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I almost fainted when I saw this tweet this morning, lol. (I was tired and almost... misread things.)




And then he tweeted this just now:




*reads tweet* He's a ...OMGWT... :WHAT::eek::jaw:


*re-reads* Ooooh...never mind. :whistling:

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And more work and more honors, of course...



Sir Patrick Stewart OBE Named Huddersfield Town Academy President





Huddersfield Town is proud to announce that worldwide film, stage and television superstar Sir Patrick Stewart OBE has become President of the Academy.


Stewart is best known for his roles as Jean-Luc Picard in Star Trek: The Next Generation and Professor Charles Xavier in the X-Men films and is also Chancellor of the University of Huddersfield; a role in which he presented Club Ambassador Andy Booth with his honorary fellowship recently.


A diehard Town fan, Mirfield-born Patrick – who was recently knighted in the Queen’s New Year’s honours list for his services to drama – will help the Club raise the profile of its youth system.


His role is a new one at the Club and Commercial Director Sean Jarvis explained that the Olivier Award winner can play a vital role in the continued progression of the Academy.


“It is fantastic news that someone with the profile of Sir Patrick Stewart is getting officially involved with the Huddersfield Town Academy. Patrick has terrific passion for the football club and will act as a figurehead for the Academy as it builds for a bigger future.


“Everyone at the Club is honoured that Sir Patrick has accepted the role and we are looking forward to working with him.”


Academy Manager Graham Mitchell echoed Sean’s comments.


“One of the primary objectives of my job is to continue the development and growth of our already successful Academy and having Mr. Stewart on board as President will be a massive tool for us in terms of attracting sponsorship and raising our profile in the local and wider communities.”


Huddersfield Town Chief Executive Nigel Clibbens welcomed Sir Patrick to the Club.


“We are delighted to have Sir Patrick on board with us in an official capacity. He has been kind enough to help out the Club on several occasions already, with our season ticket campaign ahead of the current season for example and with the Yorkshire Air Ambulance ‘Keep It Up’ campaign, and we are looking forward to harnessing his drive and passion for the Club to further the Academy.”




There are two possibilities:


1. The Enterprise has traveled back in time again and Captain Picard is on a secret mission, disguised as a Huddersfield fan.


2. What we see is an ancestor to Picard who is a Huddersfield fan.


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tumblr_mbty0e7g8A1r116c2o1_500.png (Source)


As a fan of the rock band Traffic, I just have to add these lyrics to this picture. Good song!



"Till I find out where will I go, where will I go?

I don't know, I don't know

I don't know where the spaces between my eyes

Open up to heavenly skies, death awaits with pearly gates

those who've been mesmerized, many years have come and gone

Went to see the Standing Stones

Some in circle, some alone

Ancient, worn and weather torn

They chilled me to my very bone

Many of these can be seen in quiet places, fields of green

of heathen lands with countless names

and the only thing that remains are the Rollright Stones

Space Age before my eyes

Opening up the skies

Death awaits with pearly gates

for those who've been mesmerized

Many years have come and gone

But progress marches slowly on

Nature stains it has to stay

Cause everybody is going insane

The only the only thing that will sustain are the Rollright Stones.

Rollright Stones, Rollright Stones

Went to see an ancient mount

People buried underground

Come or go we'll never know

What it was like to hear that sound

Black crow I know you've been here

you've seen the sights of yesteryear

You steal the grain, I can't complain

And the only thing that remains are the Rollright Stones."


"Rollright Stones"



Written by Steve Winwood and Jim Capaldi

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*wipes dust away*

There we go!

Sir Patrick is currently on stage at Destination Star Trek Birmingham, being his usual cheeky and amazing self:

5db428bbd709e_SirPatrickStewart(DestinationStarTrekBirmingham)5.jpg.13a1279714c983cb80890ff05e625cc0.jpg (Source)

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Sir Patrick at the Charlie's Angels premiere in LA on Monday:



And here is his appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live from last night:



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