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  1. I watched it on the first Friday night that it was showing here. I admit that my opinion is probably due to being tired from not sleeping well the night before, but I was not a huge fan of the movie. I might watch it again at some point at home. After about the first fifteen minutes I just kept thinking "Fern Gully in Space"

  2. I am a big fan of B5 as well as DS9. I have always tried to avoid comparing the two series since the only thing that they really have in common is taking place on a space station. I believe that the two shows have a very different feel to them and to me it is like comparing apples and oranges.

  3. I went to see the movie last night and while I have some mixed feelings about the movie I do believe that it is definitely worth seeing. I might try to go see it in IMAX after I get back from going out of state next week.


    Click for Spoiler:


    I was a little disappointed when the comment was made by Spock on the bridge about alternate timelines because that made me realize then that they were not going to reset everything by the end of the movie.


    The destruction of Vulcan was a bit sad for me, and my first thought was "How can they destroy Vulcan, that goes against established cannon?"


    The little alien that was with Scotty on the outpost reminded me of an Ewok as soon as I saw it for some reason, lol.


    There were some little things in the movie concerning the characters that kinda annoyed me, but those I can easily look past.


    Overall there were also many things that I really liked in the movie.


    First off, I want Sulu's sword, lol.


    I was happy about some of the things that we already knew from the series history being brought up, like finally seeing how Kirk cheated with the Kobiashi Maru.


    I also loved the reference to Scotty having beamed Admiral Archers beagle and was still waiting for it to rematerialize.


    I liked Ambassador Spock telling Commander Spock that his usual phrase would be self serving and wishing him good luck instead.




    As for the alternate timeline, even though it was not reset and means that in that timeline what we know to have happened is not definite due to the events, I can understand why they have gone this route. As a result of establishing that the movie resulted in a timeline that is different from what we know allows them to make more movies and even possibly another series that is not bound by traditional Star Trek cannon, even though the events in Enterprise would presumably still have to be allowed for since it occured prior to the event that resulted in the alternative timeline. This does open a few doors for them to try to revitalize the franchise by telling stories in a different way that will be more appealing to new fans.

  4. I went to the 9pm showing last night which was not the first showing for the local theater. There were probably about 50 to 75 people in the theater with me. Part of this is because I did not spring for the IMAX version of the movie which is what most people in my area go to see because it has a much bigger screen and alot better quality. I did find out that both of the IMAX showings for the day had been sold out.

  5. When I was in school in the late 80's and 90's I did receive free lunch until my Senior year (which I did not apply for since I was not at the school for lunch). The school system served both breakfast and lunch. The problem in this article is that the parents do not even appear to have considered that they could take the time to pack their children a lunch if they don't have the money and they don't want them to each cheese sandwiches. I am sorry but any good parent will find a way to provide food for their children, and the ones with low income are not effected by this program, so there is no reason that the parents cannot find a way to feed their children.


    When I was in school, if you did not receive "free lunch", did not bring your lunch, or didn't have money, then guess what you didn't eat. I believe it is the parents responsibility to make sure their children have food, not the school system.

  6. It is always fascinating to hear about things that have been found in old homes. When I was young my family used to help a local contractor with tearing down old houses and it was amazing the things that we would find. There were never any hidden rooms, but I do remember them finding a rather substantial amount of cash hidden between the floors once.

  7. I don't think it would be called a snow day where I live, and I'm sure based on the photo's I've seen at other sites, the fall of the snow is greatly varied.


    It would seem that since snow fall is such a rarity in England that the country is no longer prepared to deal with it, meaning the investment in equipment to keep things cleared and safe so life continues on.


    My girlfriend there had about 4 inches of snow and everything was closed. It reminds me of when my brother was stationed in the South for the Navy, they had about 2 inches of snow and the airports all closed and he couldn't come home for a family wedding.


    Get out and enjoy that beautiful and magical snow!



    I have seen stories about places closing because of a small (from my perspective) amount of snowfall and it never made a lot of sense to me. We had aproximately a foot of snow here, more in some areas, and the only thing that closed was schools. Businesses remained open for their normal hours and with their normal staffing. We are used to the snow and ice here in Ohio, although there are still a large amount of people that don't know how to properly drive in it, especially people that own SUV's and think they are therefore immune to the effects of anything, lol.