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  1. I don't watch South Park regularly anymore, but I always found it pushed the envelope quite far.


    Loved it when Chef sang his Salty Chocolate Balls song!! :P :o



    VH1 had a special that they showed repeatedly last year on SP. I laughed so hard.


    I forgot how much they hate Barbara Streisand. :( B)

  2. As a mod, you need to set the standard for everyone else on the board.


    There can be no double standards for your friends or for those you have a fondness.


    When there is someone who gets under your skin, double check your reaction before actually acting on it so that you are being fair.


    Mods need to be looked up to. :biggrin:

  3. Rejected



    For the third time in about 10 days, a tv show is more important than me to someone I had given my heart to.


    I think I need to go read that book "He's just not that into you", because he trying to tell me something, isn't he? :hug: :P :biggrin: :lol: