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  1. It's been stated by Berman and friends that it was an oversight that neither him nor the writing team picked up and there is no explaining it. It was just simply a mistake, shouldn't have happened.


    Hmm... since it was an oversight... we can make up anything we want to explain it.


    Isn't it fun? lol


    I would vote for the old shield and the new transporters...


    And the ship destruction and beaming at the same times isn't bad either...


    Want to start a pool on this?? ehehe

    There's definitely ways we can justify it, and of course, it's more fun that way, but it was still just a mistake. :laugh:

  2. I also really liked Ro and thought her sarcastic nature played off really well with characters like Picard and Riker. It would have been really nice if she was on DS9 or Voyager.... or even as a guest star on DS9. Imagine a couple episodes with Ro matching wits with Kira or Sisko. It would have been very entertaining in my opinion.

  3. You mentioned exactly why I like them. They look like a continuation of NASA uniforms which in my opinion makes the show believable in a way that other Star Trek series could not possibly be. It is for the same reason that I like the interior of the Enterprise as well.


    As for the uniforms looking more like TNG style... it's probably true, but I like to pretend that TOS uniforms did not exist. :lol:

  4. I'm going to wait to vote until I watch Season 7 on DVD, since I haven't seen those episodes since their original airing. I will give a short run down of my opinion on each season except that for now.


    Season 1- Wasn't a huge fan of this season, however, bad star trek is still better than most television. Overall it had weak moments but there were some good episodes and above all else, important character development occurred that would set the stage for bigger, deeper, and better episodes.


    Season 2- This season was more consistent, however, I never really liked Pulaski much. How you can go from classy and beautiful, to old and shrill is beyond me. Regardless, it did have some great episodes. While not as strong as later seasons overall the show took a lot of chances in season 2 and it resulted in some very unique and interesting concepts, the best example being one of my favorite episodes Measure Of A Man.


    Season 3- Maybe it was the new uniforms but Season 3 seemed to have been more interesting and better written than the previous two. The episodes in general were more engrossing and improved pacing and character development was shown. Also, season 3 went into a lot of thought-provoking concepts and choices. While the actual episodes perhaps weren't as interesting in some cases, the aforementioned concepts and choices insured that even the weaker episodes left some kind of impression.


    Season 4- the cards really fell into place here. Every episode this season had a lot of redeeming qualities and this when some stories were just plain cool. We got a taste of it in Yesterday's Enterprisee, and that same kind of original and well executed story was explored more often in this season in episodes like Future Imperfect, Remember Me, and Clue. And for the record, I enjoyed Devil's Due and Final Mission. :lol:


    Season 5- This season did have some slight mis-haps, but it had a plethora of great episodes as well including my favorite Cause And Effect. In a way, this season was more like Season 3 with it's ethical and morality charged themes and stories. The difference is this time they were executed even better than Season 3 and it resulted in episodes like I, Borg and The Masterpiece Society. It also included brilliant pieces of work like Darmok and Inner Light that just blew other television out of the water in my opinion.


    Season 6- My favorite thus far. The best thing about this season is that even after 6 years, new twists into character development are still thrown in and are as every bit as interesting as they were in the first couple of seasons. Also, a lot of chances were taken and almost every episode was strangely unique which was part of the appeal here. Season 6 also featued a lot of actor vehicle episodes like Chain Of Command for Steward and Frame Of Mind for Frakes which turned out brilliantly well. Only Aquiel and True-Q were a bit of a let down. So yes, I really liked Schisms (despite a weak ending sequence) and Rascals.

  5. I would love to see a new show with Riker and Troi. The show couldn't rely on just them though, they would need a very interesting crew like they have with Enterprise where it's just not one person controlling the flow. There would also need to be something really interesting going on, like a big Romulan or Borg arc.


    the Borg still need to mass invade the alpha quadrant... also, they could do some stuff with the post-dominion war Cardassia and Gamma Quadrant as well. There are so many things they can do; so as you can tell I really disagree with the notion that there should not be another show following the movie time-line.

  6. It's not that I didn't like it, just that I liked TNG, DS9 and like ENT better. However, I've always stated that my favorite Voyager episodes are just as good as any other series.


    The reasons for this I'm not too sure. One reason might be that it took them awhile to come up with strong new aliens (i.e. the Hirogen)