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  1. I had a girlfriend in school who could make that thing go like anything.


    It was scary really. :bow:



    Although, once someone at church said a Ouiji board was a tool of the devil, I only used it more. :) :P :bow:

  2. TNG after season 1


    TOS is a bit campy and overacted, even though I enjoy watching the show.


    We had quite a few drinking games on things Bones and Kirk would say while at University. :P :P


    Once TNG had settled in, gotten some makeup and costume changes, it was by far better than TOS

  3. My guess is that the Nemesis writers simply forgot about the episode "Violations"  :o  :P


    Really, Jean-Luc HAD hair when he was younger. Remember the episode "Tapestry"? We see "Ensign Picard" fighting a Nausicaan (while Q talks to Jean-Luc in that white area) - and he does not seem to "suffer" from baldness at all.  :P I find it unlikely that his hair grew back  :P




    I'd have to agree with this.


    Besides. He doesn't need hair, he's perfect just the way he is. :nono: