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  1. Well,when Voyager first started out I was developing a fondness for Seska.I thought she was going to be a great Maquis character,and was looking forward to her relationship with Chakotay developing further,and seeing her struggles to adapt to Starfleet life,etc.

    I enjoyed the Doctor.It was fun watching the character "evolve" toward true sentience over the course of the shows 7-seasons.I also liked Neelix.


  2. They could maybe kill off Reed or Mayweather.But make it a very heroic death.We don't need another Tasha Yar-type meaningless death.This death should be one for the history books,very valiant.Perhaps the crew sacrafice themselves on the final episode to end the Temporal Cold War?nah,that would nix any future Enterprise films... :lol:

  3. Just one.A video game about the Starfleet Academy,for the old Super Nintendo game system.Haven't played it in a few years now.

    It basically simulates a 4-year term at the Academy.You are "captain" on 30-something simulated missions (diplomatic,combat,rescue ops,exploratory,etc).The final mission is the infamous Kobayashi Maru scenario,and at the end you are critiqued by Admiral Kirk.If you finish with a perfect score,the game tells you about your future career (you become a bigger legend than Kirk!).But finishing with a perfect score on expert-level is extremely difficult.I'd say,impossible.

    Pretty fun the first few times you play it.But its appeal gets old real fast. :lol:

    I'd like to get my hands on some software that would help me create my own starships on the computer,but I have no idea what to buy in order to do this.

  4. Its anybody's guess as to how long a Ktarian lives.If Voyager ever gets a movie,and Naomi is somehow involved,will they need to cast a 30-year old woman?That accelerated growth rate of hers was something.Makes you wonder how rapidly Kes went from infant to adolescence.

    I liked Naomi,and the Borg kids.I think Icheb was probably my favorite "kid" on any Trek series.

  5. Its not that bad,really.I have a typically HUGE rural american family,and I've shared a house with my mother and sisters for...well,my whole life! :lol: You get used to it.I've even made runs to the store for them to buy female hygene products and such.My other brothers won't do it.I don't care.Just so long as I at least get a free 1-liter coke out of the trip. :lol:

  6. :angry:

    I got a personal e-mail from therabidirishman this morning.He and warbird crewman joran's apartment got robbed,and their computer and just about everything else has been stolen.

    therabidirishman wanted me to let everybody know,he may not be around for a while because of this,and he has given me the passwords and such to take over the FNHL as interim commish until he comes back.

    I'll post the most current league standings tonight.

  7. Good idea,and I commend Sears.But,I can't afford to shop at Sears :laugh: .Last time I was there one little blouse for my daughter cost me $24.95.If she hadn't been so set on having it,I would have put it back and left.

    That goes for me,too.

    This past summer I went to the mall to buy a few clothes and browsed through Sear's men's :klingon: ,the prices were steep!I ended up driving across town to a few cheaper local clothing stores.

    Still,Sears is to be commended,like SB,says.

  8. Also,aren't you kind of young to have kids in school? :blink: According to your member profile,your not a whole lot older than me...

    :lol: Uh,well,if you must know,my significant other is about 12-years older than I am,and has children,that I feel comfortable calling "my kids".I am the only father figure they've ever had.

  9. :) Okay,just venting here.....really ticked off....

    This past weekend I loaned my printer an Epson 825 to my brother,because his girlfriend needed to do some sort of thing for her college geology class....

    I got back the printer on Monday,tried to use it a moment ago and it wouldn't come on.No buzz,no juice at I take a look inside,only to be swarmed by a legion of cockroaches!The $#@! bugs ruined my printer!How dirty does his $#@! house have to be to have so many $#@! roaches that they could devour my printer in only 2 days?

    I feel like driving over to his place and throwing the $#@! thing through his front window....

    Now I'll be out slightly more than a c-note to replace it,since my kids also need the printer for school,and since I enjoy using it to print out the fan fic I occasionally write...

    Not to mention that now MY house has a landing force of roaches,who will now breed out of control unless I fumigate....

    My blood pressure must be high enough at the moment to give me a stroke...

    No use trying to make him replace it,I'd have better luck talking the Israelis and arabs into peaceful coexistance...