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  1. So much for the Romulan war and founding of the UFP. :laugh:


    Ya know, I'm quite dissapointed in Trek fans today. They used to fight for Trek, like fanbases do for other shows today that are threatened with cancellation. When we heard there were no plans for a DS9 nor VOY movie, did fans unite and campaign for one? No, they said, "Oh, it probably won't happen." With ENT's four season potentially being the last, fans are saying, "Welp, that was fun. Now whut?" What about the campaign to get season 4? Why not campaign for another network to pick up season 5?

  2. I'll share mine then you share yours. Well I have had quite a few happen to me but by far the scariest has to have been this:


    When I was 10 I was out running around the woods with my dog and it was getting dark, which never really bothered me because I'm not afraid of the woods at night and I had my dog with me and he is part lab and shepered so hes fairly scary even if he is the sweetest thing you could find. Anyway we had gone to a part of the forest that we had never been in at night, mostly because of the fact that something keeps tearing deer and other animals into chunks almost nightly so yeah. But we came prepared that night, flash light, bb gun (what i was 10) and a throwing hatchet my dad gave me for my birthday. We stayed out all day exploring and about sunset this dense, thick feeling of dread, hate, sorrow and foreboding just fell around us as suddenly as anything. My dog just started to growl and his hackels raised up also, this didnt help matters much, the temp dropped about 20 degrees in a span of a minet. About that time I was terrified to the point of gripping the hatchet til my knuckles where white. Even thou I was scared near crudless we continued (having yanked my dog away from the spot he was in), alittle while on we came acrosst a dead deer. It was litterally split from neck to tail, it looked rather fresh due to the lack of flies so we must have surprised what ever killed it. And around the deer was fur and signs that it had not died peacefully. By that time it was dark enough to need the flash light. We heard something moving in the bushe needless to say we got outta ther elike a bat outta hell!!

    Ya know... ya could'a gotten yourself killed that night. It could have been a mountain lion, hiennas (spelling?), a bear, wild dogs, or anything, depending on where you live. You're also lucky you didn't get yourself lost in the woods. You were, however, smart to have your dog with ya. However, you could have been killed quite easilly when you found the dear. Predators usually kill to defend their food. I hope you learned your lesson!


    As for my scarriest moment... Um... hmm... well... I'll get back to you. :laugh:

  3. Captain Jean-Luc Picard: There are no Oberth or Miranda class ships. I'm pretty sure that those classes were discontinued waaaaaay before that battle with the Borg.

    When we see the Defiant fighting the Borg, you can see a Miranda-class ship making an evasive maneuver. Right after Picard gives the order to fire on the cube and we see the Enterprise from behind, just after it fires quantum torpedoes on the cube... you can see an Orbeth-class ship in the top, right-hand corner. It looks to be way off in the distance due to the ship's small size. The Orbeth-class ship is only visible on the widescreen edition of the movie though. If you have the movie on DVD and a DVD-ROM on your PC, you can spot it.

  4. Would you believe we're (my house) still only on season 6 of our TNG DVDS and season 1 of DS9? That's right, we've one unopened season of TNG, 6 unopened seasons of DS9 and 2 unopened seasons of VOY on DVD!


    I gotta get outta here and watch some Trek! But it's difficult.  :blink:


    How bout you, do you still have some unopened seasons, are you all caught up or are you watching them all again for umteenth time?  :)

    I've only TNG season one and ENT downloads. Since I won't be getting another season set soon, I think I'm gonna go back and watch my TNG season set and ENT downloads.

  5. It is stated that they did not know about the dominion and the wormhole in one of the episodes...


    They thought the direct route was better....

    How can they state they don't know about it if they don't know about it? Besides, they HAVE to know about the Wormhole. They launched their mission at DS9 and I can't conceive of any way they would be a Starfleet ship, visit DS9 and NOT know there's a wormhole that leads 70,000 light years away to the Gamma Quadrant. It's possible that they might not know about the Dominion but not likely since their mission began in the middle of DS9's third season and the Dominion was introduced as a possible villain in the last episode of their second season.


    Which episode did they say they don't know about the Wormhole and Dominion?

    No, I remember in the Episode "Hunters" It is stated by Chakotay that a letter said that the Maquis were destroyed because the Cardassians had help from an enemy known as the Dominion.....

    He said it so is sounded like they didn't know who the Dominion are....


    Believe me I remember.....

    Well, I think it was more that they were shocked to learn that the Maquis were wiped out. They knew of the Dominion, they just didn't know that Starfleet was at war with the Dominion. In any case, I think Janeway had special intelligence that showed that the Dominion was a very dangerous threat. It's also possible that they didn't have the Bajoran wormhole's Gamma Quadrant location in their star maps, but that would be unlikely. I'm sure there was a reason why they didn't pursue the wormhome, so I just assume it was something discussed offscreen.

