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  1. Enterprise's biggest problem


    Take your pick from:


    - A poor premise.

    - Weak dull boring characters.

    - Concessions to the sex starved male demographic with the inclusion of T'Pol.

    - Poor writing.

    - A lack of any awareness of what Trek is supposed to be all about.

    - Poor leadership of the franchise from Berman.

    - The ideas of head crony and hack Brannon Braga.

    - Paramount's utter ineptness to develop Trek and stop it's decline.


    - A generally weak franchise which suffered greatly after INS, VOY, the disaster that was NEM and now ENT.


    - Lack of direction for the show.

    - Far too many changes to the show, titles, music etc....


    - The brilliance of Deep Space Nine, which has made all Trek that followed look like nothing in comparison.


    - The lack of belief in Berman. To the point where Michael Piller, Ira Behr, Jeri Taylor, Leonard Nimoy, and Ronald Moore have been alienated and pushed to the sidelines by this guy.


    - Placing the show on UPN, which has been a disaster. The very creation of UPN was a mistake anyway.





    I'm sorry your highness, but I disagree with you on all points you've made. This show is just as good as any other Star Trek show. TNG and DS9 had some really horrible episodes, but then again they also had some really great episodes. I see the same with Enterprise. The writing and stories (Especially these last 2 seasons) has been outstanding and I've grown to really like the characters that have developed over the last couple of years. Dr. Phlox for example is one of the best characters to come out of th4e Star Trek universe.As for the sexual consessions they have been in every Star Trek series since TOS, nothing new there.


    I will agree with you that the UPN network is a big mistake. Actually the only show I watch on that network is Enterprise, theres nothing else on UPN worth watching.

  2. I don't mind the "occasional" link to a past series.


    So far, in terms of aliens or characters that don't belong in the 22nd century, we've seen: Ferengi, Borg, and Thollians


    So far, they've only done 3 links.  What's everyone complaining about? :unsure:




    I have to disagree with you on the Thollians. They showed up in TOS so they are very much a part of the good ole Starfleet days. As for the Feringi and Borg they were both explaned very well and I doybt we will ever see them again. The Thollians however may be seen again.

  3. One of my favorite memories was when we went to the firing range with my tank. we would blow stuff up while Led Zepplin played on the 8-track tape player we had installed in the turrent (It was the mid 70's after all! :unsure: )


    My least favorite was when German terrorist attacked and blew up part of a motor pool at a nearby base. we went on high alert and my tank was the one postioned at the front gate. we were loaded, cocked, and ready to rock if any car passed a checkpoint without stopping or slowing down. I remember every time a car turned in towards our base we would all tense up wondering if we would be killing them in the next couple of seconds. We stayed that way for over a week when finally the alert was dropped and everything went back to normal.


    Another funny thing we did was hang a sign on the back of the tank that said "Drive defensevly, buy a tank!




    8th Infrantry Division! "Go Pathfinders!"

  4. I don't mind the triples, they give more time for the story to be told fully (something many complained about in the early days of ENT was not enough time given to stories.)




    I agree,especially the part about people complaints. I think its funny that since Enterprise has been on people have complained about this and that and the show changes things to make people happy and then people still complain. For example, the opening song. people complained about the song so TPTB changed the song to more upbeat music and people then complianed the song was too upbeat. People complained that the show needed story arcs, so last season we get a story arc and people complained it was too long, now they give us shorter story arcs and look what happens, people are complaining. It boggles my mind.

    This is why after Enterprise finishes they should not do any more Star Trek for a couple or three years or maybe even more. No matter what comes out now people will complain and bash it.

  5. I like the 3 arc story lines, yeah I hate it when they show "To Be Continued" but it leaves me wanting more and I usually can't wait to see the next installment.

    I'm looking forward to the next 3 parter which involves the Vulcan civil war. From what I've read we will get to see a younger T'pau from the TOS episode "Amok Time". I love it when they can tie an episode with another series.

  6. It looks like a solid win for Bush.If one looks at the map and the states that he won it becomes apparent that he really connected more with those voters than Senator Kerry.I did not vote for President Bush.It seems  that people responded more to cultural issues and values rather the arguments that were logically stated as to why President Bush must go.President  Reagan started a political  re-alignment - over the last twenty years or  so {not withstanding Clinton's two terms} the Democrats have become the minority party.President Bush apparent re-election includes a solid popular vote and an electoral college victory.It also is apparent that it is difficult for a legislator to win the Oval Office.I can think of only two in the last one hundred years, Harding & Kennedy.President Truman was a senator but he was VP when he became president in 1945.  Nixon was no longer in the senate when he won in 1968.I really though that Kerry had a real good chance but the in your face tactics utilized by Karl Rove worked.I was listening to Andrea Mitchell and she pointed out that unless Democrats begin to connect with the "red state" voters they could become a definite minority party.The 2006 mid-terms have begun! Next year New Jersey will have an election for governor.That will be the begining of attempts to begin a long climb back for the Democrats. It is clear that a Democratic candidate for the Oval Office will probably not be selected from the Northeast & New England again for a very long time to come.All that any of us who disagree with the Bush agenda can do is to pay attention, support legitimate actions that  offer an alternate point of view, hold our representatives feet to the fire, try to really understand the red states & work to make everything more positive.Right now President Bush is in the cat bird's seat.He has about two years to get his agenda through Congress. These are interesting times that we live in.





    I would not say it was a solid win for Bush. Almost half the country voted for Kerry, it was just not enough. So it looks like we're stuck with Bush for another 4 years....darn-it!

  7. The plane that hit the Empire State Building was a much smaller aircraft compared to the aircraft that hit the Twin Towers, and was also moving slower than the airliners that hit. And there is the fuel, thats what brought down TWTC, all that burning fuel weakened and melted the supports. As mentioned before the towers withstood the impact, but with no way to get the fires out the towers were doomed.