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  1. https://variety.com/2020/tv/news/cbs-all-access-paramount-plus-rebrand-game-godfather-1234769980/
  2. According to THIS article, and as hinted at in the teaser/trailer, there will be a Trill symbiont on S3 of Discovery but if that new Host carries THIS Dax is not made clear...but I'd say maybe.
  3. https://www.startrek.com/day#panel-4
  4. Star Trek: Strange New Worlds Full Panel https://www.startrek.com/day#panel-3
  5. Here is an older video I just saw about La Sirena
  6. All eight full panel streams: ST: Discovery https://www.startrek.com/day#panel-1 ST: DEEP SPACE 9 https://www.startrek.com/day#panel-2 ST: STRANGE NEW WORLDS https://www.startrek.com/day#panel-3 ST: The ORIGINAL SERIES https://www.startrek.com/day#panel-4 ST: VOYAGER https://www.startrek.com/day#panel-5 ST: ENTERPRISE https://www.startrek.com/day#panel-6 ST: LOWER DECKS https://www.startrek.com/day#panel-7 ST: TNG & PICARD https://www.startrek.com/day#panel-8 All Episodes in one YT file.
  7. Celebrate the Star Trek Anniversary with 3 hours of free virtual panels spanning 7 different series. And don't miss the free Star Trek episode streaming marathon!