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  1. i have a question for you people out there, especially the women.WHAT THE F@#$ IS "TOO NICE"? when i was back in NY a couple of weeks ago, i saw a couple of friends, they were my ex's friends, thus women, they asked me how things were down here in VA then asked how was the woman situation, i replied NOT. their answer to that was YOUR TOO NICE. what is that? how can i be too nice? thats about the dumbest thing ive ever heard. BUT, I DO MEAN BUT, apparently there might be something to that, since ive left my wife, ive met a few women, i have heard numerous times from them, now im quoting here, i by no means think im wonderful, anyway, your soo nice, your sweet, your the only one i have met in a very long time that makes me think there are still nice guys out there, most recently what are your faults, do you have any? the last one was a constant reply when i answered some questions she asked me, apparently she liked the answers, now all of them for one reason or another, ARE NOT WITH ME, the last one the most recent one, the last two weeks we talked for hours on the phone every night, the one night we went out we had a great time, she said when we went out that she could only be out for an hour or so, that turned into five after we started talking and having a good ttime. now i havent heard from her since tuesday, the last conversation we had was great, we talked till after 3 in the morning, i was thinking she would be pretty cool to hang out with and see what happens, so anyway i callled her three times yesterday never heard back, havent called her today, i just dont know that i should try  calling agian. so should i try calling her tonight, or not, anyone.  women drive me nuts. i have no clue.  SO CAN ANYONE ANSWER THE MILLION DOLLAR QUESTION WHAT IS TOO NICE?




    Maybe it was more a matter of you getting along but not having any "chemistry"?


    I've had many a friend who I like tremendously and wonder why they don't have someone special. Yet I knew that they wouldn't be with me because there wasn't any passion, any fire.


    Don't worry about it.


    Take it as a compliment that your friends say that.


    As for calling her back, three times in one day is enthusiastic!! :P


    Perhaps she's into games, I dont know. Give her til Sunday and then call her to make plans for next weekend. :P

  2. ^is really funny! but you two are getting repetitive and redundant. and i doubt madame butterfly is chinese.....maybe japanese or korean. i don't think she wears tights, either. maybe gunny sacks (J/K).



    :wow:  :P




    :lol:  :P





    ^ is obsessed with herself


    I am not Asian.


    And if you look at the what are you wearing thread, I don't wear sacks.


    And if I did, I'm sure that is more than what you wear Chi. :P