  6. I don't believe we will ever have an ice age nor do I believe it will ever happen. I also didn't buy the "global super-storms". However, it was a fun work of fiction, so I enjoyed it from that aspect. The only part that bugged me was them beating me over the head with the "stop polluting NOW, or we'll have global warming any day now!" propaganda. :blink:

  7. CJLP, you're going on as if 22 episodes is an unheard of number.

    As you may or may not know, Trek & SG-1 is about all I watch. I figured SG-1 had shorter seasons becuase of a lower budget and being on cable. I also figured that most other sci-fi and action shows got 26 episodes where as dramas got 22 episodes. After 26 episodes a season for 20 seasons, 22 episodes feels short to me. I can live with it, but I just am so sick and tired of stories getting shorter today. Becuase stories are shorter, they feel too rushed. 90 minute movies instead of two-hour movies, 42 minute episodes instead of 45-50 minute episodes, and so forth.


    Quantum Leap, StargateSG1 and Seaquest DSV all only had 22 episodes for each of their full seasons.

    I never saw QL and only caught Seaquest for two years and never really payed attention to the length of the show. As for SG-1, I just assumed that was becuase it is a cable show.


    Law & Order, the standard of tv dramas started out with 22 episodes and has gradually moved up to 24. (it's been on thirteen years)

    Good for them! :blink:


    CSI has had 23 episodes per season.



    CSI and Law & Order are consistently in the top ten and they don't have 26 episodes.  My understanding was that 22 episodes constitutes a full season on network television (particularly for dramas)

    Then why did Trek have 26 episodes a season for so long? I'm just currious why Trek was the exception to the 22 episodes per season rule.

  8. I'm going to do a little math here...


    265 / 7 = 52.14, rounded off to 52


    52 / 2 = 26


    So, half a year's worth of TV episodes would be 26 episodes. Shouldn't that be the TV standard instead of 22? I'm just currious how they arrived at 22 and not 20, 21, 23, you get the idea. I know this is off topic, but it sorta is on topic... maybe... :blink:

  9. I think that the Bring Back Kirk trailer 2 had the makings for a good movie or two.  If they made one like that I'd deffinatly go and see it.

    Oh gosh, I laughed when I saw that trailer. They crammed so much into the premise, that there was no room left for the story! <_< Kirk is dead, it's time to move on folks. <_<

  10. I personally would like to see one with a new crew or one that has characters from different series.

    I'd prefer the next movie to be based on either DS9, VOY, or ENT since DS9 & VOY ended only a few years ago and since ENT is a current show. However, I'd be willing to watch a movie featuring a mix of TNG/DS9/VOY characters.


    Another one I would like to see is a movie all about the klingons or the origins of the borg or maybe base one of the Elite force video games and do one with the hazard teams.

    This would fall under the category of a "new cast" movie. I'm not sure I like the idea of that. If you're going to turn a TV show into a movie, at lease use the characters from the show. <_<


    Or maybe one with riker and the titan.

    I'd see that without a doubt! <_<

  11. I like Nemesis the Monkey Canadian



    How was Data's death similar to Spock's? Aside from the fact that they both died to save the Enterprise... where's the similarity?


    Dumb question: how come they had hair on jean-luc in the acadamy in the series and bald in the movie? SOMEONE DID NOT WATCH THE FRINKIN SHOW

    Picard was wearring an enlisted uniform in that picture, so a young, bald Picard is open to interpretation. Here's mine: one of Picard's personallity traits is to be bold. Since he failed his first attempt to join the Academy, he enlisted. When he tried to join the second time, he was accepted. While Picard was enlisted, he thought it'd be fun to shave his head. Another possibility is that the "enlishted" uniform doubled as an Academy uniform when Picard was a young man. Either way, it's my interrpretation that Shinzon shaved his head bald to be "hairless" like a Reman... to be bold... like Picard. <_<


    (loves TNG..Is reall adgitated about the lack of good movies)

    WHich of the four do you dislike? Technically, they're all good in terms of movies, but the question is if they make good Star Trek movies, which I feel all four did.

  12. But if they do a Borg movie, people would argue that the borg were destroyed....

    Why? There is no reason to believe that the Borg were destroyed without doubt. It's possible, but not a fact. Most likely, the Borg have been thrown into civial war due to the virus from "Endgame" with multiple mini-collectives fighting each other as well as the Borg rebels.


    Then you have to consider that 8472 would not come to this dimension as they just want to be in their own...

