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  1. Think about it like this.


    You have a stream. You create a dam and dig a path to your friends house. The stream now flows there. Did you create a new stream? Nope, you just alterred it. Remove the dam and block off the new path. You've now restorred the flow of the stream and it no longer flows the other way.


    That's how it would be with multiple timelines. Each timeline exists one at a time. When time is alterred, a new timeline exists, and the previous one ceases to exist.

  2. It's quite simple actually. Alternate forms of reallity are infinate and exist simultaneously. However, when it comes to multiple timelines, you can only have on at a time. If "future guy" erases TOS/TNG/DS9/VOY/Movies, you couldn't "cross" to that timeline becuase it no longer exists. It's replaced by the new timeline in which the future is in chaos. The only way to get back to the proper timeline would be to stop "future guy" and change history, thus the timeline then changes back to what we remember. However, this means that the timeline with the chaotic future no longer exists.



    Any questions?

  3. You can only have one timeline at a time. Besides, if ENTERPRISE is set in an alternate timeline, that means the future Treks didn't happen or that ENT would have to be erased.


    I'd rather stick with the idea of ENT being a true prequal with some interferrance from the TCW.

  4. Hmm... I do have 3 TOS volumes. Maybe I should just collect one at a time till the season sets come out, then sell them abd buy the season sets?


    I can't afford to buy the season sets as they come out. TOO MUCH MONEY!!!


    Instead, my dad buys the first season set for each show, then I buy the rest via lay-away at Wal-Mart. :wow:

  5. 1. Didn't the fact that the wisps could remove the crew from their bodies imply that humans are dual natured and if the wisps could remove us we should be able to learn to remove ourselves - no evolving necessary.

    Maybe when the "whisps" remove us, it's something they "evolved" to be able to do, like having an out of body experrience? Maybe they "evolved" to leave their bodies at will, and then just abandon them? Perhaps they "can" pilot and fix their ship, but the damage was too extensive?


    2. How do wisps travel in subspace yet are not able to survive in space - if they are noncorporeal why do they need a ship? If they can't repair the ship how do they pilot it? And how did they travel through space between ships.

    Hmm... Got me there!


    3. How did Phlox resuscitate everyone just be changing the air supply?

    YES, BIG FLAW! :wow:


    4. If they shielding in the Catwalk kept out the wisps - how did Trip get in?

    Um... Care to clarrify?


    5. Does being converted to energy automatically give the ability to transcend the boundaries of space/time? It didn't in TNG or TOS.

    Yeah, but were THEY sent to subspace? B)


    6. If we have a dual nature - ie a consciousness that could be removed shouldnt the means be mechanical - like a power surge rather than mental will as T'Pol implied? How is a forceable takeover a temptation?

    Maybe the "temptation" is so powerful, that it's like a forecable takeover in that we just "give in" to the temptation?


    7. Remember TOS - where the three surviving "consciousnesses" of a dead race inhabited Kirk/Spock/female doctor. They weren't energy wisps they hung out in orbs (Spock hid out in nurse chapel for a while)

    Can't remember this episode...

  6. After lots of thinking, here's the conclussion I've come to:


    Here are our movie options:

    Deep Space Nine



    Mixed cast

    New cast


    Now, here's how I feel about each:


    Deep Space Nine

    While I enjoyed this series as much as I did VOY, I think it's too complicated to turn into a movie. Besides, other than Sisko's departure, what else is there to tell that could work as a movie? I say "IF" the demand is large enough, they should do a mini-series!



    Since TNG is over in the movies and VOY ended 2 years ago, I say this is the PERFECT cannidate for the next group of movies, or at least one movie! Also, I think that if they "do" decide to make VOY movies, the first should focus on the return of Sisko with a few DS9 characters. Kinda like how Kirk, Scotty, and Chekov were in Generations.



    I say it's too early. They should wait till after it ends before making a movie. Some people suggest doing a mid-series movie like X-Files. I ask: Why? Why make a mid-series movie when there's so many other stories to tell?


    Mixed cast

    Hmm... I think this is a great idea! I mean really, they could go ANYWHERE with this! They could come up with a story, then pick a starship or starbase to fit the setting, then just use whatever characters fit the story! If someone's too expensive, instead of not having that "complete cast" you just plug someone else in, no problem. Yes, this could deffinately work!


    New cast

    I go see STAR TREK movies for an established story and characters, so we can rush right on into the story! I mean, that's my favorite part of movies - the characters! So, if it were a bunch of new people... I dunno, it just wouldn't be the same.


    In conclussion, I say they should do a VOY or mixed cast movie. Don't think DS9 could work as a movie, too early for ENT, and a new cast... I dunno.



  7. I voted INSURRECTION! It's my fav TNG movie becuase it deals with morals and ethics! Oh, and it has the best humor since ST-4!


    "I've been shot at, thrown out of a ship that's come to abduct us, and nealy drowned. What's there to worry about?"

  8. OK, he's done wonders with Trek, and side from the stupid catsuits, I've got no major complaints.




    Why the heck is this guy hirring people who DON'T KNOW ABOUT STAR TREK to write & direct it??? I once read that he didn't want people working on ENT to have seen any of TOS! WHAT THE CRAP???? I mean, WHY does he want people to not know about Trek when MAKING it? It doesn't make any sense!


    Well, how do you all feel about this?


    NOTE: This might explain ENT continuity errors...

  9. Well, I guess I could deal with "A" relationship... But, as long as they only do one.


    Anyone watch THE X FILES? Remember how Mulder & Scully started off like Archer & T'Pol? Remember how Mulder & Scully ended up in love by the final season? Well, it'd be interresting to see Archer & T'Pol in some kind of relationship by the series finale. This is something that I'd like to see developed over the series and then happen in the finale, and then maybe we could see it delt with in the movies, or something. Just an idea! :wow:

  10. My only problems with the movie was that it felt too much like STAR WARS and didn't have enough drama. But hey! They wanted to do Star Trek as an "action movie" for #10, so in the end, I liked it! I guess I'm just used to more ethical-type Trek movies. :wow:

  11. I don't want a "relationship" on Enterprise, unless it happens in the final season. Like say T'Pol & Trip fall in love in the final episodes! (Just an example)


    TOS had no relationships.

    TNG had "history" between Riker & Troi, then a Worf/Troi fling in the last season.

    DS9 was on a space station, so relationships were expected.

    VOY had Tom/B'Elanna and then Chakotay/Seven in the finale.


    I just don't think they should do "relationships" in ENT.