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  1. I voted for the Enterprise theme from the first 2 seasons.A close second would be the DS9 theme.I also liked Voyager.I don't really feel TNG had its own theme,as its theme was just a part of Star Trek:The Motion Pictures theme.It was good though.

  2. You know,I was reading an article about a proto-type tricorder developed by a company for use in geology (or a similar science),a few weeks ago.Hmmm..Isn't it funny how when you want to recall a bit of trivia like this,your mind goes blank? :saintdevil:

    I'll try and recall where I saw that piece.It may have been in the science & tech section of the sunday Fresno Bee. :unsure:

    Anyhoo,what I remember is that this prototype tricorder was capable of taking various types of measurements of gasses,liquids(moisture),and other elements present in rock and soil samples. :thumbs:

  3. I watch quite a lot of Star Trek,actually.Here in Fresno,the WB Network(I think,or UPN :unsure: )airs Voyager every day around noon,and I'm usually home then,and at night UPN airs Deep Space Nine at 10 o'clock,and I almost always watch that just before the local news.Plus,on wednesdays and saturdays we have Enterprise (saturday is always a rerun of wednesday's show).Also,every once in a blue moon I'll catch TNG on TNT or Spike TV (or whatever its called this week).I'll also pop a Star Trek DVD into the old DVD player a few times a week.Usually one of my twenty-or-more TOS DVD's.

    What can I say?I am a Trek addict :saintdevil:

  4. Single at the moment.Hopefully,one day I'll meet the woman of my dreams and get married.I'd like to think so anyway.The idea of marriage is very appealing,and so is the idea of fatherhood,and everything else that comes with it. :saintdevil:

  5. You know,I've tried many types of alcohol and have never found a single drink to my liking,so I just don't drink alcoholic beverages anymore.I mostly experimented in high school with my friends.I just never acquired a taste for it.

    My drink of choice nowadays is bottled water.Or,if I'm feeling particularly daring,a Coke! :saintdevil:

  6. I enjoy studying history,and watch a lot of PBS,TLC,The History Channel,and Discovery.I am particularly interested in the various foreign policies employed by our presidents at different times during U.S. history,relations between the government and native americans at different times in history,the civil rights movement,and our military history.

  7. 1.James Taylor

    2.Cat Stevens

    3.Van Morrison

    4.Gordon Lightfoot

    5.Neil Young

    6.Michael McDonald

    7.Christopher Cross

    8.Rod Stewart

    9.Al Jarreau

    10.Joe Cocker

    11.Bob Seger

    12.Fleetwood Mac

    13.The Eagles

    14.The Doobie Brothers

    15.Joe Cocker


    And many others.My list is in no particular order.

    Great musical tastes,TrekkieBabe! :saintdevil:


    My own collection includes the following (this is far from a complete list):


    Phil Collins....Christopher Cross....Elton John....Chicago....Jounrey....Fleetwood Mac....Tears For Fears....Stevie Wonder....Steely Dan....Al Jarreau....Boney James....Peter Cetera....Sting....The Police....Hall & Oates....Air Supply....James Taylor....Lionel Richie....The Commodores....Seals & Crofts....U2....Marvin Gaye....Luther Vandross....Earth,Wind,& Fire....Don Henley....Genesis....Barry Manilow....Huey Lewis & The News....Hootie & The Blowfish....


    (Star Trek):


    Star Trek(TOS) TV Soundtracks Vol.1,2,3,4....Star Trek(TNG) TV Soundtracks Vol.1,2,3,4....Symphonic Star Trek....The Best of Star Trek Vol.1,2....Star Trek:Voyager....Star Trek:DS9....Star Trek:Enterprise....all movie soundtracks....and 15 assorted Star Trek audio books on CD....




    Weird Al Yankovic (all of his albums),Bill Cosby,Redd Foxx




    I own gospel CD's by Elvis,Ray Charles,Willie Nelson,and various country artists.I also own various other sci-fi and horror soundtracks(also superhero & Indiana Jones),and about 25 or 30 non-Trek audio books on CD (fiction and political).