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  1. I missed Tasha a lot during TNG's run without her.I thought the character had tremendous potential,and felt that Gene Roddenberry gave Denise Crosby a bum deal.She wanted more on-screen time and insisted on being more than the typical Trek eye candy that all female cast members prior to her had been.Gene and the studio refused,so she left (this from an interview of Crosby done right after she left the show).So much for equality!

  2. Just 12 minutes to go.....

    I have to wait until 1:30 a.m. to get the stats on my fantasy teams in Yahoo! Fan' ball....I actually think I did okay this Sunday.

    Here,everybody is sleeping,except for me,of course,but the second I confirm my wins,losses.and or ties (I actually have 2 ties in the past 5-weeks!),I'll be joining them.Man,am I tired :laugh:

    Hmm...just 10-minutes now.Wonder if I kept writing for the entire remaining nine-minutes plus,how big this post will be?Should we find out :look:

    Nah,I guess not.

    Guess,I'll log out and go wait at my teams site.... :look:

  3. I became interested in gymnastics for a brief period of time in the mid-90's when Shannon Miller,Amanda Borden,Amy Chow,and Dominique Moceanu were still on top of their game and kicking serious international butt.But after they started leaving the sport for college,I lost my interest and now only watch olympics gym.

  4. Okay,here's my team:



    Peter Forsberg

    Sergei Fedorov

    Martin St.Louis

    Mats Sundin

    Vincent Damphousse

    Teemu Selanne



    Scott Niedermayer

    Al MacInnis

    Derek Morris

    Kimmo Timonen



    Patrick Lalime

    Roman Cachmanek


    Wow,this name things is harder than I thought :look:

    I guess I'll be the Klingon Ice Warriors (best I could come up with..) :laugh:

  5. They're convenient.Other than that I don't really have an opinion on them.I don't own one and probably never will,but I have bought them for family members. :assimilated:

    I do think its rather ridiculous seeing so many people walking around town with phones up to their ears,though.On a busy day,I'd swear 1 out of every 3 people on the street,or driving are yakking away.Today at a mall (I started a little early X-mas shopping) a girl had two of them,one at each ear! :laugh:

  6. I was reading many of the politically-oriented questions in off-topic and risa and it got me to wondering about the political make-up of the member body of don't want any replies,simply vote.The Non-US categories are obviously for those of you who live outside the United States(you may also vote "other").It should be interesting to see the percentages after a few days.I'll vote after a few of you others,in order to keep you guessing :assimilated: .

  7. Chinese and Thai are my favorite.I don't like Indian so much,and hate curried anything :assimilated: .I also like some japanese dishes(though no sushi of any variety),like the rice bowls and soups. :laugh: There was a little Vietnamese cafe a block or so from my home,and I used to eat there a lot,too.However,the place was burned to the ground last year during an asian gang war in the area(the cafe owner's sons were members of one gang,and their rivals torched the place...stupid).It has,unfortunately not reopened.

  8. Yahoo! opened registration for the 2003-04 NBA season a couple of days ago,though I only found out about it a few hours ago.Anybody beside me going to register a team?I already have(but as I am not as knowledgeable about basketball as I would like,I probably didn't do too good with my draft selections).I will probably register my limit of teams (as I have already done with the NFL,and NHL).

  9. When it comes to restaurants there seems to be a correlation between price and size of portions - the more it costs, the smaller the portions.

    You sure got that right!

    I agree with you.I'll take a good ol' downhome diner (called "Greasy Spoons" in my neck of the woods),over a fancy resteraunt anyday.


    We call diners that here in Fresno,too. :assimilated:

  10. I think that the descendents of this person should be given the right to decide the body's fate.  I deplore what early archaeologists did to the egyptian mummies.  I think they even hacked King TUt's body apart.  I know they are just bones but it was a  human being and I think they should be shown some respect.

    I agree with you.

    So how do you know who this person's descendants are?

    I would like scientists to get a close look at this individual,however if the court's rule that the tribal plaintiffs are,in fact,descendants of this "person",then they should have the final determination.

  11. I play a mean game of 9-ball.I started playing when I was nine,coincedentally.My uncle played professionally with some success in the 70's.He even beat Minnesota Fats in a tournament in Florida in '77 or '78.He might have gone on to bigger and better things as a professional,but he died in an auto accident just before he was set to step-up to the next level.Its unfortunate.

    What was your uncle's name?Maybe I have heard of him.I have a passing interest in professional billiards. :assimilated:

  12. From my perspective, race does play a part in this as long as someone like Mr. McNabb is referred to as a black quarterback rather than as a quarterback.  Has anyone ever heard someone say "Brett Favre, the white quarterback for Green Bay" or refer to someone as the black receiver or the white linebacker - no.  The first black starting quarterback was Marlin Briscoe for the Denver Broncos.  His rookie season was in 1968.  There have been a number of black starting quarterbacks since that time including 10 who will have started a game this season alone.  Isn't it time to drop the racial designation and let these gentlemen just be quarterbacks?

    Brilliantly said,Takara.My sentiments exactly.Bravo :assimilated:

  13. Winter's nice,too.But come Thanksgiving day the fog rolls into town and doesn't leave until mid-February.Fresno fog is a nightmare.Walking in it,you can almost imagine its alive (and its intentions less than benign).Its cold,wet,and thick.As for driving in it.only if you really have to,and even then your taking a chance.I hate it.

  14. Could this really be the year for my Red Sox?..The fans up here in New England would go crazy if they win it all..!..I'm hoping for a RED SOX/Cubs World Series..Wouldn't that be great..But 1 series at a time..On to Oakland...

    I would also like to see the Red Sox and Cubs in the series.As a Dodger and an NL man,I'd have to pull for Sosa and the Cubbies in that October Classic.But I wouldn't mind at all if Boston won.I've felt sorry for them ever since their October Classic matchup with the Mets.

  15. Okay,you asked for it!Here goes...


    #1.City on the Edge of Forever

    #2.Balance of Terror

    #3.Space Seed


    #5.Where No Man Has Gone Before

    #6.The Naked Time


    #8.Amok Time

    #9.For the worlds is hollow and I have touched the sky

    #10.The Enterprise Incident

    #11.The Tholian Web

    #12.The Ultimate Computer

    #13.The Doomsday Machine

    #14.A Piece of the Action

    #15.Wolf in the Fold


    #17.The Devil In the Dark

    #18.Requiem for Methuselah

    #19.Let that be your last battlefield

    #20.The Paradise Syndrome