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  1. I'd like to see less sauce on pizza.


    Sometimes you get a pizza and the sauce just makes a mess.


    It should compliment the toppings and crust, NOT overwhelm them.



    As for toppings, I've always been for double cheese, mushrooms and the ocassional meat, such as sausage or canadian bacon.


    But I used to be able to get a pizza with shrimp, ham and an alfredo sauce.


    Man, it still can make my mouth water just thinking of it. :P

  2. 1.Castle in the Sky

    2. Princess Mononoke

    3. the Castle of Caligstro

    4.Nausiica of the valley of the wind.

    5. Kiki's Delivery Service

    6. Totoro

    6. Mulan

    7. the little mermaid 2.

    8. Aladdin

    9. thet lion king

    10. pocahontas









    Most of those are anime that weren't made by Disney, just bought the distribution rights.


    Although, I must say Totoro is an excellent movie. :dude:

  3. I had two neighborhood friends killed while I was at Uni and they were in high school.


    The man driving the car was three times the legal drinking limit, and the car they were in was so smashed, that by the time the police got to them, they thought there were multiple people in the car, not two.


    The man who killed them was driving the wrong way on an expressway and had not a scratch on him AND had been arrested for driving while intoxicated twice before.


    Completely obliterated the lives of those young men and their families.


    He didn't know he killed those two girls most likely because he was drunk.


    I'm sorry, but if you drink than drive, you're an idiot.


    You deserve what ever you get, and you can never replace a human life. Never.

  4. :dude::yahoo::hug: I don't remember.


    I just know I liked the reruns I was watching better!


    Although yesterday I watched an old episode of the original series and was chuckling at how I used to think all the planets in the universe were all made from the same type of rock and fauna. :hug:

  5. My god on earth, Smallville is on the same par as ENT and you rag on ENT something chronic, yet love Smallville!?!?!?!? You are messed in the head King.





    Well...............I'd have to strongly disagree with that UA.


    I've watched Ent. each season and it hasn't been enough to keep me on a regular basis.


    I also watch Smallville and I think creatively it is better than ENT.


    But that's just my opinion.



    Also, I don't think there's any need to be insulting because someone feels differently about programming.


    It's very untrek-like to be so judgmental.

  6. Well let's see, she had her own night time show, her own day time show, and she WAS on Carson alot.


    Rivers did have a successful career for a time, but I don't find her red carpet comments funny.


    It's another example of people not being accepting of others and needing to make fun of them in order to feel good about themselves.


    Also, I think her daughter being brought aboard with her was most likely her own idea. I think Joan thinks this is a way for Melissa to somehow get exposure and gain some sort of possible career in the future.

  7. Actually, I dont think he needs to calm down. He expressed his opinion and there may be a good reason why he feels that way.


    Just as Phaserman is able to express his opinion, so should King.


    So please Spocksteller, take a chill pill and calm down.




    My Mother had breast cancer.


    My Dad smoked for years.


    I used to sit next to him at the dinner table and quietly ask


    "Daddy, when are you going to quit smoking? I don't want you to die."


    Well he quit smoking when I was about 9. He lived the rest of his life as a very active and health minded individual.


    If he were alive today, I know he would feel horrible at the thought that his smoking may have caused my Mom cancer. :yahoo:


    Of course, he began smoking when it was "the thing" to do. It once was socially acceptable.


    30 years after he quit smoking, his autopsy still showed the affects of his bad habit.


    My Dad was a wonderful person, he just was addicted to cigarettes. It is a legal drug.


    Getting off topic there, but I guess I'm reacting to everyone else's posts.



  8. In no particular order


    Hercules = Hades made that movie

    The Emperor's New Groove

    The Little Mermaid

    Winnie the Pooh = always makes me so relaxed after seeing this

    Toy Story

    Toy Story 2

    Robin Hood

    The Lion King

    Beauty and The Beast = Gaston just cracks me up!!! :yahoo:

    Finding Nemo = this movie is great because of Ellen Degeneres.






    There is a movie that is a conglomerate of many things, including the sorcerer's apprentice...can't remeber the name, but I thnk it was less successful.