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  1. I wasn't really disappointed with this episode because I wasn't expecting much.


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    It was ok, nothing great, but nothing horrible too. There were some highlights including the flame throwers, about time another other race used something besides phasers. Also, it gave a couple of people the chance to act out of character so that's always cool to see, they all did a good job. Tucker in command was a nice touch, he seemed to handle it very well. The computer generated city was cool and the scene with the the shuttle searching with a spot light was a nice touch as well. It also got interesting near the end more so than at the beginning.


    Overall considering the story-line (sort of done before) it was a good episode but as stated, I wasn't expecting much so I wasn't disappointed.



  2. Another thing:

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    Did anyone notice Reed mention stem-bolts when they were searching through the stolen cargo? For some reason that made me chuckle. It was a nice inclusion. For those of you who don't remember, self sealing stem-bolts were mentioned in a ds9 episode when Nog and Jake bought a lot of them in hopes of selling them to a Bajoran. It was a running joke that they were so useful but nobody knew what they were for.

  3. As mentioned, the Romulan and Klingon empires are on the border of the Alpha Quadrant and it's not like The Dominion would stop in the Alpha Quadrant when just as couple hours away are the Klingon and Romulan home worlds.


    And it's true that the beta quadrant is almost never mentioned by name.

  4. Click for Spoiler:

    This was a really good episode. The special effects were fantastic; they're doing some really cool stuff these days. The action was excellent; the invading portion of the episode was really tense and well directed. I'm really starting to like the direction that they're going with Archer. He is becoming more of a military style commander than an explorer, kind of like Sisko and I predict it will create some conflict among the crew, which we all know makes for good drama.


    Also, the ship battles were well done (they can do so much more with computer stuff than models) and the other ship crashing into the sphere was just one of the small things that made this episode enjoyable. And, this is a minor thing but the music was especially good this episode.


    Overall 10/10

  5. While watching the second season I've enjoyed the subtle references to the Dominion in a couple of episodes. They are usually mentioned by a species in the gamma quadrant, but just as a passing reference. Having known what all happens with the Dominion and the Federation it's kind of intersting to hear them mentioned and then the starfleet personal think very little of it. I wonder if Berman and friends had the entire scope of the Dominion laid out at that point.

  6. It was funny because everyone was so annoyed by him but didn't want to say anything because he was a good barber lol. Though I liked it even more when Picard pretended to be mot, the ships barber in that one episode whose name escapes me. I think it was Starship Mine.