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  1. I'd have to be logged in as you to fix it. Try placing it again and if it still won't go to the right place I can change your password to something that will let me log in as you, then I'll place the pin and log out and PM you with what the changed password is. Then once you log back in you can change your PW back to what you originally had.



    Thanks for offering VBG. I managed to move my pin to the U.S., Canada and Europe, but it just wouldn't stick in quite the right spot there either. Not to worry, I've always wanted to live on a secluded island and this is about as close as I ever expect to get.

  2. What's going on with the map? I tried to put myself on it but it dumped me in the middle of the Sea of Japan, disturbingly close to North Korea. If anyone can fix my placement, please stick me in Kyoto.


    Here's a link to a map:


    Basic Map of Japan


    Kyoto is just southwest of the large (though it's tiny on this map) lake in the centre of the country and just north of Osaka. Thanks if somebody can do this.

  3. Mostly I participate in Ent and Off Topic. Sometimes I post in Parrises Squares Court, Holodeck 1 and The Voting booth. I'll post in Movies if there's a new one and occasionally in Ten Forward. These are the topics that attract me to Trek and I try to keep what I do here based on that and avoid any topics that are too personal.


    Although I visit it on occasion for a laugh, I avoid posting in Kronos like a plague. It's a mess, but it's nice that it's all kept in one ugly little corner of the site. If I can be completely honest, I find it frustrating that the notion of a "heated debate" seems to be reserved for Kronos. I've noticed that different types of people stick to particular forums and those different forums each have their own feel to them, while others post almost everywhere. I think this has a big impact on the board as a whole.


    I also avoid RPG, Games and Vic because I simply am not interested in these parts of the board.

  4. It's Christian Bale RSV. Sure sounds like Keaton though! :bow:




    brief character synopsis:

    Click for Spoiler:

    Explores the origins of the Batman legend and the Dark Knight's emergence as a force for good in Gotham. Christian Bale stars as Bruce Wayne/Batman; Michael Caine as his trusted butler Alfred; Gary Oldman as Lieutenant James Gordon, a detective on the Gotham police force; Katie Holmes as a childhood friend of Wayne's; Liam Neeson as Wayne's mentor, Henri Ducard; Ken Watanabe as the villainous Ra's Al Ghul; and Morgan Freeman as Lucius Fox, a former board member and sidelined employee of Wayne Enterprises.

    Wow, that's a very impressive cast. And yes, his voice does resemble Keaton's very closely. Looks promising.

  5. Ooh, I just hate allergies.  I used to get them quite badly, but don't at all anymore.  I don't like using medication.  My secret is that...


    Click for Spoiler:

    I moved to another country and they all disappeared since the things I'm allergic to are not here.





    That probably doesn't help you, but changing your environment can help a lot.  Good luck.

    Didn't you move to Japan from North America? I moved to Japan from North America a few years ago, and my allergies were HORRIBLE. The sakura season was the worst. I hate those infernal flowers!

    Yes, I did. I was allergic to some trees that we don't have here. Interestingly, I was also allergic to cats in N.A. but I'm not allergic to my roommate's cat here in Japan.

  6. Ooh, I just hate allergies. I used to get them quite badly, but don't at all anymore. I don't like using medication. My secret is that...


    Click for Spoiler:

    I moved to another country and they all disappeared since the things I'm allergic to are not here.



    That probably doesn't help you, but changing your environment can help a lot. Good luck.

  7. I think the spark between Trip and T'Pol was obvious from the beginning and they've had some great exchanges since season one. Personally, I think their conflicting ideologies could have been played better without the romantic interlude.


    There was certainly a lot more tension in the beginning. They established that early when T'Pol took command once and Trip voiced his concern that she was trying to undermine the mission, but this relationship hasn't been maintained due to the changing nature of their relationship. I think they've lost something here, but gained by adding a little comedy to the show through their occasional bickering. I thought this was a good thing for season 3 as the Xindi plot needed a distraction at times. Although I liked it for the most part, it started to drag for me at a few points and I wanted another story to keep things moving along.

  8. RSV, no one is stopping you from discussing whatever you wish to discuss.  So discuss away.  No one forced you to respond to me and I do wonder why you still insist on "calling me out" when I was trying to end the discussion. 


    As for "opposites attract" - first, scientific studies on relationships have shown that is not true. Second, it is a topic that should be discussed in a different thread and I tried to get this thread back on topic.


