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  1. I think that they look kind of cool, but I am not a fan of Apple, I find that their products are overpriced and not really worth the cost. I am looking into getting a PDF reader at some point for use with school since all of my text books are in PDF/ebook format. It would make it much easier to carry them around with me to study whenever and wherever I can find a few spare moments.

  2. "Little Boy" was uranium highly enriched with U-235 and "Fatman" was plutonium.


    I imagine that there are many projects and operations that only the President and those directly involved are aware of within our country.

  3. I watched this episode again as I was falling asleep last night. I learned the valuable lesson again not to try to turn this one on and go to sleep, lol. I ended up watching the entire episode before I realized that I really should have been asleep since I had to work this morning.

  4. This has me thinking though. If changes in the past can erase people that are in the present, and there is only one timeline, then would that not mean that the events of all of the series other than Enterprise would have been erased or at least altered by the newest Star Trek movie?

  5. lol, yeah, don't have a choice was told I have to do it by the park owner, he does not like the bright blue I painted with last year after he told me I had to paint, even though I did not have a job then.


    Your banned for agreeing with me that siding is boring. So many other things I would love to be buying.