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  1. That line by Q makes me  :o  every time!


    According to what I've read, when Avery Brooks won the part as Sisko, the producers asked him to grow out his hair so that people wouldn't look at him and automatically assume he was Hawk from Spencer For Hire.  (I mean, he is - but to avoid confusion and to differentiate the character.)  Then, when they figured the Sisko character was set in people's minds, they allowed him, slowly, to change his physical image back.


    I love Sisko, but bald is definitely better in this case!

    That's correct. He never went bald he just shaved his head. As for the facial hair; the first episode in which he had the goatee was the one where Jake and him build an ancient non-warp engine barjoran space craft (I forget the name). In that episode his goatee was a lot fuller and thicker, and then after that episode he trimmed it and gave it a cleaner look.


    He had always wanted to have his head shaved but it was the decision of the producers for Brooks to grow out his hair.


    I personally think he looks a lot better with the head shaved and goatee. A lot more menacing.

  2. Picard was probably the most by the book Captain out of everyone. He broke the rules less than any of the other Captains and he was definitely the most dipomatic, while Sisko, as an example, was more military-esque.

  3. I gave it a 10 too


    Click for Spoiler:

    Really picked up in the end. Great acting, great special effects, and camera work was unbelievable. Of course, the score was amazing as well. Really good plot development in the episode and an interesting cliff-hanger. I can't believe they're considering cancelling a show like this...

  4. Click for Spoiler:

    This episode is among my favorite ST episodes of all time. It's the same type of intense, suspenseful, look into the future episode that made certain TNG and VOY episodes so memorable, but Enterprise added their own touch to it. It was wonderfully acted and the script was amazing. Can't wait to see it again.




  5. I loved this one! One of the amazing things about DS9 was how well they crafted so many early series episode's to have that "third season episode feel" to them, it truly felt like we had just been dropped into the middle of something that had been going on for sometime before we arrived on scene with Jake and Sisko. Know what I mean?

    I do agree with that. The quality of the season 1 episodes were light years beyond what TNG was doing in their first season.

  6. Click for Spoiler:

    I enjoyed this episode a lot because it didn't really feel like Star Trek. It had an atmosphere and feel that was a lot different than when TNG, DS9, or Voyager went back in time. The first couple of minutes after the credits you wouldn't even know it was Star Trek had you just turned to it.


    It was an original story and further shows that Archer can be almost as badass as Sisko hehe. Once again, as has been the case all the seasons the directing and camera angles were excellent.




  7. That was a very good episode. Which ending wuld you have preferred: The real ending, where Kira finds out that she is a Bajoran after all but that some Cardassians are good people, or the original ending, where Kira does not know whether she is a Bajoran or a Cardassian and learns that who you are is important, not where you came from?

    The mystery of not knowing would have been interesting, it could have added a new depth to her character and possibly could have allowed a small romance with Dukat which I think they were headed into in season's 5 and 6. But I won't complain with the way they did it, I think it worked out for the best in the end.

    It's hard to say because a lot of things would have been changed and whole new stories would have brached out for Kira, especially when the Caradassians occupied DS9 for a couple of episodes.

  8. This is an amazing episode for so many reasons that it would take forever to list them all. All you have to do is throw a Cardassian in a room with Kira and magic happens everytime. Also, Garak is hilarious at the end, "it's too bad, I rather liked him" or something like that haha

  9. Time for my thoughts

    Click for Spoiler:

    For the first portion of the episode I wasn't all that thrilled about it. It seemed like the plot was just going to go nowhere but in the end everything came together and the writing was actually quite clever. Was great to see Hoshi featured in an episode, which is the first for her in awhile, and damn did she look good. I also liked how they used the telepath with and without make up. It added an interesting dimension to the character that is usually not seen. The sets were excellent and the telepathic scenes were really well directed by Roxann Dawson.


    The shuttlepod scene was hilarious. Trip's interaction with Archer that scene provided for much laughs, as did the polo ball being stuck against the wall. Archer has the funniest "not amused" face.


    The revelation of the 50 sphere was quite good as well. It was one of those little plot points, that when revealed, you just step back and say "wow". At least I did. Was also nice to see them do a non-action episode and still have it rank up there with the rest of the episodes in the season.




  10. I was not as impressed as you guys were.  It just seems to me all action and no plot.  It was a fun runaround but that was all.  I have said this before it just seems that when they go away from the arc which you have to now and again to keep the arc fresh they seem to run out of ideas.  That is just what I think.



    5 out of 10

    There actually was a larger plot at work here.


    Click for Spoiler:

    Now we know why the Vulcans went crazy and were killing eachother on the other ship. We also know now that if the Enterprise is insulated with Trellium (is that spelled right?) that it will cause serious problems for T'Pol and any other Vulcan that may come aboard.




    So from that standpoint this was a very important episode for answering some questions that were raised back at the end of season 2.

    Exactly, you people just don't pay close enough attention. ;)


    Click for Spoiler:

    Does anyone think that since it will take awhile for T'Pol to return to normal (apparently), perhaps they'll do a couple of episodes of T'Pol with some emotions... could be interesting.

  11. Yeah, UPN always gives the wrong impression. Remember Cogenitor or whatever it was called. UPN made it up out to be a episode full of bad jokes and sexual nonesense and it was everything but. It turned out to be a very poweful episode with a touch of classy humor. So hopefully the same will happen with this episode.