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  1. Well, the least that could be done is for Enterprise to stop using these "photonic torpedoes".

    Agreed, they should have either called them photon torpedoes or introduced something new.


    These things are quite a breach of what has been said prior about weapons use during the earth/romulan war.

    Why? Fighting with atomic warheads is silly, when they can power the ships via matter/anti-mater reactors - why not apply the tech. to projectile weapons?


    I think how this can be resolved is by them basically ending the use as a result of cost to keep making them, as well as the need having been all but eliminated due to taking care of the xindi threat. This would be a nice start i think.

    If they can built entire starships, why would building torpedoes be a problem? :laugh:


    Sorry for the double post, I didn't want this absorbed by my previous uber-post.

  2. We at "New Trek Show" are a group of writers, 2 known directors, a few actors and some Star Trek fans dedicated to seeing the Trek series be taken to the next level.



    Our group formed out of an association of small business corporations in Houston, Texas, due to our mutual love of Star Trek, and the lowering quality levels seen in portions of "Voyager" and especially the poorly written "Enterprise".

    Hey now, I really enjoy VOY & ENT.


    Most of our complaints were do to a lack of evolution of the show's presentation quality, and to the spiraling -downward trend of terrible writing and mistakes that cannot be corrected with viewer credibility for those fans of TOS, TNG, and DS9.

    Well, thas your opinion, but there were no more mistakes in VOY & ENT than in the previous shows. Remember, TOS had mistakes within it's own show. :o


    During this same time, other shows like Stargate SG-1, FarScape, The X-Files, and others now being courted by the Sci-Fi channel have dramatically increased presentation quality, tactical and acceptable writing amongst critics, and overall Sci-Fi show quality, while the Star Trek franchise is hitting a wall.

    Farscape was way too sci-fi for my taste where as The X Files had too many demonic and freak episodes for me to become a weekly viewer. Stargate, on the other hand, is how Trek should be done if it were set in the present instead of the future, but anywho.


    Now for you fans of Enterprise, hey, we like it too, and we love the cast and a bit of the writing, but seriously folks, there is no way these stories should have taken any place prior to TOS.



    Mistakes run abundant, huge and glaring.

    What mistakes?


    Also, keep in mind that only w-e-a-k writers, and a MINORITY of fans get into solving all these mistakes by constantly re-setting episodes with Time Travel escape hatches.

    Only one episode was reset via time travel, and that was "Twilight", a tradition where each series does a "save the ship by changing the past" episode, started by TNG. I don't think the writing is weak, but I do think the science can be weak at times. As for solving all these "mistakes", whut mistakes? :blink:


    The entire concept of a "Temporal War" is used only because the writing team was rushed to production, trying to keep 24th century Trek topics alive in the 21st century.  Those of you who are detailed fans of TOS, know exactly what we mean.

    Actually, no. The whole point of the TCW was so it could be a prequal/sequal, instead of strictly a prequal.


    We don't want to see it cancelled, but Enterprise is one Trek show that needs an ENTIRE reset.

    Explain. If you mean end the show with, "Sorry folks, it didn't happen, it was all a dream!" then I'd never watch a new Trek series ever again unless it finished without a "reset".


    Most Trek fans,  (and our organization has polled over 780,000 of you at the last 6 annual Trek conventions in Vegas, Chicago and El Paso) agree with us.

    I don't agree with you. I don't care whut most fans want, I just want engaging storytelling.


    In fact, we're operating on data collected by you fans.

    Who is we?


    OUR Purpose, is to get to Garry Hart  (Paramount President) and Les Moonves  (UPN Co-Chief) and get them to listen to our corporate pitch to let us control a new Trek show that is free of Rick Berman and Brannon Braga's contamination with a lot of things that are just not simply true Trek, or what Gene Roddenberry intended what Trek should be as an ongoing entertainment product.

    No offense, but most TV shows meet their demise when they cater to the fan base. I've no issue with fans producing a Trek show, but if it's to cater to the fans petty bickerring, I have no interrest in seeing it.


    We feel conflicted ourselves.  Berman and Braga brought us much we love in TNG and DS9, and we owe them a lot, but like burnt-out lazy folk, they're also crashing Trek down into a mediocre series that is doing constant injustice to the fans and the participants in the Trek shows before Enterprise.  This deterioration began in Voyager, albeit with some very good things in Voyager, but has really escalated in Enterprise.

    You should see what Manny Coto is doing with Enterprise season 4. If he does well with Enterprise, I can see him as Berman's successor.


    The lack of any continuity, which Berman and Braga sneered at, is what has lost legacy Trek fans who liked all the earlier shows.

