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  1. I new girlfriend.... B)

    I got dumped.

    Any single ladies here interested in a guy with a giant yellow smiley face for a head? :eek:

    Oh,well,its not that bad.I feel like Austin Powers at the beginning of "The Spy Who Shagged Me"..I"M FREE!!!!! :lol:


    My family hates it because I never have any idea what I want for Christmas.I always tell them,"Uh,just buy me some CD's or something.I don't care."

    I don't really care,to tell the truth.

  2. I have maybe thirty Star Trek paperbacks.I had more,but three or four years ago my basement (at the house I lived at at that time) flooded during a week of rain storms,and destroyed a lot of the books I'd collected as a kid (and that was a ton,let me tell you :) ).The books I have left are the ten or so I salvaged from that disaster,and some I've bought since then.

  3. The best part is that I am one of those kids that can screw around in class, make jokes, not listen, not study, and still succeed. Hurray! Lol.

    :) I was one of those types of students,too.I could cut up all day and not get in trouble because the teachers saw me as a lovable idiot.

    I was a solid "C" student through the lower grades,raised that up to a B in high school,and have maintained that B average through a year and a half at Fresno City College.(which hasn't been hard since all the work here in the Lib.Arts major program seems like high school revisited :) ).

  4. Wow.That's nice.

    I bought my computer from Walmart.I bought an E-Machines computer for $500 plus tax,which seemed reasonable to me at the time.Of course,after I bought it a friend of mine whose a computer genius tells me,"Oh,dude,you should have told me and I would've built one for you!" :)

    I guess I'll know better next time.Can't complain though,I love :look: my computer!

    Except of course for my tempermental Microsoft Works word processor program.Sometimes it will print out pictures and graphs real nice,othertimes I try and add an image to a document and it crashes.


    Take it easy,Peewee!

  5. I've decided to try my hand at writing a few Star Trek stories.

    I've got an idea about what the stories are that I want to tell,but I have a decision to make and need a little information.


    (1) Does anybody know what the stardate was for the film Nemesis,or what year that "adventure" occured in?


    (2) Should I create a ship and crew of my own,or should I take the Titan,Captain Riker,Counselor Deanna Riker,and create a supporting cast of new characters around them?


    I already have made up several crew members who I think would work well for the Titan scenario.And it might be easier for me to write about some familiar characters,at least at the beginning here...but I'm not sure.There's a lot I don't know about the Titan,its crew,its primary mission,etc. :lol:


    Any help with that stardate/year or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

  6. I was talking baseball with my barber earlier today,and that discussion led to baseball films.Between the two of us we came up with about fifteen movies that no true baseball fan should be without in their DVD collections.Here is a list of the baseball films I own (and a few I would like to own).Feel free to comment on the list or add suggestions of your own.


    (the list is in no particular order)


    Bull Durham

    Field of Dreams

    The Jackie Robinson Story

    Eight Men Out

    The Bingo Long Traveling All-Stars and Motor Kings

    A League of Their Own

    Major League

    Major League 2

    Major League 3:Back to the minors

    The Sandlot

    The Natural

    The Bad news Bears films (just for fun)



    This is one of my personal favorites.The film stars James Earl Jones,Billy Dee Williams,and Richard Pryor.Its about a group of disgruntled Negro National League stars who leave the Negro Leagues in order to form their own ball club in the late 1930's and barnstorm across America playing white teams in front of white crowds.What I like about this film is that it gives you a glimpse into the Negro Leagues (and as a fan I've been intrigued by the old Negro Leagues for years),1930's America (an era that I am also fascinated by),and its full of great comedic moments,mostly supplied by Richard Pryor.I don't own this film on DVD yet,but its only a matter of time.Until then I make do with the VHS I have.Being that the film's two main stars (Jones and Williams) character's were based on Negro League legends Satchel Paige and Josh Gibson,it really makes you wonder how good these guys were when compared to Babe Ruth,Mickey mantle, and Ted Williams.My late grandpa who was born and raised in the south,saw some Negro League games as a boy and he always swore to me that those players were as good,if not better in his opinion,than a lot of the Hall of Famers who played in the Major Leagues at the time.

  7. that's just awesome.

    Last year my dad helped me convert my old treehouse into an observatory.During the summer I set up my telescopes there and kept my astronomy books and different things there.Since the tree is old,and has no leaves and stuff,it makes a super spot to stargaze from.

    I've been into astronomy since for a couple of years now.Ever since I checked out a astronomy book from the school library and saw all the photographs of nebulas,and star clusters,and planets.My favorite planet is Neptune.I guess I like it because it is blue.But Uranus is cool,too,being on its side and everything.

    A treehouse observatory?That's neat.When I was your age I'd crawl out onto the roof of my house at night with a pair of old field glasses I bought from the military surplus store and stargaze.I loved it,but my mom always had a fit when she'd catch me up on the roof.She just knew I was going to fall off and kill myself :huh: .


    Its amazing how many stars there are in just the visible universe (I'm convinced that it's infinite,despite whatever evidence to the contrary scientists have...or at least,its so massive that it may as well be infinite).

  8. Ha :thumbs:

    Okay,if I were able to vacation in the Star Trek universe,I'd more than likely be headed at warp speed to Risa,Wrigley's Pleasure Planet,or Delta IV,not Vulcan.But sometimes,you just have to take what you can get.

    Here are some random pics I found at some south american,spanish-language fan sites.


    Click for Spoiler:





    A rare treat on Vulcan.I got to take in a little sun beside a large lake in Vulcana regar province.


    Aw,hell.I had 3 more good pics but for some $#@! reason they wont post as anything other than that $#@! "user posted image" thingy.

  9. I read about Spock's pet "Vulcan Teddy Bear" in the Star Trek Logs,but have never seen one.Maybe I'll browse for an image later and post it.

    Sure,it'd be fun to see one of Enterprise.Though not aboard ship...they're HUGE.


  10. Some friends of mine from FCC and I have been talking about putting together an amateur ghost hunting team.Just for fun,on the weekends or something.We're thinking about taking some cameras and recording devices out to a couple of local cemeteries reported to be haunted.None of us have a clue what we're doing.We just want to see what we capture on film and casette.We might bring my camcorder,too.


    Actually,the cemetery in Fowler,California is a scary mother....its rumored that on a quiet day,if you lay down on the grass there and press an ear to the ground,you can hear the dead speaking,as if someone were whispering up at you. :blink:

    My parents both swear that they did this when they were dating in high school.My mother has never returned,despite the fact that she has many close family buried there,including my great-grandmother (who practically raised my mother).My dad hasn't been back in many years,either. :thumbs:

  11. My fiance pulled her children out of public schools because she was disatisfied with the commitment of local educators (who were striking twice a year,sometimes more,for any reason their union could think of) to teach their students.Also,the schools her children went to were some of the district's worse in terms of annual test scores,and in basic skills assesments.So we've taken it upon ourselves to homeschool,and so far,I don't feel the kids are losing anything in terms of their education.They miss interacting with a whole class full of kids their own ages,but they still see their friends after school.