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  1. Was Chakotay a dynamic, inspirational member of the Voyager crew, or was he 'just average'?

    He had his moments, but he wasn't a Riker or a Spock. I'd rate him 3rd on the list. You can't really add Kira to the list since it's so totally different being on a station vs. on a ship. I don't think we can rank T'Pol yet either.

    I concur. You could picture Riker being a captain from day one but not Chakotay, though he made a good first officer.

  2. I've always found that a lot of people didn't like this episode but I thought it was very interesting. It's actually quite original and the plot was straight out of something that they might have done in TOS.

    It may have originally been something for TOS. Season 2 was the year of the writers' strike and they actually pulled out a bunch of old TOS stories that hadn't been done and updated them for TNG.


    This episode is one of my favourites not just of the episodes in season 2 but for the whole run (I have LOTS of favourites).

    You're absolutely right. It very well could be the case.

  3. I saw The Nagus for the first time ever thanks to Season 1 on DVD and I must say, what a great episode. Quark owns in that one and it was interesting seeing Zek for the first time, since I've seen every other episode he's been in.

  4. What is the best /classic episode from each season of TNG? (Only one per season please)



    1/ Conspiracy

    2/ The Measure of a Man

    3/ Yesterday's Enterprise

    4/ Remember Me

    5/ Cause and Effect

    6/ Tapestry

    7/ All Good Things

    Great choices, glad to see I wasn't the only one who really liked Remember Me.

  5. something about "nog-a-thon" just cracks me up hehe. But seriously, I think it was with those episodes that I started to take a strong interest in his character, because here was somebody that is doing something completely unexpected, something that most of us thought Jake Sisko would do for sure.

  6. Like I said, the Ent-E is the most advanced ship in the fleet.  It would mad to keep it out of the fighting.  More than likely it took part in battles we didn't see.

    You're probably right. It could have been used as a defense ship around Vulcan or Betazed. Sisko had the area near Caradassian Space and Picard had the area around Romulan and Klingon space perhaps. I don't remember Sisko and friends ever going near Vulcan or Betazed for any battles. But I know there were mentions of battles for Vulcan and such, so the Enterprise might have been the flagship there. But nevertheless I still maintain it would have been really cool to have the Defiant and the Enterprise-E side by side destroying some Jem'Hadar.

  7. Well, he has the rank of "ensign", which is an officer rank, right?  So, how did he get promoted to the rank of "chief"?  (that funny-looking black pip)

    The Ensign thing at the beginning of TNG was just one of those writer slips. There was a lot of contradictory stuff with the Ensign and Chief thing early on, and not just with O'Brien. I don't think it was till about Season 5 or so that the writers and producers finally came to a continuity agreement as to what O'Brien's rank was.


    As for DS9 I can't comment on because I don't remember season 1 that well and I haven't read any behind the scenes type stuff for it yet.

  8. Interesting point. I loved the Dominion War too but perhaps more episodes or a long mirror universe arc would have been better? I myself really liked those episodes as well. Also, with the mirror universe they could have done some interesting crossovers with mirror universe Voyager characters like Evil Janeway ;)

  9. First of all might I say thank you to master_q for finding this text. A most interesting read, although I do not agree with all the conclusions it reaches.


    DS9 exposed the hypocrisies of Gene Roddenberry's future


    I see nothing hypocritical with the aspiration and belief that humanity is a force for good, and that we will eventually create a society as close to a utopia as possible. To call this dream one of Roddenberry's 'hypocrisies' suggests that the original writer has no desire or ambition for man to improve himself and create the ideal world presented in Star Trek. I find that rather sad.

    It was an interesting read. I agree with almost everything on there except the slanderous tone towards Enterprise and DS9, and that Berman should go.


    I don't see anything wrong with Enterprise's second season, at least the second half of it and DS9 was amazing in my opinion. But other than that, I agree with most of his statements.

  10. I look at it this way. It took an entire force from another quadrant to start the war and while it involved some spiecies from the alpha quadrant as well (Breen and Cardassian) it had 3 very different races fighting for a single cause (Federation, Klingon, and Romulan) and showed the Cardassians learning the error of their ways. In retrospect, while war itself may not have been in Roddenberry's vision I feel that the Alliance between the Federation, Klingons, and Romulan's- with them putting aside their differences and over coming adversities (e.g. Gowron and the Bajoran+Romulan stand off)- was the essense of Roddenberry's vision.