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  1. I kind of figured the sports commentator on the news was full of it.He's a new guy,thinks he's a comedian...raps the nightly scores ( :) I hate that...),and has been known to invent a rumor to spice up his otherwise lame 5 or 10 minutes in front of the camera.Well,at least I have noticed 2 or 3 rumors he started that turned out to be nothing.The first was that a New York based group were buying the Dodgers and relocating them back to Brooklyn,and the other was that a southern California group had all but inked a deal to move the Seattle Seahawks to Los Angeles.Maybe I ought to e-mail the tv station and complain. :)

  2. The sports commentator on the local news just said that rumors are that when the NFL expands again,possible within the next 5-7 years,that a CFL franchise may be invited to jump leagues (possibly Toronto).He said that this is because Los Angeles still doesn't have its act together,and there are very few attractive choices left in the United states for NFL expansion.Has anyone heard anything about this?

    On the one hand,I think its great.But on the other hand,will Canada allow the NFL to take the Argonauts,knowing that further encroachment may result,as well as the possibility that the NFL may devour the CFL's big market teams and kill the CFL.That league has been around a long,long time.That would be a shame.

    I tend to think that this is another unfounded rumor.I checked the CFL and NFL websites and found nothing about this.

  3. I was a lifelong Houston Oilers fan.Nowadays,I cheer for the Tennessee Titans.On the College level I like the Arkansas razorbacks.I used to follow Canadian football on cable tv,and became a fan of the Calgary Stampeders....because their games were the only ones that ever seemed to get televised regularly down here....even though,the game was usually a week old by the time I got to watch.

    I used to watch a lot of CFL games,too.I liked them as much as the NFL games I'd watch.There were a lot of Stampeders games being shown,back when Doug Flutie was the starting quarterback.I was an Argo's fan.Remember "Rocket" Ishmael?

  4. The only professional sports games I have ever attended were 3 San Francisco Giants-Los Angeles Dodgers games in '93.I remember Darryl Strawberry blasted the longest homerun I have ever seen in the 1st game of that series.That ball seemed to sail right out of Candlestick Park (a great old ballpark,I hate 3Com Park B) ).

    I have been to many,many college sports events,as I am close enough both to Fresno State and Fresno City College to either walk or ride the bus to games,and both college's have great sports programs (particularly FCC).I mostly watch football,baseball,and Fresno State women's baseball (one of the country's best teams,won the national title a few years back).Basketball,I like,but I hated Jerry Tarkainian,and wouldn't watch his Fresno State teams.Now that we have a "real" coach in Ray Lopes,I've been to a few games.

    Also,I still go to many of my old high school's football and baseball games.


  5. I've got something like 17 fantasy teams playing right now.Most of them are average,sitting at about .500 (3-3-0),a few are terrible(though none are winless),and one is still undefeated at 5-0-0.But,my undefeated team has a very strong challenge this sunday and I'm not sure I'm going to win that one.This other team,is just loaded with all-stars at every position,and it seems like all his players have sweet match-ups this sunday.We'll see,though.I had been kind of bragging and trash talking on that league's message board.Now,I wish I had shut-up.that's going to be embarrassing reading the posts come Tuesday,if I lose. B)

    Seventeen B) !Really?How do you manage to keep up with that many,and make changes to line-ups and things like that?Wow.I've got 5 teams and they keep me pretty busy during the weekends.I can't imagine managing almost twenty teams.Pheww.I have one undefeated team left,too.Its 3-0-1.My first game with them ended in a 59-59 tie.

  6. The Chinese unfortunately (and not surprisingly) don't seem to be doing this for scientific research or for the good of man kind. This is a play for dominance. One of the things they want to do is in the long run put a missile-system in outer space. The China government was asked the question "Why are you going into space?" they responded something like "We want to build our own space station." They don't want us to know what they are doing. Yes, I know there is a aspect of making the Chinese people feel good and make them see the communist philosophy as a good thing. You know I'm a big supporter of NASA and expanding into space. I think we should try to promote the space tourism because that would make space exploration profitable and that would give it a boom. Now, when I look at the Chinese they are not doing this for any good reason. They should not be praised.



    Master Q

    How can you prove the Chinese are preparing to orbit nuclear platforms?

    If there has been no praise for them on this topic,then let me be the first..

    "Good going,China!"

