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  1. I'm suprised it's not more popular.  I mean, trivia is fun, especially when Star Trek is concerned!





    Trivia IS fun!


    But not everyone has the same knowledge of Trek, nor do they wish to have a very complete knowledge. They just enjoy the show.


    I don't think it's a bad thing either way.


    However, I do wonder if some people are intimidated by it?


    Having not seen the questions, I wouldn't know.


    But I do know that I am more inclined not to participate because I know I haven't been a faithful follower of Trek since TNG ended.

  2. Boys find farts funny at an early age.


    It starts when potty humor begins, at about age 5 and they never seem to outgrow it.


    I have older brothers, and they were taught, like my sisters and I, that it's natural to pass gas, just leave the room if you can so you don't gas the entire family.


    I think it depends on how your father handles it.


    To this day I can't think of my Dad ever doing that in front of us. Nor swear, or adjust himself [i really hate that], or even blow his nose at the dinner table.


    It's just good manners NOT to do it in front of others.

  3. Well unfortunately that may be true.


    I don't necessarily like it, but for some reason Hollywood seems to think t & a will draw the guys more than a good solid script


    :P :yahoo: I"ve just insulted men, and I wasn't really trying too!!! :laugh: :P

  4. Actually, when MO are purchased, the company issuing it doesn't do anything but make out the dollar amount. requested.


    A cashiers check is made to someone, and both the dollar amount and maker can be verified by calling the bank.


    I agree, the Jewel, the Winn-Dixie, etc, those are all American institutions that aren't known internationally, and sometimes not even nationally.


    Go to a bank, as I can't say how well postal money orders are viewed internationally. I know that when I was a bank teller during my college years, if it didn't come from a bank, we were cautious and skeptical.

  5. or scott backlua is jinxs becuce his last popualar tv show was on didn't last etheir it was quntam leap it was cancledd too


    Actually, Quantum Leap was a critically acclaimed TV show, and part of the reason it survived possible cancellations was because the critics liked it, and TV Guide ran a very successful "The Best TV shows You're Not Watching" campaign to save it and other shows.


    Also, it was nominated for many emmy's for writing and acting.

  6. If you write it why, what is it that you get out of writing?


    I tried a FF story once.


    I think the draw for me was to fill in the gaps in stories about subcharacters that I found interesting.


    But the reason why I stopped writing it is the constrants in staying true to the character made by another author.



    If you read it why? What is it that you get that the television show doesn't provide?


    Well the fan fics that I read had nothing to do with TV shows, they were based on books.


    I like the original ideas in some of them. Note the word some. Most fan fics are Mary Sues.


    Fantasies of the author with the characters in the books. Many of which are childishly immature or fulfilling sexual fantasies.


    Therefore to find one that is really noteworthy and original is a treat.


    If you hate it why? What is i that you don't like about it?


    The reason why I don't follow FF's anymore is who can do it better than the story I already love?


    No one.


    Mind you, as I said, there are some great talents out there that start out with fan fiction to wet their chops, and those are the ones worth finding.

  7. I was wondering what I should do then I order something and it says that I shall pay by money order. ( It does also say internet in parantece (?) . )


    How do I do this? I've never payed through internet before....






    Considering you live in another country than most of these suggestions, I think you should do the following.


    Money orders from many sources guarantee the money will be there when the payee gets the MO from you.


    Banks offer money orders for a higher fee because they have a better reputation than other types of providers of money orders.


    When banks receive money orders and cashiers checks, they often call to confirm that they are valid.


    I'm not sure if that is available from the other sources.


    I don't know if you are sending this money order out of country or not. Wish I could give you better info from your countries standards. :yahoo:

  8. I also like Rebecca Romijn-Stamos


    She would be good, but I can't see her as a captain.


    Rather a science officer or something a tad quirky. It seems more her style.



    Also, she cheated on Stamos with Jerry O'Connell and they have since divorced.

    [Yes, I think she's a frickin' nut case for doing that too!!!]


    It's just Rebecca Romijn.

  9. I usually only post off the list on the front page, as this site is so vast, that it's hard to explore everything.


    I sometimes go to the other forums and explore if I'm not multitasking, or if I'm not posting on some of my favorite sites.


    I must admit to liking Trek, but wow!! Not to the knowledge that alot of you have, and thus this is also why I don't post on many threads. Intimidated.

  10. I moved away from my hometown many years ago.  In some ways I would like to go back but really what I want is that sense of community, which no longer exists in my hometown as it once did.  I lived out in the country and most of hte neighbors are gone and the nearest town population around 1500 is quite different now.  I also crave an area with less people, but friendly people.  Yes the near impossible dream!  :P




    I'd have to agree with some of your thoughts, even though I'm sure we aren't from the same area of the country.


    When I first moved away from home, it was only about 45 miles to go and get my degree.


    People were basically the same, everyone friendly, saying hi to strangers on the street, etc.



    Then 2 years after graduation I moved far away from home.


    It's not the same. ;)


    I'd love to go and find the same atmosphere I grew up in, but I know you can't go home, and frankly it's changed enough there that I won't. However, I do want that for myself and those that I love.

  11. That's a hard question to answer, because I think some people would base their decision on who is really the most accomplished actor.


    Talent is relevant to how it is applied.


    In many different sports and life areas, many people have tremendous talent, but if they don't apply themselves in the way our current society deems appropriate, they are not considered the "best".