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  1. There's too many to choose from to create a normal poll, so just pick one and tell us why!


    the original series

    Type 1 Shuttlecraft

    The Next Generation

    Type 6 Shuttlecraft

    Type 7 Shuttlecraft

    Type 15 Shuttlepod

    Deep Space Nine


    U.S.S. Defiant (This counts becuase it supports DS9)

    Type 10 Shuttlecraft

    Type 18 Shuttlepod


    Type 8 Shuttlecraft

    Type 9 Shuttlecraft

    Delta Flyer




    Type 3 Shuttlecraft

    Type 11 Shuttlecraft


    Captain's Yacht

    Mission Scoutship


    My vote: Runabout

    Why? - It's like a tiny starship! :bow:

  2. RPG = Role Playing Game


    When you do it on a message board, you start a thread, everyone picks a characters, sometimes more than one, and you tell a story! Check out the one I started in the Holosuite! :bow:

  3. Tom Welling plays "Clark Kent" in the WB's SMALLVILLE! They could allways wait till the series runs it's coarse, have Clark become Superman in the finale, then make Superman movies, starring Tom Welling!


    I also have a friend who's in college and is 19. He's in college to be a film actor, and he "claims" that he might be able to audition for "Superman" Since no one wants to do it, it sounds plausable. Is he pulling my leg? I think he might be... dunno...

  4. GREETINGS! :bow:


    What are your all time favorite movies? Go by category, then pick one and tell us why you loved it!



    Star Trek 1-10


    The Time Machine

    Lost in Space


    Jurassic Park 1-3

    Back to the Future - The Trilogy

    The Abyss



    The Haunting




    This is one of my ALL time favorite movies! It was a story of time travel, adventure, discovery, romance, and MUCH MUCH MORE! I recommend this movie to everyone who loves a good sci-fi movie!