointed in Trek fans today.  They used to fight for Trek, like fanbases do for other shows today that are threatened with cancellation.  When we heard there were no plans for a DS9 nor VOY movie, did fans unite and campaign for one?  No, they said, "Oh, it probably won't happen."  With ENT's four season potentially being the last, fans are saying, "Welp, that was fun.  Now whut?"  What about the campaign to get season 4?  Why not campaign for another network to pick up season 5?

    I'd join that campaign to keep Enterprise, just send me their address.


    As for the Romulan War being a movie, that's kind of a large topic for a movie. The Dominion War lasted 2 seasons.

    They could tell the Romulan War over the coarse of 2-4 movies. :grin:

  9. You gave it your best shot. Most shows I give anywhere from a few episodes to a season. Don't worry about it. Enterprise isn't for everyone. I do have one question. Is it becuase you think the show is badly produced, or is it that you just don't like it?

  10. I decided to watch Enterprise last night to see what all the fuss was about the ending. It was goooooood.  :angry: Now I have to spend all summer getting caught up on the entire series so up till now.  :angry: Just what I needed, a new show to get hooked on. *sigh* Why fight it?  RikerChick, new Enterprise fan, reporting for duty.

    I'll have Dr. Phlox get your measurements so (whoever the heck creates costumes and new uniforms on the ship) can fit you with an Enterprise uniform! :angry: Welcome abord, RC! :angry:

  11. It's time for an epiphany. You all ready?


    UPN cancels ENT after season 4, but we get a cliffhanger series finale about the beginning of the romulan war. Just before the series finale begins, we get a "special" promoting an Enterprise movie for summer 2006.


    We get an 11th movie focusing on ENT and the Romulan war... but wait, the TCW is tied into this! Oh my, Sisko's returned from the wormhole to help in the TCW! What's this I see? The relativity from the 29th century shows up with Ensign Nine from the 24th century?


    I smell a break from TV with an 11th movie allowing Trek to make a big comeback! :angry: