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  1. Well I am looking forward to the book, but it must be edited tightly.


    There was much wandering and unnecessary information in GOF


    Did we really need to know that the girls staircase will collapse if the boys go up it?


    I was tired when I read that and I felt I'd stepped out of HP and into something completely different. :jem'hadar:

  2. Okay, Jim and I went to visit Julie at work, and bring her some dinner. Julie has worked at this specific hospital for a while, and Jim comes to visit her regularly. the funny thing is, the ER people (where Julie works) recognised ME before they recognised Jim. Should I take this to be a bad thing?





    :jem'hadar: :batman:


    I'm sorry, if I knew more about the situation perhaps I could give you a better answer.


    Right now I am staying quiet until I MAY learn at tad bit more. :batman:

  3. :yahoo:  :laugh:


    Is the music naughty like the cover suggests?


    If so, I better wait to I'm home alone to listen to it!! :yahoo:


    :lol: It does have some 'adult' lyrics in it. But not in the samples on their web site. You'd have to buy the cds to hear all the colorful metaphors !




    Ok then, I'll still wait until no one is looking over my shoulder!! :wow: