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  1. Ummmm..........can I ask what "dark side" is she attempting to bring you from? :P :lol:


    As for wrestling, I've found that women react to it based on how their guy reacts to it.


    If it's truly for the wrestling, the usually get a giggle out of it and are happy he's got something he enjoys.


    If it's more for the diva's and such, it's really not going to be her thing.

  2. I have my mood as blank because there is no descriptor that fits.


    Today I am fiery.


    Where would we go to suggest additonal mood stars?


    I'd like to see fiery, fiesty, impish, passionate and some others that are not easy to recall at the moment added.


    Does any one else wish for some other choices that currently aren't on the list?

  3. Oh, come on! Do you really think old undies and socks will affect us? I mean, we are guys! We'll already have twice what you send here. 




    He obviously hasn't heard of date underwear versus non-date underwear and those other underwear we keep around.


    You boys, you're so naive :P :P

  4. Thanks for the help, folks. Now I know what to do, I'll go to my post office and hear with them.  :borgqueen:


    I'll tell you later how it went.









    I hope it wasn't too confusing, we all had different opinions!!


    Hope it all goes well! :look:

  5. as for not doing it in public, whenever I do it in public, I can't help it!


    Do you have some kind of medical problem or something?



    I think it's abhorrant that people do this kind of thing around others. It is bad manners and quite disgusting actually. I'm amazed some people may consider it funny, but I guess those people are easily amused.


    As for this ridiculous excuse that "it's just a natural bodily function", well so is taking a **** but if I was sitting in a room with other people and suddenly stood up and pulled out my **** and urinated in the middle of the room, people find might that offensive.







    Like I said, it all boils down to good manners. :look:

  6. So, to my ladies out there if you were back in the of TOS would date or marry Kirk?





    Good God!!! Are you mad??????????????????


    NO WAY!!!



    He'd announce everything before he did it. :)


    He's way to arrogant, thinks he's all that, and he talks like he thinks his life is a voice over. :angry: :eek:




    And that's my strong opinion on Kirk!!! :mad1:

  7. Worse than that is sneezing and farting at the same time, it takes a lot outta you. :look:





    I think Kor37 beat you on this "worse than".


    That's the most embarrassing situation. :angry: