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  1. I let mine go when I was laid off last year, especially since I had the same DVD out for about six months before that, lol. I was doing the same with watching streaming video, but I don't really watch much streaming video at home and can't at work. Now if I can ever afford to upgrade to a newer Tivo where I can stream video from them on it, then I will definitely be back on board.

  2. The Klingon ships didn't seem messy so I wonder if they are self-cleaning like the Federation's ships are. If that's the case then the bathrooms should be fine. If not, then I pity poor Uhura because we all know how badly men aim whether they be human or Klingon or whatever.

    Are you saying that men are incapable of hitting what we aim for? I don't know about the other guys here, but I always hit where I am aiming, I just don't always remember to aim in the first place, lol.

  3. Just finished watching Presumed Innocent for a paper that I should be writing now for school.
    Just finishing "Lewis and Clark" for a paper that I shoudl be writing lol


    Well, I just finished my 9 page (1500 word) paper on the ethical dilemma's in Presumed Innocent Now to watch The Cleveland Show

  4. Sitting at home procrastinating on writing a report on Thomas Jefferson that's due next Wednesday.


    lol, the one your procrastinating on is due next week, mine is due tonight and another is Sunday.


    Back on topic.


    Sitting here waiting for the clock to strike 5pm.