    Whut lack of continuity? There's been lots of continuity. Want me to point some out for ya?


    Now, that Berman and Braga are in fear of losing their Trek jobs, they're rushing back trying to bring in old Trek participants, rush-restore continuity, and do everything they said they never wanted to do, because what they've done is endanger Trek as a whole, not to mention waste un-countable opportunities to do great storylines instead.

    Please, don't give Berman & Braga credit for Coto's work. :dude:


    New Trek fans growing up first with Enterprise, will not understand much of this.

    Why? Being young doesn't make them stupid.


    But we have a proven formula, that we've discussed with a few Trek organizations, Conventions and websites, that will assure UPN and Paramount, a minimum of a 15% share of TV nightly ratings, not to mention make all Trek fans exhilarated with what they'll see going on.

    Whut about the general audience? You can wow the fans all you want, but without the Joe Smoe viewers, your show won't last.


    That is, if we ever get our pitch meeting with Moonves or Hart.

    Moonves seems to hate scifi. Good luck.


    We will win them over if given that opportunity, and if so, might bring a new Trek show to the airwaves that truly takes a Star Trek show to a new level of profound leadership in the Sci-Fi genre.

    As long as it's not a reboot nor remake of an existing show and acknowledges all 5 previous shows and 10 movies, I'll give it a try.


    We will participate here, share ideas, and we welcome your feedback as members of  We may ask for your support if we get our pitch meeting, we literally have plane tickets ready to fly us on a day's notice to LA or NYC or wherever we might meet the target executives we need to pitch.  We also have two agents in Hollywood acting upon our behalf now.

    I'm betting by the time this happens, ENT will either be cancelled or have come to an end, with the Romulan war likely delt with at the movies. I'd like some consistancy. Stick with the 22nd century and show us the early days of the Federation.


    One portion of our new show, that makes it bulletproof, is we'll be showing UPN and Paramount execs, how we plan to let fan participation determine a lot of the writing directions.

    That's your first mistake right there. The moment you get the fans involved on an episode-by-episode basis, your show will crash. Getting fan imput for "events" in the show is cool, like killing off a character or something, but I wouldn't go beyond that.


    We have 22 show episodes down now, and all are fairly modifiable to actor availability, fan preferences, and past Trek writer availability, those writers with the best of Trek's past.

    Why not 26? Why 22? 26 episodes is half a year's worth of weekly TV episodes, why drop to 22? I know that's the TV standard, but I've always enjoyed having 4 more episodes a season than other TV shows.


    We also have a few other things, never done before in Television, that will blow your socks off, IF, we're successful in this.

    That's nice, but I'm just interrested in good story telling, not shock value.


    We want to express appreciation with the feedback and support we've gotten from the "BringBackKirk" campaign, the TrekMasters website, and the StarTrekEvolutions organization of Las Vegas, Nevada, who kept us organized during the last 3 Vegas Trek Conventions.  We are talking with more right now.

    Just don't bring Kirk back from the Nexus. The only reason why Guinnan was still there was becuase the Enterprise-B transporter "ripped" her away, leaving behind an echo. There's no reason to believe Kirk left an echo in the Nexus, and even if he did, remember whut Guinnan said, "I can't leave. I'm there already, remember?"


    We invite you to join our effort.

    Cool. :P


    Much of our plans we can reveal to interested parties, some we'd like to keep secret for as long as we can.  We petitioned many ideas to Braga and Berman, as did many of you, and they are now racing to do what we suggested, and yourselves, without an ounce of credit to anyone but themselves. We hope we'll be equally welcomed by, and we look forward with talking to you too.



    Why let them know any part of what our winning formula will be?  (AND, why let other shows outshine Trek as the central piece of Sci-Fi worthy viewing?)  We love those other shows too, but Trek is King.  It should always be so.

    Trek won't be king any time soon. Most people just don't care about going into space anymore. That right there is half the reason why Trek is doing poorly these days. People are more interrested in reallity TV than "freaky people" on space ships. :blink:


    Before you think we're just another group of earnest starving writers without grasp or direction, I will tell you we consist of already-published writers, acclaimed actors (4) and several business leaders of Fortune 1000 corporations.

    Fascinating. :laugh:


    We have our confidence, but we know the odds are stacked against us.  We fight on for what we want, a NEW TREK Show, that really does it right, and well beyond anything you've seen to date.

    Sounds like ENT's upcoming 4th season. :laugh:


    We've spoken to ABC already about purchasing rights to a Trek Franchise, but to this point, UPN and Paramount won't even sell sharing rights.  That was expected, but when an ABC Executive producer listens to you and agrees with you, you have to explore EVERY avenue.

    Shouldn't you have asked Viacom, who owns Paramount and UPN, instead of asking ABC first? :P


    We hope to make friends with a lot of you.




    Terrence Abrams

    CEO, DOCS ETC..., Inc.

    Star Trek Fan since 1968

    If you're going for series 6, here's a few expectations of mine:


    1. Don't do a reboot or remake one of the shows.

    2. Stay within established continuity. I don't mind minor changes as I'm not one of those canon-obsessed fans, but if something's been clearly established, I say leave it be.

    3. Don't ignore Enterprise. Like it or not, it's a part of Trek now.

    4. If the movies don't explore the Romulan war, either do a series about the war or a series set right after the foundation of the United Federation of Planets.

    5. Hire a continuity expert. Not someone who's memorized a bunch of outdated tech. manuals, but someone who's familiar with each series and the movies and knows how to understand and link events up together without coming to silly conclussions like predestined paradoxes.

    6. No more 24th century. Stick to either 22nd or 23rd century for now.

    7. No graphic sexuallity and no homosexuallity. Keep it clean for the family as I'd prefer to watch the show with children in the room.

    8. Don't drop time travel stories all together, they've been a major part of Trek since TOS. I wouldn't mind seeing less of them, but one or two a season would be nice.


    Thas all for now, I'll post more thoughts later.

  3. Here's an idea for an Enterprise episode called "SG-1".


    Ship: NX-01 Columbia

    Captain: Jack O'Neill

    Executive Officer: Comm. Samantha Carter

    Chief of Security / Tactical: Lt. Teal'c

    Chief Engineer: Lt. Comm. Jonas Quinn

    Historrian / Communications Officer: Ensign Daniel Jackson


    Admiral Hammond at Starfleet Command orders the NX-02 Columbia off to a world, reported to have snake-like aliens which can take over people. Admiral Hammond feels these aliens should be studied, but of coarse, the NX-02 goes missing. As a result, Admiral Forrest sends the NX-01 Enterprise to find the lost NX-02 which is discovered to be fighting a giant pyramid ship! :laugh: Meanwhile, Trip can crack jokes at this old TV show called Stargate... :laugh:

  4. Here, we have Crystal Burger restaurants. They're tiny, they may be greasy, but they sure are delicious! :laugh: We hardly eat junk food, so we can aford fast food, pizza, PB&J, and ice cream. Thas the only junk food we eat, and we hardly even eat that... except for the fast food. :laugh:

  5. The only problem I had with the movie was the lame director who knew nothing about Star Trek and his desire to include a "mind rape" scene while Riker and Troi were preparing to do the naughty. :b-day: (They weren't actually doing the naughty yet as Troi was covered with a sheet.)


    I think that a 2 1/2 hour special edition could totally save this movie. Change it from the Picard/Data show to an ensemble cast, and it'd be a great Trek movie. :blink:

  6. Hi. I'm a die hard trekky like you. I babysit during the week and I don't get to watch Star Trek because this kid insists upon playing video games all day. So last night I thought up this idea. On my tv I have Comcast cable and they don't use a few channels. Like if you noticed as you flip threw the channels when there is nothing to watch the tv just skips over channel 19. So what if we got cable providers to use channels like that for a channel that shows all Star Trek all the time. That way you can just flip to the channel and watch it whenever you want. None of you think thats to obsessive do you.  :blink: So does anybody agree with me.

    I think it'd be a mistake to show Trek all day every day on a dedicated channel. The average viewer would get bored, thus Trek re-runs would dry up. I say scatter them about on a network like SCI-FI.

  7. In ST: Nemesis Data died..but what another android like Data? :roflmao:

    The other android in Nemesis is a Soogn-type android, like Data, but is a seperate individual. Yes, he has Data's memories, but that doesn't make him Data anymore than Data having the colonists memories made him one of the colonists. Hopefully, Geordi and the Enterprise crew will defend B4's rights as a sentient being when the issue comes up.

  8. Oh yea! Who said? You?  You know after all the insults I've seen you hand out

    What insults? :)


    it's amazing to me how you can dish it out but you can't take it.

    I don't like insults, nor do I insult people. If you see an insult from me, PM me. Good luck finding one. :blink:


    I was talking to my FRIEND, Alterego.

    It seemed like it was adressed to me. :laugh:


    I don't like seeing him upset, is that alright with you, Mr. SmartyPants??

    My name is Captain Jean-Luc Picard. I don't like nicknames, with the exception of CJLP.


    Oh, sorry about the weight thing. :hug: Just lost it there for a second.

    Appology accepted. :hug:

  9. Come on Jeanway calm down ok, I blew it off, please do the same.


    I get it, it's not for you and that's perfectly fine.

    It's not that, I just feel it's too condensed. I think a better idea would be to split it into three forums - politics, faith/religion, and debate.


    I'm not (nor should anyone) judge people on whether or not they wanna get involved with Kronos topics, heck I'm the mod and I rarely get involved with them personally. I just over-see with my virtual yardstick at the ready.  :laugh:

    Good one! :blink:

  10. FOR ME IT'S NOT NECESSARY. I never go in there. But I'm not so presumptuous and arrogant to say it's not necessary for eveyone just because it's not for me.

    Are you calling me presumptuous and arrogant? :laugh:


    And YOU, go in there all the time and say it's not necessary.

    What's your point? I feel it'd be far better to have forums for debate, politics, and faith/religion, rather than cramming everything into "Kronos". *shrug*


    Man, you are one dichotomy if I ever saw one.

    That word does not apply to people.


    You can't stand on both sides of the street at the same time, you know. :hug:

    Sure I can, if the street is oval or "s" shaped. :hug:


    AE, don't bother listening to this guy, I've had it with him and his half-baked, diametrically opposed opinions.

    Who are you to tell the administrators what to do and continue to blatantly insult my opinions, huh?


    Your damned if you do and damned if you don't with him.

    OK, now you're just insulting me. Stop it. :blink:


    It's a double-blind crazy maker we've got here.  Sorry, CJLP, that's just my opinion.

    Your opinion is duely noted, but you could have done so without insulting me multiple times.


    But I do still like you.

    This sentence completely contradicts your post.


    Hey, have you lost weight?

    That's none of your business.

  11. 5. Do away with "Kronos".  I don't see why a Star Trek site should have an "adult section" anymore than a theme park should have an "adult book store". :blink:


    I think of Kronos as a forum where the threads get heated, lots of political opinions thrown around, not as an "adult" forum. I think it should stay so those who want to talk about topics that draw out strong feelings can post without censoring themselves too much, I don't recall ever seeing a thread in there that was "adult book store" -like. Keep the politics in one forum so it doesn't spill out into the other threads , easier to avoid those discussions if you want to that way. :laugh:




    Yea, " Kronos Multi-Thread Bandwaggoning" is the worst. I got sucked into one thread and couldn't escape it for weeks. Thanks Fen :hug: There is a certain level of nastiness and hostility in there. I try to stay out of there as much as I can, I'm glad it's clearly marked. " WARNING, THIS FORUM COULD BE HAZARDOUS TO YOUR MENTAL HEALTH" :) :hug: :)




    Captain Picard, Did you post the above before or after you posted in Kronos today?

    I can't remember. I'm not saying Kronos is a bad forum, I just don't feel it's neccessary. :)

  12. CJLP, I think being condescending anywhere isin't good.

    Agreed. :laugh:


    I've known people in real life like that and I just prefer not to be around them.

    I usually just voice my honest opinion at the person. Works most times.


    It make me and others feel like we are stupid and need to be taught. And people ARE sensitve.

    That's true, people are sensitive.


    They may not act like they are but I think it's just built into the system.

    The system of what?


    Humans are sensitve creatures, like it or not.

    Hey, don't speak for everyone, not all of us are sensitive, although I am, but not in the "Oh gosh, I'm offended!" sense.


    We all have little 'quirks' we need to work on, no one is perfect. But I understand and I still like you. :blink:

    Thanks for the compliment. Personally, I don't understand why STF sees me as condensending. :hug: No one else does. :hug:

  13. Except for the 180-part storylines and the cheesey Nazi ending, I LOVE ENTERPRISE!  Does anyone know if they are still thinking of cancelling it?  Is it safe yet?  I don't think I can survive without some form of Star Trek to watch in the fall.

    It's got a 4th season, but fans are going to have to campaign for season 5, otherwise it's not gonna happen.

  14. 1. Allow links in signatures as long as it's a title or sentence and not a commercial looking advertisement.


    2. Allow links to other sites anywhere in mention, but keep site-specific threads in "Links to Other Sites".


    3. Allow freedom of speech, this includes discussing virtually in the appropriate forum and expressing one's self as they see fit. One thing that annoys me at STF is mods are always calling me "condescending and rude". What they don't understand is that I behave here as I do everywhere else. This is the only place where people call me condesending. :laugh: Personally, I think people here are too sensitive, but that's another thread.


    4. Condense the forums, there's entirely too many. Sometimes I come with a simple topic and have no idea where to post it, that I just leave without posting it at all. :lol:


    5. Do away with "Kronos". I don't see why a Star Trek site should have an "adult section" anymore than a theme park should have an "adult book store". :unsure:


    I'll liste more as I think of them.