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  1. I generally enjoyed every episode that featured Gul Dukat.Particularly when he was up to no good.I hated when they attempted to make him one of the "good guys".Dukat is at his best when he is the cold,calculating fascist who truly believes that he is only trying to protect the Bajora from themselves and the Federation.

    Also enjoyed the Ferengi episodes. :saintdevil: :unsure:

  2. What I hate is visiting Dodger Stadium for a game or two and hearing louder cheers for the visiting team!I can't remember the last time the crowd booed the Giants more loudly than the Dodgers.It ticks me off.I also can't recall the last time Dodger Stadium was more than half or three-quarters full for a game of any importance.

    I know how admiralpeewee feels about his NFL team,though.I am a lifelong Bears fan,and these past few years(and especially this season)has been trying.I was honestly excited when Kordell Stewart arrived. :saintdevil:

    Still,I am fully behind the Monsters of the Midway and always will be!

  3. Well,baseball is my favorite sport.But I have to agree that for all of the reasons listed,fans are turning away and potential new fans are far and few in-between.I'd also say that many of today's players,most notably Barry Bonds,are arrogant,disrespectful of the games past and those players who made a mark in the game before them,and often contemptuous of their fanbase and teammates/coaches.

    Also,Baseball almost mortally wounded itself when it cancelled the world series in the 90's,and then again threatened to a few years ago.

    One thing is clear,and that is that MLB cannot continue on as it presently is,or there really won't be any professional baseball in the 23rd-century(or the 22nd).


  4. I just finished re-watching the Corbomite Maneuver,and once again I was left puzzled by Dr.McCoy.

    When the Enterprise encounters the alien warning buoy,and Spock issues general quarters(and calls Captain Kirk to the bridge),Dr.McCoy ignores the red alert light flashing silently above the door to sickbay and allows Captain Kirk to finish his routine physical.

    Now,as far as the doctor knew,the ship was in imminent danger.His actions threatened the lives of every man and woman aboard the Enterprise and were a dereliction of duty.

    Personal friendship aside,should Kirk have brought charges against McCoy?


  5. I don't think they will show any Orbeth Class vessels on Enterprise,they were built during Capt. Kirks time (The first time seen in the film Star Trek III) I think there would be a big uproar from fans if they show that class vessel 100 years before its first seen.

    Now the Daedalus Class vessels would be more likely to be seen on Enterprise. The USS Essex was a Daedalus Class vessel that was destroyed in 2167 and that class vessel retired from service in 2196.

    I don't think its a good idea to show an Orbeth Class vessel on Enterprise.

    I agree with klingonmike.The Oberth is a 23rd-century design.I don't put much relevance in Starfleet or Earth Fleet registry numbers. :saintdevil:

  6. Yeah,autumn just kind of whirled right in when I wasn't expecting it.Last Saturday was the first day in weeks that I didn't cut on my air conditioning at all.And today,its kind of cool but very humid.I don't mind,though.I've never been a fan of summer.I'm more a spring and autumn person.I can handle Fresno's humidity.But when you add a 100-degree day (or warmer),to the humidity... :saintdevil: .

  7. :laugh:  :ang:  :wub:  :saintdevil:  :unsure:  :thumbs:  :drool:


    I have had occasion to feel the same way about Fresno State this year.I had high hopes for this season.Then the week before the opening game,our starting QB went down (along with three other starters),and it was all over before it began.Our starting QB Paul Pinegar is still hurt,and we've got Colorado State this saturday in Fort Collins (which is not an easy place to win in).I hope we win there,but am preparing for the worst.I only hope we do well enough in-conference to at least make either the Silicon Valley Classic (again,we beat Georgia Tech in that bowl last December),or the Humanitarian Bowl in Boise.We already beat Louisiana Tech,a team predicted to win the conference,so the only worries I have conference-wise from here on out are San Jose State (a rival that always plays well against Fresno,if not against anyone else),and Hawai'i.I shouldn't discount Boise State,either.They are another great mid-major power.

  8. I don't watch any of the tv shows on now-a-days(well,I lied,I occasionally watch Drew Carey,and of course,the Trek shows).I have tons of VHS recordings of my favorite shows,and I watch them quite often.I watch Bonanza,Gunsmoke,Little House on The Prairie,Gene Autry,Roy Rogers,I even have a lot of Hopalong Cassidy and Tom Mix videos.I watch the Waltons,The Andy Griffith Show,Mayberry RFD,the Beverly Hillbillies,others.They just don't make great shows like those anymore :unsure: (not that I was alive when they were popular on tv,or old enough to be aware of them).

    I have most of the old Night Gallery,Outer Limits,and Twilight Zones on VHS(and dozens of Trek VHS that I no longer watch as often,since I'm switching over to the DVDs). :thumbs:

    I used to have all of the old "In Search Of's" of video (with Leonard Nimoy),but a former girlfriend knew I loved them,and barbecued them after we had an argument.You could say I was a man capable of murder that night :saintdevil:

  9. Is anybody else experiencing difficulty posting?It seems to be taking a very long time between the time I push the post button and the time my new post pops up on screen.Also,sometimes it takes so long that an "action canceled" screen pops up,or a screen reading "web site found,waiting for reply" comes up and then the action canceled.I jusy spent the last 7-minutes waiting to log in after entering my username and password and hitting the log-in. :saintdevil:

    Is it just me?Its not happening anywhere else I post at today.

  10. There's no such thing as Trek series I do not enjoy.I even like the animated series,though I have only read those adventures and never watched them on tv (I pray they are released on DVD one day!).But,if some agitated Klingon put a b'atleth to my throat and demanded I select a least favorite I would have to pick Voyager.(Sorry know I still love ya!)

  11. TWOK had both the superior storyline and the superior space battle.The Mutara Nebula battle was thrilling.I always tense up when the static on the Enterprise's main viewer clears up just in time to show everybody on the bridge that they are about to collide with the Reliant.

    First Contact has great special effects and a good storyline,too.But TWOK is the Elvis of Trek films.Its the King! :saintdevil:

  12. Well,despite the fact that I have been madly in love with Carrie Fisher for years,I have to say that Star Trek is my favorite of the two.I like the original Star Wars trilogy,wasn't too interested in episodes 1 and 2,and pay little attention to any other Star Wars items.But I avidly collect and seek out all things Star Trek. :saintdevil:

  13. A mixed cast crew representing every series in the franchise get together in one ship (probably Enterprise-E since it is so big),travel back in time to the early 21st-century and storm a convention where they procede to beat the crap out of the whining,complaining fans. :saintdevil: