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    Also, I think that the bashers also deserve some of the blame.  I would never venture to state that they are any less of a Trek fan for not liking ENT but I feel that many did not give the show a chance from day one as there were many that started bashing it after the first episode for items such as makeup choices and other items that were obviously an act of actively trying to find things wrong with the series instead of looking past those production items that were a result of the show being made in a time when the studio had more available to them to make the show's look better than what they had available when TOS was being produced.



    WELL SAID! I couldn't agree more about the bashers. I recall that when TNG first came out, the bashers were out in force as well. TNG never really hit its stride until the 4th season but at least in its case it was given a chance to mature and get good. Unfortunately, Enterprise never got that chance.




    I also totally agree with you.

  2. A very simplistic episode, which is nice. I gave it a 6.5 out of 10 though


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    The plot reminded me way to much of 'Hatchery' which was IMHO the worst episode of season 3. Also I could see that the Slave Girl dances were the effects of the network trying to get a boost for male demographics.


    It was cool that the effects of the Orion women caused just high adreniline level but didn't make the men absolute slaves to them. It wasn't a sure thing that they would give in to the Orion's demands or not. I also couldn't help but smile at the end with Trip and T'Pol, especially in Sickbay.


    I also am eagerly awaiting 'Through a Mirror Darkly'.


    I have to disagree with you on one point:

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    the dance the orion slave girls did to me was very reminiscent of the dance the orion slave girl did on TOS. plus whats the point of improving male demographics when the show is about to end.

  3. I blame UPN and the bashers who never really gave the show a chance. No matter how good the show is (and it was a good show) THEY CONTINUED TO BASH IT.!!

    now we will have to wait a long time before we get any kind of new Trek, as sad as that is I am one who believes Trek needs a long break for a few years before trying anything new.

  4. Stargate is a great show, but then again so is Enterprise. I like them both equally. The characters on both shows have developed very nicely and the stories are all top notched. If I really had to pick a favorite I would pick Enterprise, with Stargate a very,very close second.

  5. I'm also a fan of Alice. I also saw the "Welcome to my Nightmare" concert back in the 70"s.

    Alice now-a-days does a live syndicated radio show that features classic rock. I work for a radio station in North Carolina which is part of a 4 station company and our classic rock station has Alice on Monday thru Friday from 7:00 to midnight.

  6. well, i have to say (sorry peeps) that i dislike (very much) the TV show 24. it's racist and stereotypical. and i hate all of reality TV.







    don't kill me.....




    WOW Your the frst person I've seen that does not like 24. Its my most favorite show of all time next to Star Trek. Everyone I work with loves 24 and the next day at work we all discuss what we've seen. I've seen nothing racist about it at all.

    the worse show out now in my opioin is Growing Up Gotti, now thats a waste of good film.

  7. Kirks Enterprise is the first Federation Star ship called Enterprise. so that explains that. Archers Enterprise is earths first warp 5 ship which is before the Federation is ever founded.Before that we have the space shuttle Enterprise here in the United States. So again where did they mess up the timeline?

  8. Ok I'm not too upset with the loss of Enterprise, for one it messes up the timeline at points or it will, and it just doesnt feel like startrek to me, I watch i feel im watching Babylon 5, I would much rather see a new series with it involving Riker and Capt. of the Titan or something else




    When did it ever mess up the timeline? I've watched every episode since the show began (More than once) and I've seen nothing that messes up the time line. Enterprise reminds me more of TOS than ever before, the same type of action and suspense!

  9. Trekunited .com has raised to date $3,073,180.00 to help save Enterprise, they have also sponsored rallies world wide from L.A. to Tel Aviv, Isrial. There will be a rally in Norfolk, Va. on march 13th. for more info on that go to http://www.webspawner.com/users/kydsnipe/index.html


    You know its all about the money, if TPTB are given enough money from the fans they will do another season at least.


    Lets hope the power of the people will work for Enterprise!

  10. I've seen a couple of sci-fi shows that feature uni-sex showers and restrooms. There is a great uni-sex shower scene in the film Starship Troopers.

    Uni-sex bathrooms are already a reality in this day and age so uni-sex showers can't be that far off.

  11. I heard the sad news today that Hunter S. Thompson,67, committed suicide this past weekend. I've been a big fan of his books and articles for many years. He truly was an American literary icon. He wrote such books as "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas", "The Proud Highway", "Hell's Angels", and "The Downward Spiral of Dumbness" to name a few. He wrote many great articles for Rolling Stone magazine and many people say he was Blogging before there ever was a blog!

    He is survived by his wife of 18 years Sandra Thompson and their son Juan Thompson.

    The cartoon Doonesbury based the character "Duke" after Hunter.

    I for one am sad this great writer is gone, he will be missed.


    The sig at the bottom of my post is one of my favorite quotes from him.