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  1. Greetings & Salutations :P


    Thursday, March 24th at 2pm PST (5pm EST) and Monday, March 28th at 5pm PST (8pm EST), Liz Shatner will be interviewing her legendary father, William Shatner, at! Be sure to tune in for a spectacular hour! It's twice the Shatner, so be there or be square! :P

  2. Boycotting UPN is not the answer, that's just going to tick off Leslie Moonves and might result in an even longer break for Trek. :laugh: The best way to go about this is to show support for the UPN shows you like - if any, along with Enterprise. Write to him and tell him how much you like the show and his other UPN shows, if any.

  3. As we all can remeber at the end of season 7 of DS9, all the plot lines finally came together and we had resolution with all our charecters.. but since Enterprise has been cut so abruptly short, how can we expect all the plot lines to be solved?  for example


    1. Tpol and Trip

    2. The mystery man from the future

    3. Forming of the Federation

    4. The Vulcan Renaissance

    5. Romulan War/ Romulan diaspora

    6. Vulcan high command/Romulan alliance

    1 - Trip/T'Pol has already been resolved this season.

    2 - "Future Guy" will likely not be revealed unless one of the last 2 episodes deals with the Sulliban somehow.

    3 - According to Trek Lore and Season 3's "Zero Hour," the Federation is formed in 2161, so unless the show runs 11 seasons, we won't see that happen.

    4 - The Vulcan Renassiance? Huh?

    5 - The Romulan War won't be shown on ENT. Fortunately, it might be featured in the 11th movie if it gets made.

    6 - There was never a Vulcan/Romulan alliance. :)


    Have i missed any?

    The only loose ends are the Sulliban's role in the Temporal Cold War plus who "Future Guy" is. :)


    Point is since all the episodes have been written and scheduled according to, it seems that were gonna be left hanging on these topics for all of eternity...  its just like how we have no idea what happened after the 5 year mission of the 1701 (thats canon)...  really bums me out thinking about this..

    We do know whut happens after the 1701's 5-year-mission. Go check out the first 6 movies. :laugh:


    and btw i swear ambassador soval's voice was the mystery man from the future

    Nope, different actor. :look:

  4. Yes it's true but DON'T PANIC!


    From the link... (in bold)



    Star Trek: Enterprise Cancelled!


    After four seasons, Star Trek: Enterprise has reached the end of its mission ...



    UPN and Paramount Network Television have jointly announced that this will be the final season of Star Trek: Enterprise on UPN. [Production will continue until the end of this season, which will finish shooting in March.] The series finale will air on Friday, May 13, 2005.


    The odds are good CBS (or someone) will pick it up...


    Check this out. <_<

  5. I don't get you people. :yahoo:


    If you would be open minded to the idea of a prequal, set between ENT and TOS, we might have had a Romulan War movie, possibly even a trilogy. I don't understand the stigma among fans about prequals being bad. If a story is good, who cares whut time peroid it's in? :lol:


    For those of you whom are glad the film series is shelved for now... Uh... isn't that a bad thing? Whut's next? Will you be happy when ENT ends and we have no Trek at all? :lol:


    You people are very... confusing... :flex:

  6. I wasn't sure if I should put this on TNG or movies, so I'm just putting it here.  :)


    Now I don't mean to bad mouth Riker, I love him to death, but why did Deanna marry him?? I don't get it. I think it would have been wonderful if they had done it in the first few years of the series. That would've been great! But think about it. He already chose his career over her once. Then it takes him 15 years to decide he wants to marry her?? sad-smiley-028.gif Did it ever occur to her that this guy might have just a tiny problem with commitment?


    Okay, got that off my chest.



    Actually, it didn't take him 15 years to decide he wants to marry her again. They weren't together. In fact, they didn't get back together till Insurrection. So, it only took them four years for Riker to marry Troi, not 15. :)

  7. my dear eldest brother.  The brother that is 9 years older than me.  The brother that told the third eldest brother not to hang my Barbie dolls in a noose type lynching.  The brother that shared his vast secret science fiction library with me that upon occassion my mother would catch me with a book and burn yet he never made me repay him for the loss. The brother that taught me to dream and imagine.  My GOD!!! My dearest eldest brother is a :bow:  :( Dem :clap:  o  :clap: crat!!!!! :clap:  :clap:


    What's with all the irrellivant information? I almost stopped reading your post as it was going nowhere. As for your brother being Democrat, you say that as if it's a bad thing. What's wrong with him being a Democrat, eh? All it is is a political view, it's not like a disease. :laugh::bow:

  8. :)


    :) What's the deal with UPN now ? I look in my guide and Enterprise is not on tonight !!! Instead they have a 2 hour show on..'Amish in the city'..Like I actually am interested in that..I can only hope that the guide is wrong..I'll know in an hour..

