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  1. My favorite is "Future's End" (VGR) mostly because of the villain Henry Starling.
  2. What was it about Voyager that you found likeable enough to consider it your second fave series? I was able to watch most all of it from the beginning. TNG, Enterprise, DS9, were shown on Saturdays were I live and I worked Saturdays. So I never really got into say a flow with them. Ok. I hear you. Where I live every trek show was re-played every saturday afternoon starting with re-runs of TOS and TNG and then progressing to the new eps of DS9 and VOY. By the time ENT rolled around this stopped. Sundays were Xena, Hercules, Kung Fu the Legend Continues and Babylon 5. I really miss those days. Yes I loved Xena Oh so much. Me too! Those were the days. Fortunately there are DVD:s!
  3. Note that Beltran didn't hate Star Trek from the beginning. He just got tired of the so called writers and producers in the long run. As for Kes, she was the best character of them all! I find it unjust to compare her with Wesley Crusher. I don't dislike Wesley but Kes was much better. She was an unique character who really personified the spirit of Star Trek and the series lost a lot when she was kicked out. As for the relationship between Kes and Neelix, it was OK in the beginning but it was obvious that they would drift apart. But the break-up should have been better handled.
  4. Note that Beltran didn't hate Star Trek from the beginning. He just got tired of the so called writers and producers in the long run. As for Kes, she was the best character of them all! As for the relationship between Kes and neelix, it was OK in the beginning but it was obvious that they would drift apart. But the break-up should have been better handled.
  5. As a fan of the rock band Traffic, I just have to add these lyrics to this picture. Good song! "Till I find out where will I go, where will I go? I don't know, I don't know I don't know where the spaces between my eyes Open up to heavenly skies, death awaits with pearly gates those who've been mesmerized, many years have come and gone Went to see the Standing Stones Some in circle, some alone Ancient, worn and weather torn They chilled me to my very bone Many of these can be seen in quiet places, fields of green of heathen lands with countless names and the only thing that remains are the Rollright Stones Space Age before my eyes Opening up the skies Death awaits with pearly gates for those who've been mesmerized Many years have come and gone But progress marches slowly on Nature stains it has to stay Cause everybody is going insane The only the only thing that will sustain are the Rollright Stones. Rollright Stones, Rollright Stones Went to see an ancient mount People buried underground Come or go we'll never know What it was like to hear that sound Black crow I know you've been here you've seen the sights of yesteryear You steal the grain, I can't complain And the only thing that remains are the Rollright Stones." "Rollright Stones" Traffic Written by Steve Winwood and Jim Capaldi
  6. There are two possibilities: 1. The Enterprise has traveled back in time again and Captain Picard is on a secret mission, disguised as a Huddersfield fan. 2. What we see is an ancestor to Picard who is a Huddersfield fan.
  7. I didn't like her, mostly because I liked Crusher and was a bit annoyed that she had left. At that point, I didn't have any Internet so I didn't know the reasons why Crusher was gone, in that case I would have been more annoyed. I thought Pulaski was a bit annoying and was very happy to see Crusher back in season 3. In recent years, I've begun to appreciate Pulaski a little more, even if I still prefer Crusher. It would have been nice to see Pulaski show up in some later episode. By the way, are there any book where Pulaski shows up after have left the Enterprise and any story about what she did later on in life?
  8. Just want to inform you that the Kes Website has moved. The new address is: The old site is still available at the same location as before, due to the fact that it's impossible to log in at 110mb. I hope that this problem can be solved in the near future.
  9. ^^ WHAT????????? :o After all those years of rantings and marketing and there are people who haven't heard about it! Now I feel like a complete failure. I guess I have to mention it more in my upcoming posts. Anyway, The site will be moved in the near future, probably before New Years Eve. I'll be back with the new address.
  10. The Kes Website is in trouble and might be on the move again. Not because I want it but because of an unreliable webhost which is causing me a lot of trouble. The Kes Website is one of he oldest Kes and Voyager website on the net. It was launched back in 1999 on Geocities and everything worked fine until those greedy bastards at Yahoo decided to ditch Geocities. So I had to move the site. After a lengthy search and with the advice from some nice people I did find in May 2009 and moved the site there. Everything has been going fine until now. It has been impossible to edit the website since the beginning of November. I simply can't log in! All attempts to get in touch with those in charge of 110mb has failed. The recent week it has been impossible to access the main website for 110mb and there are a lot of negative comments about them on the net, saying that they are probably finished. So I have to move the site. But to where? To be honest, I'm not that fond of the idea to pay money for a web host. This is a hobby project which I have kept up for many years. I don't earn any money n the website so why should anyone earn money on my work and interests. So I'm looking for a place where I can put up my website. The problem is that most of the free web hosts seem to be sub-standard to say the least. Some of them are probably appropriate for those who want to create a four-page site about their pet rabbit (or dog, cat, horse, elephant or who knows what). But I want a little more than that and most of all, I want to move my website to a place where things are functioning and where it's possible to get in touch with those in charge if something should be wrong. So if anyone who is reading this can give me some good advices, I would be more than happy. I don't want to ditch the website. It has been going for a while and it would be nice to keep it. But there is also another problem. If I manage to find a decent place to where I can move the website, I still can't delete it from since I can't log in to my account or even access their website. Which means that people will continue to visit the site, notice that there are no updates, get bored and forget it. So what can I do about that? Spam every Star Trek forum with weekly reminders about the new site? Or just pray and hope that 110mb just call it a day and wipe out everything? This whole thing is giving me a headache! :(
  11. Honestly, she was equivalent to an 18-25 years old person.
  12. I was planning to use the Youtube episodes to make Kes soundfiles. Now that little summer project went out of the window. OK, I have the season 1-3 DVD:s but it's too complicated to link the computer to the TV since the TV is in another room and I'm not technically skilled enough to handle all those things.
  13. Nothing is free and funny in this world. It's all about money, legal rights, money, official drab products, money, killing creativity among ordinary people, money, killing interest for certain things and events, money, greed and money again.
  14. I would like to join in to celebrate the anniversary, even if my reply is a bit late. Happy Anniversary Voyager! :) Thanks for the great characters! :)