    I guess you forgot that Kes said Species 8472 said, "Your galaxy will be purged." in "Scoprion, Part II".


    I would expect Kim to be promoted.........

    Me too.


    I always loathed and hated Nemesis with all my soul....

    It's just a movie... <_<


    It was awful...

    I liked it. I'm sorry you didn't enjoy yourself.


    It had so so acting, horrible plot, and bad release timing...

    Oh, come on. If you're gonna bash the movie, at lease tell us why.


    You don't compete against LOTR....

    Agreed. Releasing the movie at the same time was cinematic suicide.


    That is called stupidity...



    I also hated the cheesy wesley and Worf appearances...  That was annoying.....

    Wesley's cameo was editted out. :hug: As for Worf's "appearances"... he was a main character. :hug:

  13. Enterprise nx- is basically a akira flying upside down!

    Really? Where's the Akira-class deflector on top of the ship then? Why is their a warp-thingy instead of a weapons pod? Why is the ship smaller? Why is the primary hull a different shape? Why are there no visible escape pods? I could go on and on... <_<


    oh.but there's no such thing as up/down in space...



    I think the writer's can just point to it and say....see the design was so "ahead" of it's time...the design was returned to 200 years later ..with the akira class..

    Actually, no. The treksplanation is that the Akira-class is a tribute to the NX-class, the first Starfleet ship design that allowed Humanity to start explorring the galaxy.


    It's not a really big deal....unless you try to "explain" the Deadalus design after the Nx...and why the "sphere" hull never worked out....that's why it's "easier" to pre-date the Deadalus b4 enterprise nx...then you can say..see the nx proves that "saucers" are better than "spheres"

    The Deadalus-class has never been seen on screen. :hug: The model in Sisko's office doesn't count, because no one said, "Oh, nice model of a Daedalus-class ship, Captain." <_<

  14. If Capt Archer came on in Drag singing show tunes they would STILL watch it

    Not me! <_<


    Trekkies watch matter how bad it is..and they wlawyas have a counter argument for EVERYTHING

    Well, Star Trek hasnt gotten bad yet, so I dunno what to say... <_<


    For me, First Contact is the coolest of the Trek movies.


    It had really really really nice effects, great acting, and a pretty great storyline (even compared to other st movies)

    Special effects don't really matter all that much to me as long as their top notch with the budget they have. As for acting, I agree, this movie had some very good acting, although I was ticked off that Worf and Crusher were pretty much wallpaper in this movie. As for the storyline, I'm not sure what I think... I'll get back to you.


    Now I'd really like to see a Voyager movie.

    Me too! <_<


    That would be the greatest.

    DS9, VOY, ENT, I don't care, just make an 11th movie! :hug:


    And it needs to involve time paradoxes and the borg, along with spiecies 8472.

    Ugh. VOY had plenty of time paradoxes and Borg. It's time to move on. I would, however, be open to a Species 8472 movie and perhaps a movie featuring the Borg, but I feel that if VOY's first movie is going to be a success, they need to use a villian besides the Borg.


    They also need to make some great improvement on Voyager to do it too, something like a stable slip stream drive. And...yeah.

    A lot of fans feel the same way, that Voyager should be experrimenting with slipstream drive to give them an excuse to go back to the Delta Quadrant without being standed again.


    Oh, and Janeway would be temporarally assimilated, so they have to find a way + reason to do it.

    Be there, done that.


    Tom and Harry get promoted as well. YAY!  <_<  :borgqueen:

    I dunno about Tom, but I agree with Harry getting promoted. I really expected it to happen durring season seven. Maybe we can see Lt. Kim in a movie?

  16. I thought they didn't head to the wormhole for two reasons:


    1. The producers wanted the show to stand apart from DS9.


    2. Captain Janeway had reports of the Dominion taking out the Defiant, Starfleet's first warship, quite easilly. Considerring this very dangerous threat and the fact that Voyager wasn't equiped to fight a fleet of Dominion ships, she probably felt it was best to take the long wroute, looking for shortcuts. The only thing that bugged me was that they didn't have a season one episode dealing with this topic and explaning why they couldn't pursue the wormhole as a way home.

  17. I think the whole "Akiraprise" fiasco is just Star Trek fans looking for reasons to reject ENT and show how "bad" it is. I think the "Akiraprise" debate is just one of their attempts to degrade the show. I'll agree, the NX-01 has lots in common with the Akira-class, but does it really matter? Make the Akira-class a lot smaller and turn it into a 22nd century ship and you get NX-01. That was the intention from the get go. There's only two or three details that are exatcly like on the Akira-class, but these can be atributed as being "missed" by the designers who were basing the NX-class on the Akira-class.