    As for attitudes carried over different threads - I've been aware of yours lately as well.

    Lately? :bow: I haven't really posted much of anything for 2 weeks since I've been out of the country and I wasn't posting much before that. Let's just move on already.


    I've posted a few thoughts on why I think the relationship between them is interesting and why the opposites attract idea is an interesting dynamic for the show. Whether you like the situation or not, do you not agree that it's at least interesting to watch their exchanges?

  9. ...

    Originally, I spent some time responding the various comments but it isn't worth it.  I indicated in my last post it was time to let it drop and get back to the topic of T'Pol.


    Why don't you try talking about what you like or want for T'Pol rather than making personal attacks against me?

    I already did say what I liked/wanted to see out of the relationship. I said that being with Trip is an interesting scenario because it allows T'Pol to experience the human condition because he is often quite emotional. It provides an interesting contrast between the two worlds and brings out responses that we might not otherwise see - T'Pol's wry comments and Trip's bullheadedness. It also serves as a microcosm for the tense relationship/alliance between humans and Vulcans as species and gives us more insights as to why they can't get along on a larger scale. So you see, the relationship doesn't have to be ideal, it just has to move forward in one way or another, whether it be a happy ending or a waste of time.


    I wanted to discuss this, but unfortunately you decided to continue to rant on about can or can't be in a relationship and have taken a somewhat condescending attitude towards those who disagree with you by saying that the notion that opposites attract is imaginary. That may be true for you, but it doesn't make it so for all of us. You wrote, and edited, that you think this concept is just an "old wive's tale," which is a rather condescending tone carried through some of the other posts so I'm not sure why you're surprised to hear us voice disagreement with your opinion about the relationship.

  10. TUH, why does it have to be a relationship that can "work" and what the heck does "work" mean anyway? It's not as if people have to get married and live happily ever after at the end of every relationship. For me, the relationship only has to provide interesting material for the show, and I think it does that - their conflicting personalities have resulted in some of the more interesting exchanges on Ent. In all honesty, it sounds like you just want everyone to live up to your expectation of a relationship rather than to see T'Pol develop. It sounds to me like you want validation of your own beliefs more than character development.

  11. I'm a little reluctant to post this one on the off chance that somebody here was a victim of my vengeance.  Therefore, if you own a red Porche Boxter, please don't read this.


    I used to live in a fairly expensive apartment with fairly expensive car-ports.  For about $100 per month, I had a reserved port where I could park my car.  However, somebody who owned a red Porche Boxster would always park in my spot.  After repeated notes, and several failed attempts to have the car towed, I finally spent an evening making a few pans of cornbread, which I cut into about 30 nice squares and arranged on the hood of the Boxster, which was parked in my spot, which was conveniently located near a very scenic pond with ducks and geese.  The birds took advantage of the free meal.  Do you have any idea what a flock of corn-fed ducks and geese will do to the hood of a nice red, well-waxed Porche Boxster?  The nice thing was that there was no evidence.

    Good stuff. It reminds me of a similar food-related revenge story.


    I was living in a company-supplied apartment overseas and was soon to get a new roommate, a co-worker from neither my own country nor the one I was living in. I was at first intrigued by the prospect of being thrown into a small apartment with a young woman about the same age as myself. I made efforts to get along, sharing the supplies I had already purchased for the apartment (which is important when you're living abroad as we both were), showing her around the neighbourhood and helping her with the language (which I was much more proficient at). I lent a hand when the landlord hit on her by helping her get out of an uncomfortable situation. I even helped her remove a giant (OK, it wasn't that big) cockroach from her room one night as she was deathly afraid of them.


    Unfortunately, I soon discovered she was a smoker as well as a vegetarian and all-around complainer. I personally didn't have a problem with the first two characteristics, but her endless moaning about my meat-eating ways drove me round the bend and forced me to look for my own place in the end to get some peace of mind, which was to be a major drain both financially and with regard to personal time lost in the process; however, the situation had become unbearable and required action. I eventually found one that met my needs and set my moving date to correspond with an extended vacation she had been planning, though not on purpose.