    I'll give the Chinese the benefit of a doubt,and hope they continue their space launches,with success.Hopefully the Chinese efforts will help revive interest in space programs worldwide,and lead to benefits for the Chinese people.I don't see sinister plots behind everything a foreign power does.They have as much right to space as we have.And be sure,if it does look like the chinese are up to funny business,they will be checked by not only the US,but other world powers.

    China's first astronaut has joined my list of spaceflight heroes,along with gagarin,Shepard,and Glenn.

  7. I'll have to re-watch and pay closer attention, I hadn't noticed it. But that's something I wouldn't necessarily notice. But I do agree that a good score will highly improve a show.

    I haven't really noticed,either.But I'll pay more attention this Saturday when Exile is repeated,and again on Wednesday when the new episode airs. B)

  8. Benny Hill.I used to watch reruns of his show every night as a kid.There are very few entertainers who,upon hearing of their passings,have made me cry.I cried the day I heard Benny Hill had died.He was a brilliantly funny man,and though I was never fortunate enough to meet him,he seemed like a very sweet natured person as well.

  9. I collect a lot of toys :o

    I collect Star Wars action figures,ships,and models (and many other things),I collected the complete line of MicroMachines Star Wars,Star Trek,and Babylon 5 starships.I have some of the old Mego superheroes (sadly,no Mego Trek figures :o )...Hulk,Spider-Man,Captain America,The Lizard,Batman,Superman,Aquaman.All in reasonably good shape.I have a battered USS Enterprise bridge playset (which was made for the Mego Trek figures).I have the 1980's DC "Super Powers" action figure line (every last figure!Haha!),and most of the vehicles and accessories.I have the newer Batman action figure line pretty well complete,and too many Star Wars action figures to count (far from complete,but many figures from all produced sets from the 70's to today).I have He-Man and The Masters of the Universe characters,Food Fighters,Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (all but a handful,I'm pretty sure I'l complete that collection in time).I could go on and on,my house looks like a toy store.I promised myself as a kid,that once I grew up this is what I would have,and I'm making good on that promise to myself (my inner child is very happy :o ).Transformers,Gobots,G.I. Joe.Fast food chain give-away items,wrestler action figures (AWA,WWF,WCW).Posters,mugs,lithographs,collectible card games,various other non-gaming card sets (like the late 80's Garbage Pail Kids).Anime DVDs,Manga,Godzilla magazines,DVDs,other sci-fi....oh,the list is never ending. :P

  10. Didn't Avon produce some Star Trek collectibles back in the 70's?I found some Star Trek busts (each about an inch tall,on a small base....I have McCoy,Spock,and Uhura) and a USS Enterprise NCC-1701 (a bit banged up) at a yard sale and the guy doing the selling said he had bought them from a neighbor who sold Avon in like '77 or '78.I've never confirmed his story,but have no reason to disbelieve him.They were cheap,anyway.Bought the whole set for $5.

  11. Tonight the Real World Series begins as the Boston Redsox meet the New York Yankees in game one of the ALCS.Regardless of who wins the NLCS and the eventual match-up in the October Classic,the REAL World Series happens this week.To true baseball fans no other match-up in postseason play can have as much appeal as does this great rivalry.

    "The only thing that would come close to this rivalry,for me,is when I grew up in New York in the 1950's and seeing that incredible Dodgers-Giants rivalry,"Yankees manager Joe Torre said."I mean,it was warlike."

    "Anytime you play Boston,"Yankees shortstop and team captain Derek Jeter said,"it feels different."

    The incredible devotion of each teams fans--and their utter hatred of one another--transcends the showdown that starts with todays ALCS series opener at Yankee Stadium....Yankees-Redsox is the greatest rivalry in professional sports history.

    Therabidirishman's prediction?Sox win series in seven games!

  12. I don't feel that nuclear torpedoes would be any more dangerous to the crew of the NX-01 than they are for today's submariners.Accidents aboard nuclear submarines are very,very rare and more often than not are never related to the nuclear payloads.Also the distances between the ships in space are significant,usually hundreds of kilometers if not more,so damage to the torpedo launching vessel would likely not be significant.

    Nuclear torpedoes make sense to me,and they would tie in to TOS,like has already been mentioned in this thread.War and killing are barbaric regardless of the sophistication of the weapons being used.