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  1. Gabby Johnson's my hero.

    I just wish I was half as eloquent as he is when speaking in public :o

    I also love Mongo,and Hedy Lemar ("That's Hedley!").


    "Badges?We don't need no stinking badges!"




    Click for Spoiler:

    Remember this scene?The villains are asking the mercenaries for their qualifications,a big old boy walks up to the front of the line."Qualifications?"Lemar asks.Scratching his chin,the thug for hire says,"Rape,cattle rustling,murder,arson,rape.""Hey,"Lemar says,"You said rape twice."The thug chuckles."I like rape."

  2. Miles O'Brien is one of my favorite Trek characters.Anytime they can work him into a story is great,IMO.I would've enjoyed watching him take Barclay's place.

    No real comment on your post,TB.Just wanted to say,great avatar.She's really,ah,bouncy... :o


    Anytime you can find room to put Chief O'Brien into a Trek movie,or episode that's a good thing.He's a great character.

  3. That is a very interesting story, I wonder if the program had been continued if the personell would have had the name "Astronaut" or if the Air Force would have come up with a different term. It also makes me wonder if there isn't the possibility that this kind of program might have been completed and people in orbit all along. I doubt it, but it makes you wonder if we have a secret orbiting military base.

    Hey,maybe this is where Section 31 got its start? :drool:

  4. I just got L.A. Graf's "The Janus Gate" in hardcover edition from the sci-fi book club,earlier today.I probably won't start reading it right away,though.I haven't the time.

    I also got "Captain's Peril" by William Shatner (with Judith & Garfield Reeves-Stevens),and Starfleet:Year One by Michael Jan Friedman.

    I've read two chapters of the Starfleet novel (chapters three and six),while reading other Trek paperbacks a year or two ago,but have not read the whole story.I hope I will still be able to enjoy it,now that Enterprise is out and I have a pretty good idea of where that era's future is headed.

    We'll see.

  5. Stardate:213836.9






    In brightest day, in blackest night, no evil shall escape my sight. Let those who worship evil's might, beware my power, Green Lantern's Light.!!!!

    Yeah,GL's okay...but with that weakness to the color yellow,a guy could beat him to death with a banana!



    My favorite super hero was always that paragon of American virtue,Captain America!

    Like Batman,Cap's is a guy without super powers (he merely had his own natural human abilities tweaked up to their maximum natural human limits),but still manages to kick serious super villain booty.

  6. Sorry,just a little happy.My brother finally got home tonight.He's a fighter pilot on the USS Nimitz and I just got a phone call that he flew into Lemoore today (a small city here in central CA,home to the Lemoore Naval Air Station).I haven't seen him since March,back when he headed off for duty in the Mid' east.



  7. Yeah.The Jem'Hadar went midevel on the Border Colonies.I'm not sure there would be much of anything left on those worlds to repatriate.


    I'm pretty sure the Border Colonies were trashed.Probably even to the point that the Cardassians couldn't use them afterwards.

    Great signature,Stormtrooper HK554.Your best one,yet.

    Considering the final episode in the Star Wars film series,I'd say that you may be on the wrong side at that.And whatever you do,don't volunteer to serve on the second deathstar! :lol:

  8. I wonder what the author said about babalon 5 I liked that show as much as ds9 they both had great plots and things that you would never see on a show with just a starship.

    Babylong 5 was an awesome show.My favorite sci-fi after Star Trek,in fact.

    I'll go with the flow,and agree that the author of the book was wrong.DS9 had a super cast of regulars,great guest stars,and terrific writing.Even before the Defiant showed up,they managed to do a lot with the Runabouts (but,man,they sure lost a lot of them!).

  9. Interesting that the smallest ship has the largest crew.And the ship with the smallest number of crew has the faster maximum speed.

    I've been to a few times (a few dozen :lol: ).There are some nice ships.Not many from the TOS-era,though.I think you culled the best of those designs from the TOS gallery.I think the TNG and post-TNG ships there tend to look too similar.There are like a dozen ships that follow the Miranda-class design ethic,and the only difference between them seems to be the shape of the warp nacelle,or the placement of a sensor pod or running lights. :P I doubt the Starfleet ASDB would manufacture a totally new variant on an existing design just to place the running lights in a new position. :P

    Nice pics,Subcommander.

  10. I wrestled my junior year in high school,but didn't have a particular good experience,so I never went out for any other sports.

    :lol: Hey!Are you the guy Tinkles choked out?Was that the bad experience?hahahaha....just teasing,Cap'n smiley!



    No.That wasn't me.

    I just hated the wrestling coach.He was some monsterous steroid-freak named Boyett,claims he played for the Oakland Raiders back in the 70's.He was always going on about the Raiders,and what "real" men they were because they were tougher than other men,and how we wrestlers should go the extra mile and workout in the gym longer,practice harder...which seems great,but this guy's idea of working harder was In-fu#@ing human!!!!Guys were dropping left and right,and he'd treat them like dirtbags because they couldn't keep up with him.We were kids!!!!What did he expect?So I quit after telling him off.He was fired later that same year.I never found out why.Now,he's a cop!He is a California Highway Patrol officer.The $#@! actually pulled over a friend of mine a year ago and ticketed him.My buddy called me and said,"Hey,guess who I ran into?"

    Hope I never meet up with him. :P

  11. Ever notice that depending on the Trek series,the aliens met by the Starfleet are usually on the same technological level?Does that mean the various sentient species of the galaxy (with warp drive capability) are evolving at a similar rate,or are of a similar age?

    Also many past races such as the T'Kon,the Hur'q,the Promellians,and theTriskelions,were all exploring,conquoring and or settling various worlds at roughly the same times.Does that mean that civilizations tend to "grow up" together,flourish at similar times,and then either evolve into more powerful beings (like the Douwds),or disappear together,and then new,younger species begin the process again (and again and again),in a sort of natural cycle of life?

    That's a possibility.An interesting one.

    I did notice that TOS had quite a number of episodes where the crew encounter superhuman or magical beings,as in the "Squire of Gothos","Catspaw",and "Who Mourns for Adonis".

    I'm not really a fan of those type of shows,and would have preferred more Klingon shows,or even a few shows taking place on Earth at Starfleet Command HQ or something (I know they were on a 5-year exploration mission,but they traveled to Vulcan in "Amok Time",and Vulcan is very close to Earth).

  12. I live right across the street from a community park where a local high school plays its "home" games in football,soccer and baseball,so if I'm just sitting around and have nothing to do,I'll sit on the porch with my field glasses and watch the games.

    I wrestled my junior year in high school,but didn't have a particular good experience,so I never went out for any other sports.

  13. I found a great game on the Internet a month ago,but have forgotten the site! :lol:

    In the game you are in command of the Defiant and must go on a mission of some sort.Sisko briefs you prior to launch.Anyway,as the mission proceeds you must make a choice amongst three objectives (one is a search and rescue mission,one is a spying mission,and the other a combat mission against the Dominion).The game uses screen cap's and has some great FX.It was so real.

    Alas,I died during the search and rescue.Walked right into a trap.Shows what a great commander I'd be,I guess.

  14. Pakleds.































    Many,many more names come to mind right now,though.

  15. I'm sorry.I still can't find anything honorable about the Romulans.The Klingons have a great warrior code of conduct,like Bushido in ancient Japan.But the Romulans lie,use decietful tactics,usually won't attack an opponent unless they have some advantage (either in numbers or by being cloaked).And even then,they can usually be bluffed into running off (cowardice).

    Shhhh!Don't say that quite so loudly,FRinS!

    You are in the Romulan Embassy,and they can be rather touchy on the subject of honor.