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  1. Big fan of mirror mirror, but Darkly takes the cake for me because it's a prequel (Mirror Mirror) as well as a sequel (Tholian Web) and it has a snazy looking opening theme with great visuals.


    The only thing I have to say after that is ALL HAIL EMPRESS SATO!

  2. I've got the first two seasons of the Original Trek, Season 5-7 Ds9, the Picard collection and the first seven movies on special collections dvd. I have vhs copies of the movies, but they're sitting in a basement some where.

  3. Well can hear it coming. It's that big void of no trek that's coming along. I lived through one before. First they promise another show, then they promise a movie. It'll probably be years until we hear from it again. But don't worry, we've got a plethora of other science fiction to choose from.


    First there's...well I'm sure something will come along.

  4. I picked this up not too long ago. I'm almost half way through. It's entertaining, but the continuity mistakes are some what glaring. Namely, the fact that in the first issue they decide to obliterate an entire planets surface.


    In another issue they go to the planet Numero Uno and meet two aliens named Justin 1 and Justin 2. Also the universal intergalatic language seems to be esperanto. Which Shatner could actually speak because he was in the movie Succubus (and all esperanto dialogue film.)


    A couple of them seem to work and could match as filler for the TV show, but most of them I think were made during the shows productions and they just didn't have enough on the characters or just didn't have access to the TV bible.


    Although, it shouldn't account for why the bridge kept on changing configurations. :blink:

  5. What sort of camera are you using to film these episodes? Is it relatively easy to do low depth of field focusing? Also do you use industry standard lighting? Is most of this equipment rented? I'm a film student, so naturally I'm very curious.

  6. If they decide to bring back shatner, I think it's cheesy for him to play an ancestor. They might as well bring him back as the original character if Shatner returns. My vote is to bring back kirk. And for all it's flaws I thought the trailer was damn entertaining and fun. I agree, Kirk ROCKS!

  7. Everyone has a prefered console, I myself like the ps-2. I guess it's just brand loyalty and stuff. Plus it's the only system where I can play Final Fantasy...and I mean real Final Fantasy not Crystal Chornicles. Also my ps one games are still playble as well. But really you just have to find a system that suits whatever needs that best fits you.