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That's right.


In fact the whole reason that they changed Test's ''look'' and made him lose the long hair and leather trouser ''style'' is because they wanted Nash back in the WWE in 2002 and they felt the two resembled each other a little too much. It turned out to be waste of time and money, since Nash sucked when he came back in the company.


Since then, Test seems to have drifted aimlessly.

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Yeah, Nash was highly injury prone.


I'm sure they could do something with Test.


Creative must be able to devise some kind of interesting gimmick......right?


He is after all, one of Shane's best friends.

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Yeah, I know.




I guarantee they'll say at one point that Wrestlemania XX is....OFF THE HOOK!!!"



Edited by William Stryker

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I have no idea what Tazz is talking about, most of the time.


He lives in his own little dimension.


I notice that Tazz is kind of ''orange'' coloured.


I think he's a Ferengi.



:dude: - "OFF THE HOOK!!!"

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And Speaking Of Which, SmackDown Is On Here Now!



Edit:Tazz Just Said WM Shoud Be A Rocket Busta'. :assimilated::dude:

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Madison Square Garden


Where It All Begins...Again.



WrestleMania, The Showcase Of The Immortals

:) You are soooo lucky i have to wait 3 weeks to see it :)

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YEP no pay per view here in holland but in 3 weeks i am off to see

family in england so a friend of mine is gonna tape it :)

So after tomorow i will be keeping well clear of this thread cuase i

dont wanna know who won and what :)

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Do You Have A Passion?


Something You Live For?


That You Sacrifice For?


That You Give Everything To, Without Blinking An Eye.




That's My Passion.


My Passion.


The Thing You Dream About.


That What You Do...


...Makes You Who You Are.


WrestleMania XX


Madison Square Garden


Where It All Begins...Again.

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Prediction time.


Wrestlemania XX.


Stryker's List.


Brock Lesnar vs. Goldberg-


This match should be called 'Battle Of The Quitters'. One musclehead is going to rot in Japan for the rest of his career. The other is going to crash and burn in the NFL. Will be a decent match. Power moves will dominate. Austin will probably hit a few Stunners.


Stryker's Prediction: Goldberg Win by Pinfall.


HBK vs. HHH vs. Benoit-


I have a bad feeling about this one. I think that HHH will push this match into the main event position to close Wrestlemania XX. He will want the last image of 'Mania XX to be himself on the ropes doing his 'pose' with the belt. He tried that once before at 'Mania XVIII, and it totally bombed, boring everyone to death and ending Jericho's first and only probable title reign. HHH will allow HBK and Benoit to carry this match before rallying with a Pedigree. He'll then go on to Backlash to lose to Benoit.


Stryker's Prediction: HHH Win by Pinfall.


Undertaker vs. Kane-


Superbly booked match. Good build up with a history that goes back to 1997. Won't be a long match but the ''old school'' 'Taker is back, and that's a good thing. Taker will NEVER lose at Wrestlemania.


Stryker's Prediction: Undertaker Win By Pinfall.


Cruiserweight Open-


I'm not quite sure about this one. Is it a Battle Royale? Is it a Gauntlet match???

I have no idea. Should be interesting though.


Stryker's Prediction: Only Chavo, Rey or Tajiri can win this match. Everyone else is there to make up the numbers.


Raw Tag Team Match-


The tag team divisions need a great deal of work in the WWE. This should be a solid match with four very good teams.


Stryker's Prediction: RVD and Booker T retain.


Smackdown Tag Team Match-


Scotty and Rikishi are stale and boring and should be released. One of the worst Tag Champions in the history of the company. The APA are past it now. The Bashams are a decent team but are hindered by a hidious gimmick. The ''World's Greatest'' are the best team in the WWE.


Stryker's Prediction: The World's Greatest to win the titles.


Evening Gown Playboy Bimbo.....erm...Whatever Match-


This will be a short pointless match to promote Playboy Magazine. This will be my p*ss break match. The match where I will go get a snack. Maybe a sandwich, or a nice bottle of water.


Stryker's Prediction: Who cares? But it will end with all four 'women' tearing each other's clothes off.


Kurt Angle vs. Eddie Guerrero-


This SHOULD be the main event. It wil be an excellent match that will steal the show. Two incredible performers and world class athletes. Two guys who can carry most people to a good match. I'm glad that Eddie has been given his chance of being the Champion. I have a feeling that Kurt will win as it's always better for the heel to carry the title and the face to pursue the gold. Either way. Whatever happens in this match, I like both of these guys and I am expecting an awesome match.


Stryker's Prediction: Kurt to win.


Big Show vs. John Cena-


Finally, Cena will be given a chance to shine at the biggest event of the year. Big Show has been the worst secondary title champion I have ever seen. He has hardly defended this title and his loss will not come soon enough. After this, they should force the Big Idiot to lose weight, or if not, job him out to everyone in the company.


Stryker's Prediction: John Cena to win by Pinfall.


Rock and Sock vs. Evolution-


This will be a good match. Flair should now retire as an in-ring competitor. Fans will go nuts for this one when R/S hit all their signature moves.


Stryker's Prediction: Rock and Sock to Win.


Molly vs Victoria-


The women's division has steadily improved. Molly was a very good champion and the recent agressive streak has been very believable. Victoria is also a very capable wrestler and this should be a decent, albeit short match.


Stryker's Prediction: Victoria to win.


Christian vs. Chris Jericho-


This will be a good match. Two very good competitors with great chemsitry together.


Stryker's Prediction: Two things may happen:


1) Jericho will be victorious. Trish will come down to the ring either during the match to cost Christian the match, or to celebrate with Y2J after the match with a lip-lock.


2) Trish will come down to the ring and will accidently cost Jericho to lose, or she may turn heel on him.



Well. Those are my predictions.


Enjoy the show everybody!!!


<_< :waaaa::tear:

Edited by William Stryker

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