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  1. I work in professonal theatre and although I've never had the pleasure of working with any of the Star Trek stars, I have worked with actors who have played aliens on Star Trek.So far I've worked with a Klingon woman,A Bolian,a Cardassian,and a Romulin! My two favorite actors are Larry Pressman ( Legate Ghemor on the DS9 episodes "Second Skin" and "Ties of Blood and Water") and Norman Large ( Procounsil Neral from the TNG episodes "Unification parts 1 and 2.)

  2. Are there any Frank Zappa fans out there? I'm a big Zappa fan,and have had the pleasure of seeing him twice in concert.Frank and his entire band are both intelligent and insane! I never laughed so hard at a concert,the whole show is zany comedy backed up with some of the tightest music played by the most gifted muscians.


    favorite albums: "Apostrophe", "Joe's Garage"

  3. Most recently my favorite Sci-Fi show ( next to Star Trek that is) was Firefly,which was ripped off the air by those idiots at Fox Broadcasting.There are 3 un-aired episodes which I wish they will show this summer for a filler.My other favorite Sci-Fi is Stargate, X-Files,and Andromeda

  4. It seems things are going well for the allied forces in Iraq.The smart bombs are hitting their targets and only thier targets.Civilian casulties are low as well as our allied forces.Now over 40 countries support the allies and this war.In southern Iraq only 7 oil wells are burning out of 500 wells.In one small town in southern Iraq the people are celebrating and dancing in the streets as Allied forces liberate their town.they are ripping down the big pictures of Saddam that once decorated their streets,one man took off his shoes and began beating the face of Saddam on one picture.And speaking of Saddam,his main palace in downtown Baghdad is now a pile of rubble.Also Iraq soldiers are surrendering by the hundreds.


    All in all things are looking good for the allied forces,soon this war will be over and the people of Iraq will be free.I send congradulations to the brave men and women for a job well done so far,and I send condolances to the families of those brave warriors that payed the ultimate sacrifice for freedom.

  5. I watched the Presidents speech tonight and I agree with what he said.The ball is now in Saddam's court.If he truly wants to avoid war he can give up his power and leave in the next 48 hours.Thats plenty of time to pack a few momentos and clothes and leave town.

  6. I've met George Takei (Mr.Sulu), Tim Russ (Tuvok), Armin Shimerman (Quark) and Max Godenchek (Rom).I've also worked with a few actors that have appeared on Star trek as different aliens.

  7. Hello all,hers a little about me.I currently live in Tucson, Arizona on the edge of the Sonoran Desert.but I am moving to Ft.Myers,Florida in about 3 months.I work in professional theatre were I've had the pleasure of working with a few actors who have appeared on Star Trek,for example Larry Pressman who played the Cardassian Legate Ghemor on DS9 and Norman Large who played the Romulin Procounsil Neril in TNG.

    I'm 47 years old and have been watching Star Trek since it first appeared on TV back in 1966 (I was 10 years old).I was in the Army for 3 years driving a tank (M-60-A1),and I spent most of my military career stationed in Germany.

    My favorite band is Pink Floyd,my favorite movie is Star Trek:Wrath of Kahn

  8. No Saddam is not disarming,he is doing just enough to keep some people on his side.And even if he does disarm eventually he still needs to step down and be tried for all the human rights violations he is guilty of.He has no business being in charge of a country.He has proven many times he has no care for the people of Iraq,he is only interested in power.

  9. I'm not a big fan of Bush,But I support going into Iraq and removing Saddam Insane 150%.The man is pure evil.Amnesty International has a list of crimes him and his thugs have committed,everything from eye gouging to acid baths,rapes to beheadings.He has no right running a country,he has proven he has no care for his people.Recently one woman spoke out against Saddam in Iraq,she was arrested and they chopped her head off (Fox news report).


    This war is most certainly NOT about oil,its about the liberation and freedom of an oppressed society.Yes people may die,but in the long run more people will live.


    As for those that are upset soldiers may get killed,well they volunteered with the full knowledge there is a chance they may die in combat.I was in the Army and I was very willing to lay my life on the line so others can live a free and democratic life.


    You know its a damn if you do damned if you don't situation,If we do nothing and pull out of Iraq and then Saddam nukes Israel or chemically attacks Kuwait then the world will look to the U.S and whine about us not doing anything to stop him.

  10. I'm looking forward to this episode.And for the Enterprise naysayers the way it looks the continuity will remain intact.The Borg discovered frozen in the arctic are from Star Trek: FC.After the Enterprise-E blew up the Borg Sphere remnants fell to earth.Plus we get to see John Billingsley's real life wife,she will be playing one of the scientist that discovers the Borg frozen in the ice.


    I think its odd how some people will condem an episode before its even shown.Whats up with that?