    They're skipping "Harbinger" and "Doctor's Orders" and will air "Hatchery" next Friday at 8pm, the new night for Enterprise.


    UPN is making efforts to help ENT season 4, then they pull this stunt. :)

  9. I think that maybe originally it was from 1992 - 1996, but because of side effects from all this temporal manipulation the point in which that and other things occured probably was changed, and the Eugenics Wars probably was something that occured along with WW3 as a result of these temporal changes, thus why it took so long to repair the damage and why there never appeared to be anything going on during the 90's.


    As for why the gal in the Voyager episode had a model, perhaps it was just a concept during that time like many we have about our possible future spacecraft.


    Take for example how early 20th century sci-fi writers and illustrators imagined the appearance of craft that would be used to get to and land on the moon, mars and other bodies in the solar system.

    You can't have such a significant change to the timeline without severely effecting centuries to come. Having a war take place decades after it should could go as far as gettign Cocrane killed, changing the flight date of the Pheonix so Humans never meet Vulcans, and possibly prevent the UFP from ever forming. History is extremely dellicate, you can't change an event and expect future events to stay the same.

  10. The only problem is that Kirk's no longer in the Nexus. The only reason why Guinnan's "echo" was left behind was becuase the Enterprise-B's transporters pulled, ripped her away - she didn't leave willingly like Kirk and Picard. It was because Guinnan and Soran left part of themselves behind that Soran so obsessed with getting back.

  11. Hollywood suffers from a serious "Frankenstein" syndrome.  This trend (strangely enough) began with its namesake-  Mary Shelly's subtle and philosophical novel was turned into a horror movie about a mindless killing machine.


    Hollywoods dumbing down of great science fiction stories reaches a new low in "I Robot".  Issac Asimov wrote the robot stories as a reaction against the typical killer robot stories that were the staple of early sci-fi:


        "I became tired of the ever-repeating robot plot... I saw them as machines...They might be dangerous but surely safety factors would be built in."  - Introduction to "Robot Visions"


    What were the writers thinking, when they discarded the most fundamental idea of Asimov's stories?  The sad truth is that they didn't think about it at all.  The studio wanted to make an FX heavy summer spectacular about killer robots, and tacked on Asimov's name to lend the film a patina of Sci-Fi legitimacy.  I thought the film was an insult to Asimov and his fans.



    (One further observation.  Prejudice is a central theme of the movie, so why are all the scientists white?)

    Whut about the whole plot arround Sonny? :laugh:

  12. will we go like startrek ,like find new life and things,go mars ,and on...will we destroy our earth oneday all life be you think another astroid hit earth that be it like million years you think theres aliens out there,and willnasa find water on mars.start new..

    I've no idea what you're trying to say. :waaaa:

  13. Well, the least that could be done is for Enterprise to stop using these "photonic torpedoes".

    Agreed, they should have either called them photon torpedoes or introduced something new.


    These things are quite a breach of what has been said prior about weapons use during the earth/romulan war.

    Why? Fighting with atomic warheads is silly, when they can power the ships via matter/anti-mater reactors - why not apply the tech. to projectile weapons?


    I think how this can be resolved is by them basically ending the use as a result of cost to keep making them, as well as the need having been all but eliminated due to taking care of the xindi threat. This would be a nice start i think.

    If they can built entire starships, why would building torpedoes be a problem? :waaaa:


    Sorry for the double post, I didn't want this absorbed by my previous uber-post.

    Because, JP, it's a continuity issue. You may think it "silly", but if previous Trek shows said the war was fought with atomic weapons, then it should be fought with atomic weapons, not photon torpedoes.

    First off, wouldn't attomic weapons radiate entire ships, killing everyone? Sounds like a short war. As for photon torpedoes, the warp core is essentially a matter/anti-matter reactor. I don't see why they wouldn't be able to miniturize it as a projectile weapon. If the Star Trek franchise is going to survive into the 21st century, subtle changes have to be made, like having viewscreens in the 22nd century for example.


    You or I may not mind much, but some fans want this as a tribute to established canon.



    I just explain it away by saying that the war will be fought with less advanced (than the NX) vessels and/or Daedalus class ships, which may not be equipped with such weaponry since it's still practically experimental on the Enterprise.

    ...But that's another discussion altogether.

    It doesn't seem logical for a military to go into war with less advanced ships and weapons than whut they have at their disposal. :waaaa:


    Also, JP, I don't belive he was referring to "Go back in time to save the ship" eps like "Twilight", but rather complete continuity resets that some fans (such as myself :hug: ) use to explain away the canon discrepencies within ENT.

    Complete continuity resets? There are no canon discrpencies within ENT, so why bother? :(