    While she was away, I packed up my stuff and got out. I left nothing behind, except for the half-full garbage can with the remains of my last meal. It appears that I may have left a little meat in the garbage, because when she returned from her trip, there was a strong smell emanating from the bin. Upon opening it, a small army of insects emerged and staked their claim to the property. I know this because I went back to check for mail and she told me what had transpired. The most amusing part was that she'd obviously been practising her speech for days and was waiting for me to visit so that she could try it out. She seemed to lose heart in the middle of it as a smirk slowly spread across my face, a signal that even as she went off on me that I was still winning our little feud.


    I'm afraid that I can't say that this story is truly a revenge story because it was somewhat unintentional. It just happened to work out that way.

  12. To say that T'Pol and Trip are opposites is oversimplifying things. It's true that Trip is emotional, but as T'Pol has obviously been exploring her emotions since the program began (the mind meld, Trellium, being with Trip) and even before (the trip to the jazz club, which was done through a flashback), it's not entirely surprising that she was attracted to the most emotional character. While I don't think it's likely to work out, it's not impossible.


    Oh, and by the way, since when did most people think all that rationally when it came to romance? And why does a relationship have to have a high chance of succeeding to begin?

  13. Yeah, there are tonnes of schools where I live and you have to go to get the license. The test must be taken at a registered school and they basically screw you over a few times if you don't take their lessons, so I might as well learn how to do it right. They supply bikes of different sizes (mainly based on the engine) and you have to practice on the size that you're going to take the test for. If you want to ride a 400cc bike, you have to practice on one, not a 250cc (or else you have to take the test again).


    I'm not planning on buying anything big if I do go for it in the end, just a 250 or 400 cc bike. One of the reasons I started thinking about getting one was when I saw this one (the web page is in Japanese so I'm not sure it'll display the characters on your screen properly or not):


    Yamaha Drag Star Classic 400


    Drag Star Customization Page


    I might go for the smaller 250cc model. I don't need or want a bike with a big engine since it'll pretty much make no difference as I'll be riding in the city for the most part. If I get the smaller one, it'll cost me about US$4000 while the 400 classic'll be probably around US$5500-6000.

  14. The first name I got: 

    Click for Spoiler:

    Admiral Curlyarse




    Then I put the same name in more than once and realized it gave you a different name each time no matter what name you put in.

    That's strange. I always get the same name (5 times in a row just now and the same one yesterday 2 times in a row).

  15. I'm considering getting a license for a bike and was wondering if anyone with experience has any advice for a first timer? I haven't decided whether I'll even go for the license or not yet (it costs a fair chunk of money in Japan) - just at the information gathering stage now. It'll depend on a couple of factors. One reason I'm thinking of it is that a bike is way cheaper than a car. The other is that it seems like more fun and individualistic. I'm still a long way from going for it yet, but thanks for any help.

  16. I'm gonna let you guys in on a not so closely gaurded secret. I can use a computer and a camera to figure out where you are and how long you spend in the washroom just as easily---if not more so, because it doesn't require consent on your part---as a microchip. anyone from england might tell you there is a London suburb that has cameras on every street, someone could hack the system and stalk you without ever leaving the confines of their computer room.

    Exactly. People are sooooooo worried about personal privacy, and for what? If their government (or a government from a number of foreign countries) wants to find them, it will. Guess what? Pretty much nobody cares where you are and what you're doing most of the time.


    I imagine we'll all have stuff like this attached to us in the future. We're already carrying the stuff around to make life easier (PDAs, digital cameras, cell phones) - it's only a matter of time before implants take hold. By the way, we already have implants for people who are sick (artificial organs, etc.). It's only a couple of small steps from that to implanting to prevent illness and then on to self-improvement. We'll all look like the Borg in a couple of hundred years.

  17. The symbol is called a tilde.


    It's used in some programming and to indicate directories or in some languages. However, most people just throw it in without reason as a pointless symbol. Perhaps they think it's cool.

  18. I've had it before, it's just like Pepsi except it tastes blue-ish. :o







    Would that be like a blue/gray, like stainless steel flavor or blue/green, like algae? Or more like a Blueberry? :dude: :pepsi: :pepsi: :pepsi: :pepsi:

    Anyway, back to the more important topic of the Treklike Blue Pepsi. I'm in Japan. It tastes pretty much like regular Pepsi, but with a bit of vanilla thrown in (not quite to the level of Vanilla Coke/Pepsi) of last year (yuck). I ended up with a brutal hangover the day after that last post I made in this thread and I blame it on the Blue Pepsi (yes, that's the actual name).


    P.S. It's kind of gross.