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  1. I want to know your thoughts on Voyager's cast compared to TNG and DS9. Don't get me wrong, I really liked Voyagar and while very far from being poorly acted (not even close), I don't think it quite had the same level of quality as TNG and DS9, though with that being said, Robert Picardo was amazing, and Ryan and Mulgrew had a lot of great moments too.

  2. I tried the demo for Armada II. I want to own at least one ST RTS game to satisfy my urge to build a huge fleet of Federation Ships (Yes, I'm a nerd), hehe. To those who have tried the various games, which would you recommend as being the best?

  3. Star Trek by far.  Many things in Star Trek are based on real scientific principles and are explained in the shows.  Star Wars is just more "cool-looking" tha real science.

    I concur. Star Trek explain the theories, for the most part, and Star Wars technology was just kind of there with no explanation.

  4. Well, there is a whole group of people that think Berman ruined Star Trek. I suppose Roddenberry may have been displeased, and nothing against Roddenberry, but I do think Star Trek in a general just got more exciting, interesting, and even more in-depth when Berman took over.


    It's a matter of personal taste I think. Aside some of the movies and some episodes here and there, I never really liked TOS. I appreciate the concept and I totally agree that Mccoy, Kirk, and Spock had amazing chemistry, but it's not really my type of thing... now, if I grew up on it, then yeah, it'd probably be a different story.


    TNG was also lack luster until Berman and Piller had more control over it. I don't think TNG was ever bad, but it really came into its own when Roddenberry stood back and let other people run it. He had such an amazing concept and idea, but I think people like Berman and Piller were able to get more out of it.



    Yes, it's not like it used to be, but in my opinion that's not a bad thing.

  5. I might as well add my two cents here.  The best Voyager episode for my money was "Someone to Watch Over Me."  Being in the Audio/Video production business, I found that not only was the storyline one of the most compelling but the camera shots and angles were some of the best that I have even seen on that series.  Most touching, in fact was the very last scene where the doctor is sitting at the piano.  As we leave him to his innermost thoughts the camera does a full 360 around him and then slowly backs away out through the window as Voyager continues on her way.  This was by far one of the most character driven episodes of the entire series.  That episode, by the way, was directed by none other than Voyager's own helmsman.  I still have that episode on my tape of the Voyager finale.  This is well worth catching on any station showing the re-runs and, I believe, will go down as one of the classic Voyager episodes.

    I totally agree. That was a very powerful and almost dark episode. The ending gave me chills just watching it.

  6. I thought Kai-Winn was very, very annoying. But I think that was the whole point; you weren't supposed to like her. You were supposed to feel the same way about her as Sisko and Kira did. Kira was really only forced to respect her because of the religious title, but it was very obvious that Kira was annoyed everytime Kai-Winn spoke to her.

  7. I think Garak was fantastic. I always get excited when he's in an episode because he is just acted so well. His character is very deep and is incredibly funny with his sarcasm and facial expressions.

  8. I really liked Body And Soul, probably the funniest episode with Ryan acting like the doctor.


    I also thought Year Of Hell I and II were very strong episodes with a very clever ending.


    In fact, practically every two parter was really good in my opinion, including The Killing Game and Work Force.


    Though I think my all time favorite episode is Relativity, the beginning of that episode is very well done.

  9. Hi everyone, I'm new here obviously.


    I grew up watching TNG and have recently caught up with DS9 and Voyager after not really watching them during their initial runs.


    I don't know if I can name a favorite series as I like each for different reasons


    TNG: For the character development and acting

    DS9: For the story arcs, supporting cast, and intellectualism.

    Voy: For the humor and inventive episodes


    So yeah, looking forward to posting here. :bow: